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Bodine Boling

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In this casual science fiction thriller, a woman restarts her life in Brooklyn, desperate for a better future. But when she discovers the man she most wanted to find, she realizes too late that he could destroy it all.

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The Story

I have been working on this script for more than 18 months and through 16 drafts. But now the really hard part - making it - I cannot do alone. A crowdfunding page is a straightforward request that friends and hopefully even strangers will take an interest in our careers, and I don't take this huge request lightly. What I offer in exchange is a project worth supporting and as much perspective and involvement as I can give. You can follow the film’s progress at, which will be updated through pre-pro, the shoot and beyond. I promise I’ll be candid and I’ll try my best to be interesting. If you'd like to get involved (to invest or volunteer or be an extra), please email me at [email protected].

To ask for help to tell my story feels bold, but I know with complete certainty that this will be a great film. And I promise it will be something you’ll be proud you helped create.

With gratitude,
Bodine Boling


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Festival Fees

Costs $500

help us apply to film festivals!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Wardrobe Racks / Folding

Costs $75

keep our costumes in order


Costs $300

we love NY & are proud to shoot here

15 Passenger Van

Costs $3,500

double duty picture car & gear van


Costs $500

get us where we're going


Costs $360

most important thing on the list

Walkie Talkies

Costs $625

the indispensable connection


Costs $5,000

feed a crew member for a day! please!

First Aid Kit

Costs $75

safety first

Space Blankets / Warmers

Costs $250

necessary for a february shoot

police officer uniform

Costs $700

for the characters playing new york's finest

Picture Car

Costs $1,000

to rent a police cruiser

Wireless and Lavalier Microphones - Countryman B6 Mics (Black/White)

Costs $1,500

the actors wear these mics close

Wired Microphones - Sennheiser MKH-50 with Wind Screen Kit

Costs $1,500

these mics catch a scene's full sound

Boompoles & Wind Protection - K-Tek KE-110 9.5’ Internally Cabled

Costs $100

for reaching into a scene

Recorders - Sound Devices 788T SSD 8 Channel Hard Disk Recorder with CL8 Control Surface

Costs $1,500

the electronics behind the sound recording

Accessories - Batteries

Costs $100

keep everything running

LLC/Corporation Set-up

Costs $400

keeping the paperwork in order

Apple Boxes - Full

Costs $85

they come in handy constantly

GRIP KIT (Small): C-Stands

Costs $140

hold up the lights!

GRIP KIT (Small): Sandbags

Costs $80

please let nothing fall over

Camera Car Mount

Costs $1,000

for the many scenes in a van

Furniture Blankets

Costs $30

protect what needs protecting

Expendables KIT (Small): Gaffer Tape

Costs $65

most perfect and most useful tape

Expendables KIT (Large): Gels

Costs $225

to color the light

Expendables KIT (Large): Diffusion

Costs $225

to make the light beautiful

12x12' overhead set

Costs $280

full light-shaping kit


Costs $300

hand truck for moving the camera crates

HD - Arri Alexa

Costs $3,500

a 2nd alexa for the big days

Panavision 14mm T1.9 Lens

Costs $900

to make wide shots sing

Panavision 17mm T1.9 Lens

Costs $900

to make wide shots dance

Panavision 28mm T2 Lens

Costs $900

to make medium shots shimmer

Panavision 35mm T1.6 Lens

Costs $900

to make medium shots glimmer

Panavision 40mm T1.6 Lens

Costs $900

a fast, sexy lens

Accessories - Tripods / Heads

Costs $1,350

perfectly balanced o'connor fluid head

Tripod Tall Legs

Costs $450

lifts the tripod up high

Tripod Baby Legs

Costs $225

balances the tripod nice and low


Costs $90

keep us looking fresh

Fisher 11 Dolly & Accessories

Costs $1,500

moves the camera smoothly

Scratch Lab Dailies Software

Costs $720

crucial software for media management

Accessories - Filters

Costs $500

from neutral density to polarizing

Kino Flo Celeb

Costs $2,025

stunning LED light

HMI: Joker Bug - 800W K5600 w/ chimera and stand

Costs $2,025

location-friendly light with low power draw

HMI: Arri - 125W Pocket Par

Costs $1,950

daylight that mounts to the camera

Fresnel: 1K Mickey Mole Open Face

Costs $450

excellent broad light source

Arri Tungsten Light Kit

Costs $800

a light kit for most interior shots

About This Team

Movement + Location’s production team came together quite fortuitously one evening when Serena met Bodine at a party, and they started talking about making movies. Turns out, Bodine had written a screenplay. Serena suggested she send it to her for notes and feedback. This turned into a year-long collaborative process that resulted in a script ready to be shot, with Bodine starring in it, her husband, Alexis, shooting and directing it, and all three bringing their individual knowledge and experience together to produce it. Alexis, Bodine, and Serena are incredibly excited about making Movement + Location and are thrilled to be partnering with Seed & Spark in their fundraising campaign.

Current Team