Moving Day

Texas, United States | Film Short

Drama, Romance

Samuel Thomas

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Pete and Carrie are in love, and they’ll be together forever - at least everyone thinks so. But now that her illness has returned they’ve decided to split up. Their friends are confused. Is this a mutual separation, or is Pete kicking her out?

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The Story

Moving Day is a passion project long in the making. After years of contests and competitions, this film allows us to get back to our roots of telling compelling stories with compassionate characters, and under no outside constraints.

Moving Day helps the audience to explore their own mortality.  Given the choice, how would we face our own death?  If life is beautiful, precious, and delicate, how would we accept the passing of a loved one? This film examines the relationships that make our lives whole, the truths and the lies we tell each other, and the pain we feel when what we love is gone.


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Cash Pledge

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HD - RED Epic

Costs $2,500

A beautiful story needs the right visual look. This will cover our entire camera package.

Production Sound Mixer

Costs $300

Can you hear me now?

Wardrobe package

Costs $380

Making good looking people, look even better!

Craft Services Food

Costs $700

Good food keeps the crew energized and moving!


Costs $400

A well fed crew is a happy crew, and handcrafted meals make us super happy!

Hard Drive

Costs $200

Ah, raw RED files, eater of storage space...


Costs $120

It syncs audio and video in the edit room (Louis calls it witchcraft).

Festival Fees

Costs $500

Films are meant to be seen on the big screen.

About This Team

Imagine if Batman and Superman teamed up shoot a film. The world would be overrun by supervillains! That’s why they leave the movie making to Samuel and Louis. Having withstood the  crucible of film school, this dynamic duo emerged with their talents intact and their friendship strong. Still, they split paths after graduation, weaving in, out and back into the industry. Over the years they’ve worn many different hats: producer, director, writer, editor. But their mutual love for story drew them back together, to make films for themselves. They’ve found success in film races and commercial contests.  But, the call for a heartfelt story was strong. So our heroes have endeavored on a search for truth, one that you will see come to life on screen in Moving Day.

They head up the Justice League of Film alongside such heavyweights as...
The heroic Heath Allyn as Pete. 
The brave Brian Villalobos as Adam. 
The ravishing Rachel M Carothers as Carrie. 
The cunning Christopher “Cass” Cassarino as Carson.
The engaging (and engaged, fellas!) Elizabeth “Edie” Davis as Julie. 
With monumental support from leaders like James Burgess as the Director of Photography
and Chase Haley on Audio


Current Team