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We are a group of longtime friends with a passion for telling meaningful stories. Through M∙T∙H∙D, we aim to charm you with the world we've created, and sober you with the truth it reveals about this one. Truth that, ultimately, inspires the change we hope to see in the world.

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Mission Statement

M∙T∙H∙D captures our concern for this generation. In a world where Content is King, our mission is to dethrone the desire of those who choose fame over everything. M∙T∙H∙D conceptualizes what it feels like to stand on a stage with thunderous applause, and what it feels like to stand utterly alone.

The Story

M∙T∙H∙D was born out of a seventeen-year old Nick Clark touring college campuses and auditing drama classes. During these classes, he would witness actors in black wiggling their bodies and shouting at trees.

It was... weird.

Five years later and that weirdness has not been lost on Nick. While he embraces it now, he can't help but laugh at himself as he, too, wiggles his body and shouts at trees.

M∙T∙H∙D is an opportunity for actors to laugh at themselves, and an invitation for non-actors to laugh along with them.

But what happens when actors, in all of their weirdness, decide to train in a small cabin, deep in the wilderness? What happens when weirdness turns into something far more treacherous?

M∙T∙H∙D tells the story of seven eccentric actors who play seven historical figures from the sixties. Their performance is on New Year's Eve. Their stage is a cabin. Their audience, well... there is no audience. No audience, no script, and NO breaking character. Total immersion.

Oh, and one of the actors is playing Charles Manson. Really, what could go wrong?

Visit "The Team" page to learn about these beautiful faces!


From actors that seem larger than life, to influencers that make life seem large, it's become impossible to distinguish the line between reality and fantasy.

M∙T∙H∙D amplifies this concept in two parts. The first, by presenting the dichotomy between what's real and what's fake, and how method acting often blurs the line between the two. This story delivers an account of how deception destroys relationships, leaving those involved in a ruin of jealousy, fragility, and toxicity.

While trust is foundational in any healthy relationship, we often exempt social media from the equation. On social media, we have total control over the way others perceive us - it's only natural that we promote the very best of ourselves. In return, we get the "rush" of positive attention and affirmation. But, like any addiction, we start to crave more and more. Before long, a little attention isn't enough to satisfy...

This brings us to the second part of our concept.

We've witnessed an uprise of shocking content over the past decade, particuarly with the addition of TikTok. People have literally licked toilet seats for clout. People have literally dumped romantic partners for clout. It's reproachable, but it's real. Our culture has normalized the most vile extremes one can go for 15 seconds of fame. 

These two parts manifest in M∙T∙H∙D when the actors devolve into the darkest depths of human emotion...

1) We don't know if they're acting or not. Is their suffering real?

2) In the midst of their pain, someone else decides to turn on a camera and record them - in spite of the fact that it could be real. More than that... the realer the better. 

Even though it's a movie about actors, M∙T∙H∙D ultimately holds up a mirror and asks:

Would you film your friend crying for content?

Would you film your friend suffering for content?

How far would you go?

In the world we see on our phones, these questions really aren't that crazy.


We want YOU to join our team of Methodologists! Of Meth Heads? We'll work on the name later...

In the meantime, there are two ways you can help!

1. Make a financial contribution to our campaign! Just click MAKE A PLEDGE and enter an amount. Whether it's $5 or $500 (okay, Producer!), we are incredibly grateful for your generosity. As you can see on your right, we're offering sweet rewards for different pledge amounts.

For more info, check out our detailed incentive list, as well as our brief budget breakdown below!

2. If you can’t pledge, there's still a way you can be a part of this project! Help us SPREAD THE WORD! Follow us on Instagram and share our posts with your friends, family, & colleagues. Sharing this campaign is the best way to guarantee this movie gets made, and made well!


Our vision for M∙T∙H∙D synthesizes nature with structure. Set in the wilderness, our color palette pulls greens and browns from the forest and fuses them with the vibrant hues worn by our characters - attractive to the eye, but not overwhelming. As far as "look" is concerned, M∙T∙H∙D's objective is to create a visual experience that is equal parts innovative and familiar. We want to inspire wonder while retaining warmth.

Here are a few of the films you might find on our moodboard:



The only way we will reach our crowdfunding goal is if we reach beyond our networks. If you’d like to be a part of supporting young, Atlanta-based filmmakers, YOU can make the difference in our success!

Please share our campaign via your social media, email, word-of-mouth, however you want! We can't do this without you!



Thankfully, M∙T∙H∙D takes place on one location over the span of a week, so the production, de facto, requires quarantining. Our cast and crew were required to test before and after the week of filming. We made conscious efforts to limit ourselves to just the cast, crew, and volunteers. Since the week of filming, each member of the team has been limiting exposure and checking in on symptoms to ensure that we are not worsening the spread of COVID-19. 


Thank you SO MUCH for your support! If you made it this far, give us a shoutout on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Use the hashtag #mthd2madness and we'll love you forever!!


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Cash Pledge

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Production & Insurance

Costs $6,000

The better the gear, the better the production, the better the movie. Let's do this!

Costumes & Props

Costs $900

Bring this production to life by outfitting our cast with high quality costumes and props!

Food & Catering

Costs $1,500

Help these 20 starving artists be... not so starving... for our week on location!


Costs $1,000

We have teammates assembling from all over the southeast. Help bring 'em to the cabin!

The Set

Costs $500

Help us repay the generosity of our cabin's owners by covering their utility bill and cleaning fee!

Cast & Crew

Costs $100

Consider this a tip jar. Let's compensate our actors and crew members for their time and talent!

About This Team


Nick Clark - Ever the optimist, Nick strives to create pieces that bring joy, not only to those who watch them, but also to those who labor to make them a reality.

John Booth - Ever the realist, John seeks to find in depth and meaning in his work. His "tough love" approach to life enriches the people around him through the excellence he inspires.


M∙T∙H∙D fuses Nick's positivity with John's honesty. The result? A beautifully poignant, woefully hopeful tale of truth.

Nick and John met at a summer photography gig in 2019. Within a week, they were scheming up plans of making their first movie together - a gritty, psychological thriller called "En Passant."

...It never got off the ground.

But, as Grandpa Potts from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang says,

"Up from the ashes grow the roses of success!"

Two years and three piles of ashes later, Nick and John proudly introduce their pièce de résistance, M∙T∙H∙D.

What makes this one different, you ask? Easy. The people behind it...



Micah Abram - Of everyone on the team, Micah is Nick's newest friend. Yet, somehow, he feels like one of the oldest. Micah is real salt of the earth, and it shows up in his work. Willing to throw himself into any scene with his whole being, Micah is one of the most dedicated actors we know. Expect to see that dedication show up in M∙T∙H∙D - it may or may not come in the form of an egregious haircut.

Jena Brooks - In 2019, Jena Brooks starred as the lead detective in the gritty, psychological thriller, En Passant - what many considered to be the production's only silver lining. An accomplished actress with a world of possibility in front of her, the fact that Jena chooses to spend her time with Nick and John is a testament to her humility and dedication as a friend. No matter the circumstance, Jena has always been willing to volunteer her time, energy, and talent to make others' dreams a reality.

Hannah Hicks - When Hannah joined M∙T∙H∙D, her presence felt like a breath of fresh air. She continues to revolutionize the way Nick and John consider the process of movie production. She's the team motivator, always grounding others and enabling them to enjoy forest for the trees.

Gonzalo Londoño - A fellow Seminole, Gonzalo landed on the FSU main stage in 2019 in an original production called A Better Man, acting across Jena Brooks (En Passant, 2019). Since then, he's blown away those who've seen him perform. Truly, truly, he's a force to be reckoned with. 

Alex Ramos - "Ramos" is the hardest-working individual on this side of the Mississipi (thanks, Elon). A digital media production AND philosophy major at Florida State, Ramos is a deep thinker and born leader. He leads a discipleship group, the FSU Film Club, and is an Armor Officer in the Florida Army National Guard... the list goes on. Oh, yeah, and on top of all that, this past summer, Ramos wrote, directed, & produced his own work on a completely independent and self-motivated endeavour. Be on the lookout for The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise.

Brayan Sepulveda - Brayan has been with the team since the beginning, since the days of En Passant. He's the quiet cowboy, the lone ranger, the unsuspecting stranger. But, instead of a Colt 45, he's totin' a Canon... camera. Brayan has never failed to deliver exactly what was needed, whether that's filming hilarious BTS video, or coming in clutch with lights and a camera.

Joseph Torres - Everybody likes Joseph. That's just the way things are - you better get used to it. His hair has finally grown back from the time Shaq shaved it all off, and his neck brace has finally come off from the time he disobeyed the pool rules. All that to say, he is ready and raring to go. We're happy to have him aboard.


On behalf of the people behind M∙T∙H∙D, thank you for your support. We are deeply humbled by the love that you pour into us.



Nick & John

Current Team