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Abigail Lea

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Take a look at the weirdness within us all and ask yourself, what lengths would you go, to achieve your goals? A dry-comedy-meets-thriller, this is a movie that will make you laugh and shudder, sometimes at the same time!

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Mission Statement

Our film's main protagonist is a woman who does not rely on a male lead for her on-screen purpose. She is complex and fully-rounded, with strengths and flaws. 'Murdersville USA' includes people of all ages, races and backgrounds.

The Story

About the Film!

In the small town of Northern Claremont, a young and story-hungry journalist Evelyn unwittingly races with politically ambitious Sheriff Slauson, to cash in on the stories of missing people. However as all starts to go awry; the investigation soon crumbles into a comedy of errors! 

Why support this movie? 

This screenplay is a blend of dry humor, slap-stick comedy and thriller that creates it's own unique space in which it lives. It doesn't sit comfortably in any one genre as it blends styles and therefore costantly surprises you. It can be in the same moment hilarious and chilling. 

The characters are all odd-balls and very human. They live and breathe on the page, not as 2-D stereotypes, but complex beings who are ultimately driven down strange paths by their own ambitions. Part of the humor of the movie is seeing the lengths to which they will go to get to their end goal when they want it badly enough. 'Murdersville USA' looks at the strangness of humanity, and makes you confront the basic needs and desires we all feel at our core. 

Each principal actor is also a producer on the project and so we all take equal ownership. Together, we are the co-operative company; DogArt Films.




Why support Me?

Hi, my name is Abi and I am a British-Australian actress and filmmaker living in Wisconsin. How did I wind up here? That's what everyone asks. I began my acting career in the UK, where I had my debut theater performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and beat out competition to make my first short film with the National Youth Film Academy. Since then I travelled to the USA to be married to my lovely mid-western husband (aww) and have continued to act in short films and theater around the midwest. I am now embarking on a new adventure; playing my first lead feature film role in this movie; 'Murdersvilles USA'. 

 I am so honored to have joined in an innovative collaboration between myself, and some incredibly talented filmmakers on the west coast.

Why now? 

In this time of #metoo and #timesup filmakers are becoming more concerned not only how women are treated on set, but also with how females are presented in film and television. This film presents a complex female lead (Evelyn Van Fleet) who is a full developed character in her own right and doesn't need a romantic male lead to validate her existence. This is an exciting film in this current time of questioning the way we percieve and present women in film and really pushes the envelope for female and male equality. 


Meet the Characters! 

 A sketchbook full of clothing designs and positive reinforcement slogans always lines the bottom of a Burberry suitcase wherein the life of the “New Media” journalist is crammed. Evelyn’s  suitcase is packed and unpacked with maximal efficiency and intense dread of the next soft-news, click-bait, filler story. Not the path her former ten year old self who made the local newspaper’s front page for getting a signature-stamped letter
from Buckingham Palace would expect to  be on.


'Put your thirty in and retire' is about the only thing he remembers his Dad saying that elicits any kind of emotion from Brad Slauson. And there ain’t much better a spot to do that than in Surf City, where most calls end with tapping sand out of your shoes. But Brad is unable to settle down for that simple life, not while his political ambitions keep him restless and hungry. 


All he ever wanted (besides for people to pronounce his name properly) was to be a police detective just like on his favorite show Law & Order. When he pulls up to a potential crime scene he hears “dun-dun” as he shuts off the cruiser. He wants to quit smoking but he knows a real Law & Order detective would NEVER completely give up smoking. He's a bit of a loud mouthed bully, but it's all part of the job description right? 


9/11 The Musical - the world’s most offensive broadway show closed under death threats on opening night. The West Side Story styled disaster started off with shockingly attractive men in insta-tans hunched over and fingers snapping low to the ground as they lunged forward down the aisle of fuselage. Thorn was at the center of this specticle. It’s been nine years now. A comeback is inevitable.


Is a self styled cowboy-type and oil field worker with a conspiratorial chip on his shoulder. He avoids the advice of anyone stupid enough to not buy a Chevy. When he’s not working he’s smoking Lucky One cigarettes in the parking lot and giving motorists a reason to keep looking for another motel. 


He had the stare that goes right through you and nudges some unpleasant inner turmoil. This is the reason Edward likes to wear sunglasses out in public. Loner is the word they use but if you hear him tell it, he’s just not up for a lot of small talk and walking around with a stupid smile on your face all day. 


She’s the cutout from Good Housekeeping magazine - you’d scissor her picture out of the page like you would a piece of furniture or accent lamp. When she’s not running a television news staff she’s dropping the kids off at school and planning dinner party snacks pinned with decorative toothpicks and carefully poured slim vials of chilled moscato. Her life is perfectly controlled, and it's a little scary. 


Growing up everyone called her Apple Pie on account of her All-American girl style - just looking at her makes you think of slow waving flags, fireworks and gingham checkered picnic tablecloths - and that’s the reason she cornered herself a real live American Cowboy of the likes of Bob Wayne Jr. And she tells everyone on Instagram everyday.


You might think he’s just another white guy sporting triple XL band merch, with a fevered dream of being a pro bass guitarist and a history of bad decisions (that he's likely to call, “the good old days”) but there’s where you’d be wrong. Because Charlie Bevins is a legend waiting to happen. Or he’s going to hit the lottery - it’s

one of those two things.


Do you know what it’s like to stare into the abyss? To selflessly ponder the meaning of life and your role in the bigger picture? Neither does Brett. He’s just a local news douchebag who carefully hones his image to get what he wants. He’s like Ted Bundy if all Ted Bundy wanted was a national news anchor gig.


The glare from his intensely white porcelain veneers makes it easier for Dirk to leg sweep you in the Octagon and harder to say no to a plea deal. In his free time he teaches women and children how to fight off a sixty-year old five-foot-four-inch man slathered in Banana Boat. He can surf and kayak and often brags about doing them simultaneously because he doesn’t believe in wasting time.


The Script! 

One of the defining elements of this production is the outstanding script. Travis Clinton, our writer/director was first published at 11 years old, and when you read his writing you can tell why! The characters are vivid and the dialogue entertaining. You can really visualize the world of the film when you emerse yourself in his writing. So here is a short excerpt for the script, so you can catch a glimmer of what I’m talking about.


Other Ways You Can Contribute 

There are so many ways to contribute not just with dollars and cents. Help us out by sharing this campaign with your friend and family! Give us a shout out on social media, or invite your Mom to read our story! Every little helps. 


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About This Team

The Cast and Crew! 

Abigail Lea is a British-Australian actress from Somerset, England who lives near Chicago, IL. Abigail made her theatrical debut at Edinburgh Festival in a performance of Frank and Ferdinand in which she took a lead role. From there she achieved distinction is LAMDA's Solo Acting exams and went on to beat thousands in competition for a place in the UK's National Youth Film Academy. She has worked on many short film projects, recently getting a leading role in feature film 'Murdersville USA' and filming her first directorial debut 'The Unmaking of a Van Gogh.'




Gregory Michael "Spoonie" Sporleder was born and raised in University City Missouri and has been a professional actor for 29 years. After graduating from high School he attended the Eugene O'Neill theater program in Waterford Conn. 
He then moved to Chicago and started studying with both Joyce and Bryn Piven at the legendary Piven Theater workshop. Greg is also became a founding member of theater company called "New Crime Production". 
Greg got his SAG card while in Chicago and his first job was a scene with John Cusack, Jeremy Piven and Pat O'Neal in Cameron Crows "Say anything". 
Greg's TV work has included everything from David Lynch's 'On The Ai', a pilot with Ryan O'Neill called '1776', an episode of 'Murphy Brown', 'NYPD Blue', 'Chicago Hope', Robert Altman's 'Gun', 'Friends', 'The Drew Carrey Show', '24', HBO's 'Carnival', 'True Blood', 'Sons of Anarchy', 'Criminal Minds' and 'Agent Carter'.  Greg's favorite job on TV, so far, was playing Mr. Edwards in the Disney mini series 'Little House On The Prairie'.
Greg's feature film work includes working with Director's Cameron Crowe, Stephen Frears, Penny Marshall, John Frankenheimer, Tony Scott, Carl Reiner, Jan da Bont, Michael Bay, Billy Zane, Minnie Driver, David Dobkin, Drew Barrymore, and acting in Ridley's Scott's 'Black Hawk Down'.




Russell Sams was born on May 18, 1977 in Clinton, Tennessee, USA as Russell Adam Sams. He is an actor and director, known for The Rules of Attraction (2002), Cold Case(2003) and Wonderland (2003).




Rob is a vetted actor, best known for his roles in Ant-Man and HBO's Baller's. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., Rob has performed in events since childhood, such as "Mr. Bojangles", singing in the choir, small films, plays and just plain entertaining his whole family at reunions. He made his acting debut, on "Tru TV", as "Tank" on Southern Fried Stings (2010). He performed in many films, such as Let the Church Say Amen (2013), directed by Regina King (Southland (2009)), also starring Hosea Chanchez (The Game) , The Quad with Sean Blakemore & Anika Noni Rose , The Inspectors with Terry Serpico & Jessica Lundy , The Underground with Aldis Hodge and many others. Along with his acting ability in films, TV shows and commercials, he also does voice-overs, raps, stand-up comedy and uses firearms in his films. 




Actress/Writer/Producer Mandy May Cheetham was born in Toronto, ON. Mandy's natural performing abilities were nurtured through an extensive theatre and choir program that saw her act, write and sing her way through over 16 productions including a memorable take on a Jim Henson inspired play The Muppets Take the Island.

She went on to become an international cheerleading choreographer teaching overachieving young women and men in over 14 countries, including international championship teams from China, Finland, Sweden, Scotland and Germany how to smile so big it hurts until they out-joyed their competitors. 

She returned to acting in 2011. She immediately signed up for classes at The Second City in Toronto. From there she voraciously gobbled up all of the acting classes she could and went on to study at UCB in New York  and then to the Lee Strasberg Institute in NY.

Since 2011 Mandy has appeared in over 60 projects as an actress and writer in commercial, TV, film, stage, stand up and improv jams and has been recognized by Funny or Die as a member of their community (the funny part, not the die part). 

With a genuine gift for comedy and a scene stealing dramatic presence, Mandy May Cheetham continues to delight fans by making them laugh and upset them by making them cry.





Taylor Stammen is an actress, known for The Price of Fame (2018), Bully High and The Dirt Merchants.




Natasha Loudermilk is an actress, known for Gang Stalking and Wild Hearts.



Ryan Singer is a comic's comic who electrifies mainstream audiences with material that is both uncompromising and unpretentious. He just released his 3rd full-length album 'Immortal For Now' after his debut album 'How To Get High Without Drugs' and sophomore release 'Comedy Wonder Town' were selected as Top 10 Comedy CD's of the year (2010 & 2012). He is the creator and host of the popular 'Me & Paranormal You' the twice-weekly mindcast (podcast) in which he has in-depth interviews with people who possess paranormal abilities or have had extraordinary experiences. He was selected by LA Weekly as one of "10 LA Comics to Watch" for 2014, was mentioned in NY Magazine as a "Comic to Watch," was one of 4 finalists in the original CMT's Next Big Comic Contest, is a frequent guest on the WTF Podcast w/Marc Maron and the Bob & Tom Show, and his joke "United Snacks of America" has over 7 million listens on Pandora.





Burton Binder is an actor and editor, known for Murdersville, USA, Rapture Camp and The Comedy Store Documentary. 





EDWARD KEYANI is a Meisner Technique trained actor. Already in his brief career he has had principal roles in short and feature length films, commercials and films for television.
After being an elementary school teacher for almost 20 years, he finally listened to his heart, found the courage and enrolled in an acting class. He hasn't looked back since. He says "I am the personification of the expression-you always get a do-over!" As a teacher and father of three, Edward finds his most enjoyable roles to be those that are against type. He loves the challenge of understanding character types that are completely different from his own. "Everybody thinks differently, however we all have the same basic want--to be accepted, to be be loved. By starting with that basic motivation, I'm able to add the layers present in all of us and portray characters realistically, and therein lies the art of what we do as actors."
In his spare time, he loves to spend time with his children, write, play the piano and write songs, take improv classes, and stay fit by playing tennis.




Anthony Anast is an actor and producer, known for 'Sandwiched' and 'Mud Flat Murders'. Anthony has taken Acting Classes in Los Angeles and San Francisco area for over 3 years. He's always been very athletic since childhood doing Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Weight Lifting, and continues to workout intensely everyday. He's recently added Surfing to his sports. 




Travis Lipski is the founder of the independent production company, DogArt Films LLC.  The vision for DogArt Films is to produce top notch scripts to make the kind of films that we want to see as movie lovers and continue to work with a recurring team of actors and crew. As s company we are strong supporters of the theater experience and premiered our first film to a full house of over 220 seats – there's nothing like it. Theatrical runs are not just an option, it's our pursuit. As Writer-Director, Travis was first published at the age of eleven. He combines the art of literary fiction and screenwriting to produce exceptional results – unique stories and characters that pop off the page.  At the age of thirty, on a whim, he took to the stage of a comedy club open mic and found he had a natural ability for stand-up comedy and in less than five years was touring and performing with the best national acts but it was through that experience he wrote his first screenplay and began filming trailers for it and discovered his true passion was film-making. After moving to Los Angeles he gained valuable set experience and applied that to his first screenplay written five years previously .Setting down a strict budget and timeline, Karaoke Knights (a 90min film) was shot in 2017 and released in 2018.  Over the past few years he has developed several other scripts, including an adaptation of his first novel, The Vital Network.  He has also written, directed, produced and edited the two short films, Death Booth for Two and Gang Stalking, several music videos and continues to hone his craft with each next project.



Marilyn Haifa is producer, creative consultant and co-conspirator of DogArt films.  She has been on stage since the age of ten, performing and creatively writing, and continues upon the creative path as a singer/songwriter and a certified world class yoga instructor.  Some of her original music is used for the film's soundtracks.  She manages details of production including continuity, the completion of the shooting schedule, script supervision, and about ten other things.  On set Marilyn ensures that actors and production assistants are comfortable, well fed, happy and on task.  It is important to her to create an environment that is welcoming and allows everyone involved to have a great experience while doing their absolute best. A first generation Lebanese-American her parents were refugees escaping war torn Lebanon.

"We love Dogs and we love Artists and so, we're DogArt Films - a proud supporter of the ASPCA and two-percent of our film's profits will go to local and national animal rescue efforts." -Marilyn Haifa 

Current Team