My Baby Saw a Bird

Portland, Maine | Film Short

Romance, Experimental

Crickett Cote

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An experimental art film that touches on themes of emotional abuse, love, heartbreak, and idealized soulmates. Set in a hyper realistic dream world, this silent film shows nothing is ever how it appears from the outside, humans isolate themselves in relationships and romanticize the past.

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Mission Statement

This is a female centric film with women filmmakers comprising key roles such as Writer, Director, Assistant Director, Director of Photography and Producer. In addition, the Director of Photography brings underrepresented queer eye cinematography to the screen.

The Story

My Baby Saw a Bird is specifically written with a live performance art feel to create a sensory experience for the viewer.


Based in a 1950s nuclear family household, the juxtaposition of the 'perfect housewife' with unrealistic expectations of a partner are blended to show how we ourselves are responsible for our own demise. The characters are bound to the home to serve as social commentary on how we isolate ourselves in relationships. With no support from outside sources, we create our own failure by unjustly putting everything into the other person. At their own peril, each viewer serves as voyeur, never too close to the story but always watching as a liable accomplice. 



As a silent film written with only two characters (Lad + Lady), the film invites the viewer's own personal experiences into the story. The film's somber tone will make viewers uncomfortable by placing a metaphorical mirror to their own faults and failures. 



Using contrived visions of a romantic setting, the delicate production design provides a soft backdrop for emotional turmoil, very much like a real relationship on the rocks. The safe, home environment meshes with an otherwise hellish situation to force viewers to question why they stay in unhealthy relationships.



In a hyper realistic dream world, this troubling aspect proves that nothing is ever how it appears from the outside, and how humans romanticize the past.


*please note: photos were found online to demonstrate the film's asthetic but are not affiliated with Rescue Party Pictures


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Costs $1,000

The film has stylized lighting design and requires good equipment.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Production Design

Costs $300

To create the 1950s time period authentically, specific pieces will need to be purchased


Costs $700

Feed 15 people, 2 meals + fuel snacks per day over 6 days of production.


Costs $300

50s time period dress for characters, hair and make-up, body paint for 3 scenes

Bleeding Heart

Costs $50

Local special fx artist is custom making an edible, bleeding heart

Travel Expenses

Costs $50

Travel expenses to bring crew members without vehicles to set each day of production

Camera Items

Costs $600

Camera department has to rent lenses, playback monitor, sandbags and more.

About This Team

Crickett Cote [Writer/Director/Executive Producer/Costume Designer/Production Designer] A natural creative, Crickett’s passion pours over everything she touches. Always dreaming of more interesting ways to tell stories (and finding loopholes to rules and restrictions), her art understands no limits. Film is her greatest passion and she even skipped her college graduation to work on a film set. If she’s told something can’t be done, be warned: she’ll find a way to prove it can. As a painter, published poet and essayist, Crickett’s artistic inspiration is fueled by relationships, love and nature. Her mental curiosities spark from a deep obsession with color and light and discovering how the two can represent emotional psyches. In 2017, she signed as a professional actress with Dirigo Talent Agency. In 2018, she was nominated (and won 3rd place) for Best Portland Filmmaker by The Phoenix. Everyone involved in this project is unbelievably talented and with your help and support, we can make an impactful contribution to the world.



Breanna Penney [Second Assistant Director] A film producer, screenwriter, and director born and raised in Portland, Maine. She is currently attending Southern Maine Community College to broaden her knowledge concerning film theory and production. In the past, she interned at Lone Wolf Media, an internationally established documentary group, while also independently producing client based projects for organizations such as The Maine Partners of Americas. Currently, she is interning for the local production company Bonfire films.



Amber Chilton [Director of Photography] As a queer woman, she aspires to represent women, non-binary, queer folk, and marginalized people in a way that is ethical. Being behind the lens is very intimate because it allows her to tell stories and manipulate mood through lighting and color. As a cinematographer, she aims to capture emotion and mood with thought-provoking visuals.



Anthony Marshall [Assistant Camera/Gaffer] A freelance Videographer and Photographer under the guise of Morning Visuals, a production name for all of his Music Videos, Photography, and Graphic Design work. Is about to release his fourth music video of the year, as well as recently making his Director of Photography debut on the short film “The Wile” Directed by Benjamin Rooker. 



Bodhi Ouellette [Grip/Electric] A filmmaker born in Portland, Maine. At a very young age, he became interested in filmmaking, and ever since then, it is the path he has chosen to follow. Ouellette’s short film, The Wanderer, which he directed and co-wrote, won Best High School Film at the 2016 Sanford International Film Festival. Since then, he has worked extensively on many short films and commercials, as Assistant Camera, Grip and Script Supervisor. “Phoenix” is the second short film he is directing for the 2018 Maine Mayhem Film Festival.



PD Wappler [Producer & Post Production Organizer] A local songwriter, homebrewer, and current Operations Manager at Island Treasure Toys. His production background is rooted in the USM Media Studies program and his operation of Crossroad Design Co from 2013-2016 as Director of Media Production.



Anna Gravél [Assistant Director & Producer] An Actor, Filmmaker, and Storyteller who believes that through the art of storytelling we can uplift, educate, and inspire others to enact change in themselves, their families and even the world around them. 



Derek R. Brigham [Lead Actor] A passionate creative collaborator for better part of two decades. Through film, theater, burlesque and other forms of mixed media story-telling, he has amassed a body of work he is very proud of and continues to add to today. He couldn't be more thrilled to be working with Crickett on her debut production "My Baby Saw A Bird"



Jocelin Yagel [Storyboard Artist] 


Ryan Marshall [Editor] A filmmaker based in New England who has worn a number of hats as long as he's been immersed in the medium, including but certainly not limited to writer/director (Elver Head, According to No Plan, and most recently BOILK), editor, set decorator (42 Atwood Lane) and sound designer. Having spent a fair amount of his youth alongside Maine's gorgeous (and subtly disconcerting) coast, Ryan feels that it is his mission to extract second sight from naturalism, landscapes and the people they affect, and to provide all three with distinctively abstracted dialogue entirely of their own.




Golaleh Yazdani [Art Department/Set Dresser] a mixed media artist using video, sculpture, installation and stop motion animation as part of her studio practice. Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, she received her BFA from University of Art in Tehran, and is currently working towards a Master of Fine Arts at Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine, U.S.A. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Tehran and Portland. (



William Gray [Music Composer]  (aka Bear Claw Bill) An electronic musician who lives in Portland, Maine. He has written and produced scores for Voulez-Vous Burlesque, Through The Door Productions, Cinema 52, and more, and also rapped in a documentary about the Dino-Warriors. He got his start when his parents couldn’t afford a saxophone so he traded his Game Boy for some cassette tapes and began splicing together the good bits of whatever was on the radio.



We will also be filling the following roles:

Art Department: Set Dresser

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