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This student film shows love at different points in the lives of South Asian immigrant women growing up in Georgia. It highlights the innocence of first love, the desires of adulthood, and the timeliness of falling in love.

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Mission Statement

Nectarines is a short film that follows a journey of South Asian immigrant women examining their identity & vulnerability in relationships. The goal of this film is to raise awareness of South Asian women's struggle to find a place for themselves and to create art that is authentic & inspiring.

The Story

Three love stories – from a school girl’s crush to a young woman’s passion, to an older woman’s unexpected encounter – all happen under one roof. 

“Nectarines” is a drama that shows love at different points in the lives of South Asian immigrant women growing up in Georgia. This film shows love at different points in our lives. It highlights the innocence of first love, the desires of adulthood, and the timeliness of falling in love. The characters will interact in terms of space but not talk to each other, to interfere in each other's lives. However, in the end, we break this rule when one major decision is being made.



My inspiration for this film is indie South Indian films such as Care of Kancharapalem that capture the essence of love, age, and relationships artistically while also staying grounded with the cultural roots. My stylistic inspiration is from Stranger Things and the way setting and costumes are used to define a time period and personality traits. 



Why Now

While the population of South Asians keeps growing in the U.S., there is a lack of representation on screen. We are often seen as the sidekicks, the nerds, the dangerous ones, and the unattractive ones. I aspire to change that. I want to show South Asians for who we truly are – equally smart and messy, beautiful, and most importantly, as main characters. 

"Nectarines" sheds light on immigration and dating and how one's identity affects their chance of finding love. It is breaking barriers of not only western media regarding representation, but South Asian media as well by challenging the norms of women in terms of love and desire.



There are about 5.4 million South Asians living in the U.S. today. This film caters to them all – everyone who has migrated to the US and had ventured through the complexities of their identity and dating. This story ranges from a child to an older woman, from dating within the race and outside, and finding passion of different forms. To all the South Asian women out there, this story is for you.


Our Goal

To make this story come to life, we ask for your help and support in raising funds for the production. Our goal ($1,600) will allow us to cover basic essentials including food and transportation for the beloved crew and cast.



Please help us tell the stories that elevate the marginalized community of South Asian women and celebrate their lives and journies. Any contribution is greatly appreciated. You can also show support by following and sharing this project on your social media.


Director Statement

My name is Harika Ganeshni Bommana. Born and raised in Hyderabad, India, I have always loved South Indian cinema. I moved to the U.S. to study Creative Writing in Roanoke, Virginia. Fascinated by storytelling and films, I decided to pursue an MFA in Film at UGA so I can tell stories about South Asian families and explore their dynamics in the context of immigration. I'm also interested in examining womanhood and brown identity in America in my films.



I am passionate about directing, writing, and cinematography. My first ever short film "Khaana" is about an Indian-immigrant woman reconnecting with her mother through food. It has won awards for "Best Director" and "Best Overall Film" at UGA ELEVATE Festival and has been selected for the Savannah Short Film Showcase, which you can watch in the link presented under "MEDIA"!



My initial idea of "Nectarines" came to me after I moved to Georgia for my MFA. Something about the Georgia heat often reminded me of home, which made me go back to watching the Telugu movies I love. Inspired by them and the beautiful state I currently am in, I decided to bring these two worlds together. In Georgia, I had the opportunity to talk to more South Asian women and find a community here, something I am very thankful for. I wrote "Nectarines" in honor of all the South Asian women struggling to find themselves while capturing the essence of Georgia. 


COVID Protocols

Our team understands the seriousness of COVID-19 and will be taking all the measures to prevent the spread of this disease. The production will follow proper COVID-19 protocols mandated by the CDC on set for the safety and well-being of everyone. All crew and cast will be masked and tested before the shoot day. PPE and personal hygiene items will be stationed on set. We want everyone involved to be safe. 



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About This Team

Half of our department heads are from the UGA's MFA Film program. The other half consists of Atlanta filmmakers from various backgrounds.

We pride ourselves on having a predominantly woman crew, especially having the wonderful and talented women as our department heads. We have a strong sense of morals and friendship, a shared passion for filmmaking, and a willingness to learn from each other.

Current Team