Neither Shadow of Turning

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Isolated deep in the woods during the worst winter on record, Conrad and Anna grasp tightly to hope when she falls ill with pneumonia. A film about, love determination and madness.

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The Story

Neither Shadow of Turning follows Anna, a loving, intelligent woman of considerable determination, and her husband Conrad, a hardy man who does everything one way; his way. This marriage has its moments of sweetness and abundant love, but when they settle themselves in a remote, wooded area of Vermont, they soon realize that they are severely unprepared for the hellish winter ahead of them. They become trapped when the worst winter on record unloads mountains of snow on their tiny plot. Food is running out. Firewood becomes almost impossible to obtain.
And then Anna develops pneumonia. 
Her condition worsens and the couple must decide if venturing into the fray against the white emptiness surrounding them will be worth the struggle for help. Or if it's better to stay and hold fast. They face the most difficult chapter of their lives together, yet, somehow, they grow increasingly separate. Their disparate way of life brought them to this place, and now they must consider their past choices, while grasping tightly to hope.  
We have one week left in our campaign. Please support us by contributing to our Seed&Spark so that we can bring Conrad and Anna's heartbreaking story to life. It's a tale of love and and determination, set against the brutal elements and isolation of a terrible Vermont winter. With enough support, we plan on turning this short into a feature film in time. There is even more of this story to tell than can fit into a short film, so a feature would allow us that flexibility. Thanks so much.







In May of 2014 I was cast as the lead actor in Timothy Ellege’s short film “The River. My Brother, Me”. It had a great script, cast and director. And Justin Derry was the cinematographer. As we all made this film together we began to forge tremendous friendships. Justin and I found that we worked extremely well together and we started talking about future projects that we both had in the works for the rest of the year. “The River” finished after a very intensive four-day shoot, but Justin and I continued to speak as we rolled into summer. He liked the treatment scripts I had written for a few music videos and, one by one, we made them together; I directed and he shot. First Cathedral for the band Oh Dear!, then Echoes and All We Have for Colonies. We found that our interest in film was very in line with one another and that this helped incredibly to serve us on set as we made these little vignettes and stories in music video form.

As we worked together throughout the year, I began to write out an idea for a short film that I just couldn’t shake, about a man who secludes himself far away from civilization because he feels that his views are too abstract to be accepted by the general public. He holds fast to the idea that he is right and they are wrong, inevitably leading him to utter isolation. Simultaneously, and unbeknownst to me, Justin had been toying with the idea to shoot something dark and dramatic in the forests of Vermont, a place to which he has a strong connection, and on celluloid film. He brought this up to me a couple days before shooting began on “All We Have” and I was elated by the prospect of merging our two visions together. It was this timely synthesis that led to Neither Shadow of Turning.

Justin and I both possess a deep affinity for the qualities of actual film emulsion. It presents a richness and cinematic depth that cannot be matched by digital imitation. Over the last several years, the medium has unfortunately been dying out. One by one the labs have shuttered and the films stocks have been discontinued. Before long it won’t even be an option - everything will be digital. We are certain that this will be one of our last opportunities to support and indulge in this wonderful medium that is so important to us.

So, Justin and I decided to write this small picture together and combine these basic principles into our structuring. Then, during my research, I remembered a story in my family about prayer being used as the sole method to heal a terrible injury that a family member had encountered. The thought of such risk, and such conviction chilled me, and I was compelled to incorporate this into our piece. These ideas ran together with fluidity into the story we now have today, about a thirty-year-old man and his wife who have set themselves apart to practice their faith, only to find sickness and torment, within and without. All of this is set far away in the woods of a snowy Vermont winter, where they are truly trapped.

Today we have our script, and method of execution directly ahead of us. But this film requires your support for us to make it happen. As young artists, we simply don’t have the means to finance this movie on our own. Despite the fact that Justin and I will not be getting paid one cent for our work, the costs of shooting this film aren’t insignificant. They include transportation, food, lodging, locations, makeup and everything else that’s needed to make a picture. Neither Shadow of Turning needs your support to become a reality, and we have wonderful things to offer you in exchange. If you give even just a little, you will receive some heartfelt gifts from us and be an integral part of our process. We did our best to make certain that each level of incentives contains many important and fun things relating to the process of creating this film.

Justin and I live and breathe cinema. It is what moves and delights us. Together we have created some great pieces of art, and together we want to take this step into narrative as a close collaboration. We co-wrote and will co-direct. He will be the cinematographer and I will be the lead actor. This film has been long in the making for us both and we are implore you from the bottom of our hearts to help us make it a reality. Filmmaking is a journey, and our journey begins with you. Thank you for your support.


Oh and here are the last two videos Justin and I made together. I directed and he was the cinematographer. Enjoy!






Music in pitch video: "Sweetness of Freddie" by Jonny Greenwood. 




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Location Scout

Costs $20

Travel expenses to Vermont from NYC to find and plan for our film's settings.

Location Rental Fee

Costs $850

Housing for cast/crew and rental of our cabin set.

Production Designer

Costs $500

To create the world our characters inhabit.

Set Decoration

Costs $500

Covers the cost of props and other aspects of the characters' world.

Kodak Super 16mm Film

Costs $540

To capture the images of our movie.

Film Processing

Costs $160

Developing the actual film.

Electric Operations

Costs $500

Lighting gear for our Electric Dept.

Grip Operations

Costs $400

Stands, clamps and other grip related items.

Production Sound Mixer

Costs $1,000

Capturing sound is an art, and crucial to any film.


Costs $250

The clothing for our characters.

Make Up Artist

Costs $500

A great makeup artist will be able to show how starved and cold our characters become in the film.

Makeup Kit

Costs $100

The tools and extra things specific to our film's makeup necessities.

15 Passenger Van

Costs $500

To transport our cast and crew up to our locations and back.


Costs $50

Color grading insures that the film has the right tone and look.

Sound Editor

Costs $100

Getting sound cleaned up, mixed and mastered professionally makes all the difference.


Costs $30

To create the score for the film, we will hire a composer to create original music.

Production Insurance

Costs $1,020

To cover us in case of any possible mishaps. We are shooting in the snow after all.


Costs $480

Preparing for any unexpected expenses.


Costs $500

We need to feed our entire cast and crew during their long days on set.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Adrian Centoni - Co-director, co-writer and actor (Conrad).

Adrian has been in love with cinema since he was small. He began acting in 2003 and moved to New York City in 2010 to study with Sheila Gray. He's appeared in several plays, short films, television shows and played the lead role in a feature film shot on the coast of Maine in 2014, set to premiere in late 2015. Over time, his zeal for writing and directing led him to the creation of several music videos and a few small narrative pieces. He is drawn to the truth, realism and vulnerability of characters in the films he loves. The drama in both the quiet moments and the bombastic ones. Adrian cares deeply about this film and the characters within it, and is eager to bring them to life.


Justin Derry - Co-director, co-writer and cinematographer.

Justin is a New York born cinematographer and filmmaker who now resides in Brooklyn, NY. Justin discovered his interest for filmmaking at an early age by traveling around with friends photographing skateboarding. His passion for shooting quickly led him to study film at Champlain College in Burlington, VT where he focused on cinematography. After college, Justin spent several years as a lighting technician and gaffer in New York City. He has since refined his technique working on over twenty feature films. As a gaffer, several films he lit have debuted in major film festivals, including Alex Ross Perry’s "Listen Up Phillip" which premiered at Sundance 2014. As a cinematographer he has shot dozens of short films, music videos, and commercials. In 2012, Justin lensed his first feature film "730" and in 2014, he collaborated with director Kerry Patton on the film "9 Line", scheduled to premiere at festivals in late 2015.  Most recently, he won an award for Best Cinematography at the Silver Sound Film Festival for his work on, “Carousel Ride.” Justin is thrilled to have the opportunity to make this singular story a reality.


Anne-Marie Mueschke - Actress (Anna).

Anne-Marie is a native of Lafayette, Louisiana. She studied literature at Millsaps College before deciding to pursue her original passion of acting. After earning her BA, she moved to Los Angeles and began working in short films, making her television debut on NBC's Siberia (aired Summer 2013). She is also a visual artist, working in various media ranging from  photography to watercolor and a vocalist on two trance singles (a collaboration with her husband, the musician Huunter).  The first, "Gravity" was recently released by Above All Records of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Anne-Marie is humbled and beyond excited to join the team of "Neither Shadow of Turning."


Sam Kressner - Producer.

Sam is an NY based producer who has extensive experience working in New York’s independent film scene on such features as You Must Be Joking, The Man On Her Mind, and Sundials Pictures’ upcoming Jack of the Red Hearts. He has also production coordinated The Market Trip, produced by Four of a Kind Productions. In a brief period of time, Sam has worked with a host of NY based producers including: Sirad Balducci (Roadie, The Man on Her Mind), Stefan Nowicki (Obvious Child, Pariah), Joey Carey (Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Little Birds, Liars All), Adam Piotrowicz (Listen Up Philip, Queen of Earth), Ron Stein (The Kids Are All Right, The Romantics), Jamin O’Brien (Hateship Loveship, Handsome Harry), and Dena Hysell (A Little Help, Down for Life). Sam is currently in post-production on The Lennon Report, an ensemble narrative detailing the events of John Lennon’s death.


L. Bates Jaffe - Hair and Makeup

L. Bates Jaffe is a seasoned makeup artist, hairstylist, and special effects artist from the Midwest of America. Ms. Jaffe specializes in period films and historical recreations, with a particular focus on custom wigmaking. She plies her trade in a variety of media, including feature films, independent shorts and fine art photography, and has done so for nearly a decade. She studied her craft at NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, University of St. Andrews, and Pratt Institute. Ms. Jaffe currently lives and works in New York City.

Current Team