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Everything has changed for Sadie. She just got dumped, is starting college, and just saw her ex with some picture-perfect influencer on Instagram. How is she supposed to compete with that? Did I mention she has no style and has only slept with her ex-boyfriend? Yeah. It's that bad.

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Mission Statement

Actress/Writer/Director/Producer Catie Elaine Hankins hopes to spark conversations around the pressures social media places on young women every day. Her personal experiences of self-deprecating comparison, compulsive stalking, and thoughts of changing who she is are threaded throughout the series.

The Story

New Me is a web series that takes place one month after Sadie and her roommate, Lucia head to college and Sadie’s ex of four years, Sam, dumped her. Sadie is so accustomed to being in a relationship that she is just now being exposed to the standards and trends that influence girls her age. After Lucia shows Sadie a photo of Sam with some picture-perfect influencer, Sadie begins her journey of self-discovery through social media. This dramedy explores the doubts and frustrations women experience every day through comparison and their perception of themselves through social media.

Going to college is such an interesting experience. You are away from your parents for the first time, your hormones are on fire, and you’re trying to find your fit in society. Sadie is a shy, sexually-inexperienced girl who is WAY behind on trends such as online dating, skimpy fashion and building a following on Instagram. Meanwhile, her best friend and roommate Lucia is ahead of the curve and encourages Sadie to catch up with the rest of the world. If you like Insecure, Sex Lives of College Girls, or Girls, you'll like New Me. We implement elements of comedy in situations that are relatable and sometimes ridiculous.


Being a young woman, I’ve experienced many of the thoughts/doubts Sadie has throughout the series. Some including:

  • I need to change myself to look more “picture perfect”
  • Dressing slutty is just the thing you are supposed to do now
  • I am not good enough as I am

Now you’re probably thinking, “woah, that’s so dark,” but it’s everyday thoughts that several girls have, all from comparing themselves to others on Instagram. In the 2021 Girls’ Attitudes Survey from Girlguiding 78% of girls (ages 11-21) said images online make them insecure because everyone has the same ‘perfected look,’ and 66% said they feel pressured to look more like them.

Seed & Spark requires that we make 80% of our goal in 30 days, or we don’t get any money at all.  So whether you can chip in $20 or $500, every dollar will help! As you can see, 67.5% of our budget is allocated to paying creatives to make our film possible. Having a professional team that is well taken care of will ensure an encouraged and productive set.

The rest of the budget goes towards feeding the cast & crew, some equipment rentals, contingency in case of an emergency, and our fiscal sponsor fee to SIMA Studios. That means we will be pulling costumes and props from our own closets, using personally owned locations and equipment. If we surpass our goal, we will allocate the budget to those areas, but our main priority is paying and feeding our creatives. (:

Here's a breakdown of what we can do with your help: 

If we hit 80% of our goal ($5,964) we will be able to pay our key crew reduced wages, but great meals.

If we hit 100% of our goal ($7,455) we will be able to pay our key crew fair wages! 

If we go over 100% and raise $9,000 we will be able to use the extra cash to ensure everyone gets paid, even our friends that are just helping out

If we hit our stretch goal of $12,000  we will be able to invest everything into distribution! This helps get this web-series in front of the right people and also into festivals!

We are currently prepped and ready to get started filming! Most of our cast & crew has been assembled and we are so excited to get this show on the road. After we film, we plan to distribute New Me for free on social platforms, where our target audience (late teens, early 20s) reside. We are also planning to partner with non-profits that share messages of female empowerment and self-confidence to host interactive screenings and discussions.

We are actively prepping to ensure we follow COVID protocols by actively testing cast and crew, providing masks onset, and overall keeping our team as small as possible. Keeping our cast and crew safe is our top priority, if someone is exposed or tests positive, we have a back-up film date lined up so rescheduling is not a problem.

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This dramedy follows Sadie, an inexperienced college freshman, who struggles to find herself in a world where social media controls and pressures the narrative of young women.

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Cast & Crew Payment

Costs $3,390

Investing in key players like great DP and Sound!

Post-Production Crew

Costs $2,300

Make our film pretty and keep our editing team happy with payment for all their hard work!

Fiscal Sponsor Fee

Costs $488

All of our donations are tax-deductible thanks to our Fiscal Sponsor - SIMA Studios!


Costs $332

In case anything goes wrong, we have a safety net to fall back on!

Yummy Meals

Costs $630

Provide lunch, dinner & snacks for all of our cast and crew

Equipment Rentals

Costs $315

We are renting a dolly and sound equipment to complete the series!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Catie Elaine Hankins is a filmmaker based in Austin, TX. While Catie has been acting for most of her life, within the past 5 years she began to explore writing plays and screen-plays. After her play, MiStAkEn, premiered in St. Edward’s 24-hour play festival, she got the rush of watching other people create characters out of her writing and decided to create her first short film. WILL, which premiered March 27th, 2022, explore’s Hankin’s past relationship with drugs and alcohol and was aimed to show her audience that you must heal yourself internally to deal with external problems. Now with her web series, New Me, she hopes to impact young women by giving them relatable characters that shed light on the effects social media has on their perceptions of themselves.

IG: @catieelaine_actress


Robert Lloyd Moore is an award-winning Austin, TX-based Cinematographer, born and raised in San Antonio. He shoots a wide variety of feature films, short films, commercials, and live performances that require a professional camera operator. Robert takes great pride in his visual work and his ability to incorporate his own style into each project he undertakes. His company, RLM Productions, plans on strengthening the Texas film community in the years to come.

IG: @rlmproductions

Jenny De La Fuente is an actor and filmmaker based in Austin, Texas. Her journey in film started at a very young age when she would write, direct and act in her own home-made adaptations of movies such as “Scream” or “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. Now, Jenny is an alumnus of The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor Degree in Theater and has +8 years of professional Meisner training technique. As an actor she has acted in multiple short films, plays, commercials, television shows and industrials, including the Amazon Prime Mexican hit show “An Unknown Enemy”. As a filmmaker, last year Jenny wrote and directed her first short film “Hi-Na”. Since then, she has been a Script Supervisor, Production Assistant and Producer on multiple film sets.  Today, Jenny is working as a producer and actor for the new web series “New Me”  written and directed by Catie Hankins, as well as writing projects of her own.  She looks forward to sharing this amazing project with you!

IG: @jennydlfuente

​​Maria Forsythe (Editor, she/her) is an editor and cinematographer born and raised in Austin, Texas. Her filmmaking journey began at The University of Texas at Austin, where she had the pleasure of being a part of inspiring films and meeting many of her best friends and film mentors. After some time teaching film to youth, she had the opportunity to work for Apple, editing their Support Channel YouTube videos. She is now a full-time freelancing cinematographer, AC, and editor. Her visual style is authentic, tangible, and story-driven; she is beyond excited to partner with these incredible Austin filmmakers and help tell this story.

IG: @its.maria.michelle

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