The Nightrunner

Regina, Canada | Film Short

Action, Drama

Sherona Sinclair

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After a visit to his doctor Haden finds out that his insomnia is most likely due to physical inactivity. Haden decides to get outside and take to running up and down the streets in the middle of the night. Haden soon finds that there are forces calling him to action as The Nightrunner

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The Story

We as filmmakers firmly believe in the power of words, the power of image and sound. We believe in the power of story which can be conveyed through film. There are millions of stories just waiting to be told and as filmmakers and storytellers we can't help but want to put as many out in the world as we can. We are constantly shooting, constantly writing, constantly dreaming. We are doing whatever we can to tell our stories.

The Nightrunner is one of those stories. A story about an everyday man who struggles with his role in society.  The Nightrunner covers themes such as leadership, mental and physical well being, regret, friendship and that inaction may be just a choice. We believe that anyone could be a hero , you just have to choose to be one. 


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G-Technology® Hard Drive ($300)

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G-Technology® is the gold standard for storage solutions specifically designed for content creators. We’ll get a storage grant from them when we get the Green Light!

Background Actor

Costs $400


Costs $1,000

375.00 a day to feed these lovely faces


Costs $360

We cant shoot a film without our Haden


Costs $240

We need our Angeline!


Costs $192



Costs $2,800

Hotel Room

Costs $3,000

General Liability Insurance

Costs $400

Prop Package

Costs $300

Wardrobe Stylist

Costs $500

What should they wear?!

Make Up Artist

Costs $500

You'll know why they look good on screen.

E-Z Up Tent (10’X10’)

Costs $125

To protect our gear, equipment from sun rain hail, and to store our food when needed.

Legal Services

Costs $200


Costs $10

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Stunt Coordinator

Costs $1,000

Haden learns some pretty bad ass moves

Boom Operator

Costs $300

Camera Operator

Costs $240

Art Director

Costs $420

Bucket (5 Gal)

Costs $25


Costs $100

Walkie Talkies

Costs $150

Just in case

About This Team

Sherona Sinclair

When Sherona was young she used to have nightmares. To console her, Sherona's dad would tell her that maybe someday she could make movies out of those dreams. From then on, she has always been drawn to film and the filmmaking process. You can see genuine enthusiasm for every department, every aspect of film in her eyes after talking to her for only a few minutes on the subject. It's this love for the hustle and bustle that has drawn her to producing, putting forth a number of exciting projects in a short span of time.  It is rare to meet someone at a young age who knows just what she wants. Rarer still to meet one who knows just how to get it.  Sherona Sinclair has produced short film “Blue” which took Best Short Short Drama in the Atlantic City Cinefest,  numerous music videos, and commercials. 

Aaron Sinclair

Aaron is a driven young filmmaker whose main passion is telling great stories through visuals, characters, and sounds. With a background in music and audio Aaron brings a unique set of tools to each production - finely crafting each frame to connect with the audience. 


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