སྙིང་གཏམ་ : “The heart's tale”

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Tenzin MP

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The first work of its kind, Nïngtam (སྙིང་གཏམ་) is dedicated to the Tibetan spirit. Learn more about the film at ningtam.org.

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Mission Statement

From writing to directing to those behind and in front of the camera, our team is strengthened by the talent of women, immigrants, refugees and LGBT persons.

The Story

(All contributions go toward reimbursing the director for production costs.)


Message from the director

There is something about too much stillness or silence that can feel almost painful. I wanted to share a story that was emotional without being exploitative or sensational. Making space for stillness is one way I tried to do that. To get in someone’s heart without harming them, you need to be very still, and gentle.


The aim of སྙིང་གཏམ་: The Heart's Tale is to shine a quiet light into the Tibetan heart, and slowly let many feelings emerge. When I first began thinking of this art piece, I felt like it was a letter to both my family and my community. Because of life circumstances unrelated to my gender expression or sexual orientation, I have a lot of distance from most of my family. Some of them have never known me. This makes me emotional, especially with regard to family elders.


I think the Tibetan community already possesses the necessary conditions to welcome their fellow Tibetans who are LGBT. I think sometimes we just need a little wake up to move away from our insecurities, toward loving one another to our full potential


I am well aware of the common priorities facing the Tibetan people; these priorities unite and motivate our lives. By responding appropriately to LGBT issues, domestic violence, addiction struggles and other secretive burdens, I believe the power of Tibetans to address our common concerns will increase tenfold.


The unhappiness of even a single person can affect us all, just as one person with a peaceful mind and heart is capable of great change. As neighbors, colleagues, relatives and friends, the simplest exchanges among us can shape our character and community for the better. However small, I hope སྙིང་གཏམ་ generates something stable, and good.


-Tenzin Mingyur Paldron 



 སྙིང་གཏམ་ (pron. nying·tam) translates into 'the heart's secret' or 'the heart's tale.' You tell your nïngtam to someone you trust.



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Costs $1,500

Interchange Media provided professional camera and lighting for the two day shoot.

Transportation & Accommodations

Costs $1,830

A team of mostly out of state volunteers came by plane and train to help realize the vision of Nïngtam.

Location Rental Fee

Costs $180

We found a generous and warmly creative space at 18th & Union Theater, a new arts incubator in Seattle's Central District.

Food for 12

Costs $150

Everyone could use a little refreshment!

Musical Artist

Costs $200

The soundtrack, an adaptation of a beloved Tibetan song, was performed for free. Help us compensate the artist for her time and talent.

Music Producer

Costs $100

The music was recorded & produced for free. Help us compensate the producer so he can continue developing his craft.


Costs $0

Editing is just as fun as directing! And also just as much work. The director was happy to keep costs down by also being the editor.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Nïngtam campaign video

Filmed by W.W., with assistance by Renata Rollins


Nïngtam film

Assistant Director, Michele Gomes


Cinematography by Jenny Ting and Michele Gomes of InterChange Media Art Productions


Music by Sonam Tshedzom Tingkhye


Music Producer, Aidan J. Woods


Production Assistant, Dina Showalter


Filmed at 18th & Union Theater in Seattle, Washington


And an all-Tibetan cast of amazing volunteers!


Current Team