No Man's Game

Denver, Colorado | Film Short

Drama, Film-Noir

Lucas Barta

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Divided by opposing mindsets, two brothers engage in a game of chance, hoping to find a common ground. This film is a story about trying to bridge the gap and find an understanding, or at least reaching acceptance of each other. The question is, will it work?

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Mission Statement

We want to use film-noir, commonly thought of as an "old genre," as a way of speaking to modern families, specifically siblings. No Man's Game illustrates the division that happens from lack of understanding, but also encourages reaching out and trying to find a common ground.

The Story

Sam and Max Knight are two brothers. One is struggling to make it as a private detective, and the other has made substantial money through gambling. They haven’t seen each other in five years. One fateful night, the two brothers, divided by their opposing mindsets, engage in a game of chance hoping to reach a middle ground or sway the other to their side. When push comes to shove, Sam is forced to choose between his brother or his beliefs.

No Man’s Game is an attempt at a modern take on classic film noir, a genre that is very much defined by pessimism and disillusion. Given the current state of our world, it can be very easy to get swept up in those feelings. This story urges viewers in the midst of all your frustration and confusion to keep a level head, and communicate openly. It tackles the concept of brotherhood, and how sometimes siblings can disagree and feel divided from their brother or sister, due to the choices they make and how they differ from their own. The catharsis of this film is: you never know if there's a chance to heal until you try. 

Inclusion Statement: 

The members of the crew all understand the sibling experience, and we plan to bring that to the table when making this film. The characters of Sam and Max were not written to be any color, and we want to make our casting process as colorblind as possible, because family/brotherly relationships are real for everybody no matter what color or creed.

Why Me? 

All of our crew members are siblings, so we know and understand the sibling experience, and we have all had our moments where we have felt confused or powerless. But we still love our families, and we want to show that strive for love and the importance of it with this film. It's a story all about trying to come to an understanding within a world that doesn't really allow it. 

I have one brother and two half brothers, and being the youngest out of all of them has made me feel like I've sometimes been lost in the shuffle. But we openly communicate, we understand each other, and I couldn't be prouder to call them my brothers. 

Why Now? 

Since the world today feels like it's fueled by division and hate, finding agreement or understanding may seem impossible. Even further, differences in opinion or confusion about another's life choices can result in family being driven apart. Sam has separated himself from Max because of choices that he is unwilling to accept. Many families go through disagreements and arguments, and sometimes a failure to see eye to eye results in a rift between family members, an inability to understand and a difficulty to love. Making an attempt to reach an understanding has the potential to make all the difference.  

As COVID-19 continues to keep people apart, we want to make a film about trying to find togetherness. Filming during a pandemic is a challenge that we are fully committed to, and we will strive to keep and cast and crew safe as we make this project together. That is also why we need your help!

We are hoping to raise a total of $533 to produce this film. Film equipment is covered by us, and our crew is all set and ready to go. What we'd love your help with is the following:

Cast & Crew Meals: $180

Transportation/Parking: $133

Costumes/Set Dressing: $150

Actor Compensation: $50

COVID-19 Protections: $20

Any contributions are greatly appreciated, and we thank you! 


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Actor Compensation

Costs $50

Actors bring life and truth to characters, and we want to show our actors their importance.

Cast+Crew Meals

Costs $180

We've got six people (4 cast, 2 actors) and it's important to keep everyone fed and energized.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $133

For our location, we will be paying for garage parking for our crew and talent.

Costumes/Set Dressing

Costs $150

We will be dressing our set with items such as red drapes, and acquiring costumes for our talent.

COVID Protections

Costs $20

We will be purchasing disinfectant + hand sanitizers to keep our set, crew and talent safe.

About This Team

Lucas Barta - writer/director

Lucas comes primarily from a background of theatre and music, and is now thrilled to follow his dream and get behind the camera. He loves playing with genres, and he wants to tackle film noir because he feels that it’s a genre that speaks to the way many of us feel nowadays, with feeling pessimistic and lost. Lucas has one brother and two half brothers, all of which are older than him, so he’s had moments where he doesn’t understand how his brothers operate and moments where he’s felt like he has the least power. Yet through thick and thin, he loves his brothers and couldn’t be prouder to call them his family. This script is his way of conveying the sibling experience, and that sometimes acceptance is the key to keeping that love alive. 

Connor Hudson - producer

Connor’s main focuses are music and art, but his primary focus is filmmaking. Whether it’s in front of or behind the camera, he’s interested in gaining expertise in every area he can; from gaffing to editing to directing, he’s there. Connor is the triplet brother of two sisters, and while some siblings grow apart after some time, they’ve stayed together through thick and thin. He knows what it means to be part of a team, both as a leader and a follower. This can prove valuable in the team sport that is movie making and will hopefully shine through in No Man’s Game.

Joseph Zyla - production designer

Joseph comes from the background of filmmaking, specifically screenwriting, however, he is happy and excited to expand his knowledge of filmmaking. Joseph tries to look for improvements in his previous projects yet he doesn’t put himself down. He tries to move onto the next project with the knowledge he has learned. Joseph is one of four siblings, specifically the second youngest. He has two older sisters and one younger brother. He knows the turmoil that can occur within the family and knows just how connected siblings can be. 

Carson Givens - cinematographer

Carson comes from a background in theater, which has brought him to the wonderful world of filmmaking. His main focuses are screenwriting and animation, but his goal to be an overall well rounded film student. Whether the job calls for directing, acting, or sound, he’s ready for the task at hand. Carson is the youngest of four siblings, and out of his three older brothers he is the first to attend university. He understands the responsibilities of hard work and how to work with groups. He hopes to take his experiences throughout college and apply them to his career so he can grow and become a great filmmaker.

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