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A comic shop owner and a collector fight over a rare comic. #1 asks questions about collecting that surrounds the world of comics and modern technology. As superheroes break the box office, comic stores go under, and NFTs sell for millions, it’s time to see what these new features have changed.

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Mission Statement

Our diverse team has come together to tell a story that crosses hobby and interests to look at the bigger questions of collecting. #1 delves into ownership, value, greed, and passion in this digital age. How far would you go for what you need or what you love?

The Story

#1 was inspired by the story of Edwin Rist, an American who stole bird feathers from a British museum. Rist grew up a member of the fly-tying community that used the feathers as an art. Among the bird plummage stolen were feathers from famous expeditions. Despite their historical value it took several days before anyone working at the museum noticed they were gone. Rist began selling the feathers and tore off tags destorying their scientific value. The feathers were absorbed into the fly-tying market that used them with love and care. Pieces of history became a product. 

Rist's story raises many questions. When does passion become dangerous? When is history destoryed? Why do people care so much about bird feathers?

Thinking of Rist, I found that many of these questions could be found in not just feathers but with comics and almost any collection. #1 discusses the questions Rist's story raises with a new subject.

Comic book collecting is a niche community with artifacts from history that are held in high value. There are reprints and digital editions that are held in less value than the original. The importance of old comics are not because they are the only means of enjoying the story, but because they came first and are tangible. The idea of tangible comics over digital is what brought in the NFT element into the story. Recently headlines have been filled with confusing jargon about blockchains and NFTs selling for millions. The idea of art ownership existing and being valued solely by code is a ridiculous concept that has changed the landscape of collecting into more of a stock market.

Comic book collecting is a world of insatiable desire. Comics have been apart of pop culture for decades, informing stories, but rarely is the medium itself given fair attention. As superhero blockbusters set records; comic shops go under. The most valuable comic in the world is worth over three million dollars. Auction houses frequent obsene collections of pulp treated like gospel. Thefts have been committed from stores to storage lockers to reap the benefits of the constantly revalued comic books.

The two characters represent the opposite forces from Rist's story.

Alley is greed. He scans the panels of a comic the public hasn't seen in half a century, a seemingly heroic act. Yet he chops up the work and sells them seperately to gain as much money as possible with NFTs, a new online frontier that challenges ideas of ownership.

Mason is passion. He rather keep the comic stuffed away and for it to be all his. He cares more about the book than anyone else ever could. He's ready to fight Alley to reclaim what he believes to be his.

Old superhero and horror comic books are vibrant. Giallo cinema has a history of pulp crime origins with stylings matching older comic books better than most of today's gray superhero films.

With giallo as an inspiration, the film's cinematographer and production designer will bring #1 to life as if it were torn from the pages of an old horror/thriller comic.

Inspired by the visuals of: SuspiriaDeep RedLast Night in Soho, and more.

Suspiria, directed by Dario Argento, 1977.

Last Night in Soho, directed by Edgar Wright, 2021.

Comic book shops serve as the main setting of #1. We want to film at a real shop, and to do that we'll need your help. The Tempe-Phoenix area is scattered with stores that can serve as the location. We're on the hunt for the perfect store.

Be sure to stayed tuned to our updates as we announce what store we'll be filming. Our crew is sure to turn a local comic shop into the world of the suspenseful #1.


Below is a breakdown of our budget estimates. If we exceed our crowdfunding goal we aim to: increase the quality of the props for the film and submit to more festivals.

Shooting is estimated to take place April 2022.

After post-production is complete our film will be privately uploaded and elidgible contributors will receive a link to the film. The film will be up for a limited time to preserve the eventual festival releases.

#1 will be submitted to the ASU senior showcase to join the catalogue of other capstone films in December. During 2023, the film will be submitted and play at film festival festivals.

COVID-19 has complicated filming in these last few years, and your support means so much to us. The cast and crew will priotize a safe set enviroment. Social distancing, COVID testing, and required masks for crew are some of the ways we plan to make sure everyone stays healthy while filming.

Thank you for your time. We can't wait to show you the #1 short film.


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Costs $275

Help us lock in a local comic book store to use for production!

Make-up and Wardrobe

Costs $190

This film needs its characters to look the best they can, giving them definitive characteristics!

Set Design

Costs $600

Help us create our #1 issue book as well as other comic props!


Costs $600

Help us acquire the best fit camera equipment for our film! Plus insurance, of course


Costs $955

To make a good movie, you gotta serve good food! This will help us keep our crew from starving.

Post Production

Costs $600

Help our editor make the final film EPIC! And what's a student film without festival submissions

Misc. Items

Costs $680

Help us provide expendables for our crew and other supplies that will prove important later on!

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Producer: Jayla Johnson

Jayla is a film and media production major on the producing track. Hailing from the small state of Wyoming, Jayla has worked on over 20 student films. After college she wants to be a writer/producer for a major studio, but is also interested in casting. She's an old soul with her own VHS collection in the hundreds.


Writer and Director: Dante Lundin

Dante is a film major with an emphasis directing. Growing up in a traveling military family, Dante wants to acknowledge the larger world with stories that connect everybody. He's worked on and created multiple short films with a variety of positions. After graduation he wants to be a writer/director of thriller and superhero films. 


Director of Photography: Micah Rind

Micah is a film major on the cinematography track. Through her work she seeks to highlight human emotion through visual aesthetics, an interest that has been fueled by her background in photography. She seeks to further her career in the fashion and music industry overseas post-graduation.


Editors: Denver Humphries & Julio Alvarez

Denver is a film major focused on editing. He's been practicing editing for over ten years and has edited over half a dozen short films, including personal projects that he wrote and directed.

Julio is a film major with an emphasis on post production. He currently works as an editor for post production companies in the Phoenix area and has worked on over 20 short films in various roles. He recently worked on a feature film documentary as 1st AC and is excited to do more. In his free time he loves hiking, writing screenplays and not surprisingly watching movies. 


Production Designer: Meghan McCullin

Meghan is a filmmaking practice major. She has worked on over 20 short films as well as an independently produced a feature film. Meghan is the Technical Director and Editor of a local Christian television series in Yuma, Arizona. As a self-taught filmmaker, she has come a long way, but she is still learning every day and is always excited to work on her next project.

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