Numb Like You

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Drama, LGBTQ

Felipe Figueroa

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Love is complicated. Love has so much gray no matter how much we try to make it black and white. How do two people change and stay together? How do two people survive change as they strive to become the best versions of themselves. Can love really survive those kinds of changes?

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Mission Statement

I'm a storyteller with a passion for exploring the complexity of what it means to be human. There is a spectrum for every aspect of humanity and that's what I love exploring. As a gay, Puerto Rican artist, I like to explore love and religion - especially all the "supposed to's" of those concepts.

The Story

Starting about 5 years ago, lots of people in this business would tell me, "you should write."  Back then, my response would be, "I don't have anything to say." What a difference time and a pandemic make because today, I have quite a bit to say!



Here's the storyline for my short film - Numb Like You

A gay, Latin dentist goes to work just like any other busy day.

His caring staff squeeze in a patient that's in excruciating pain and he discovers the patient is his estranged ex-husband - who has transitioned and now lives as Julia!


How does he navigate this moment? How does he even keep it together to treat his ex? Also, how did their love end? 


The idea for this story came to me almost 2 years ago. I personally have been involved in dentistry (as a manager not a dentist) for a long time. My first long-term relationship was with an incredible dentist in Philadelphia and I worked with him for 10 years managing his office and our staff! Fun fact - I currently manage staff and patient communications at a dental office here in LA called Downtown Dental and it's the location for our shoot!

I think dentistry is an amazing field and it rarely (if ever) gets showcased in film/television so I am spotlighting it MYSELF!

Back to my inspiration: I am friends with a Korean, non-binary, trans actor (the actor playing the role of my ex) named Nicky Endres. Nicky is so charismatic and funny and powerful.

I worked with Nicky in acting class and directed them in a stand-up special (just before Quarantine) called, Asian-AmericanEyez'd - about the Asian-American immigrant experience. Nicky smashed that stand-up special and that inspired the character I created for them.

My desire with this film is to create a safe space where LGBTQ+/People of Color (POC) actors and creators step into the spotlight and demonstrate the mastery of their individual crafts in front of and behind the camera. Where our storyline is the lead story line - front and center - not a sidekick or a character/caricuture with 1 or 2 lines. Where the set is run by and comprised of LGBTQ+/POC artists and they can all operate without judgment or fear.

I spent years writing small projects/scenes and honing my style which is this: telling meaningful stories that explore our FULL humanity (the good, the bad, the in-between the good and the bad) with spritzes of humor through the lens of the LGBTQ+/POC experience. Taking it one step further - through the specificity of this lens, I have discovered and hope that others see, there is only UNIVERSALITY and ONENESS. 

When we tell specific and honest stories based on our experiences, the public in general will always relate to the humanity of those stories.

On top of all this I have an incredible friend, multi-hyphenate powerhouse, Kate Hamilton, who is set to direct this project. She is proudly part of the LGBTQ+ community and I couldn't think of a better person to lead us in this collaborative journey!



What happens once we make this film? Well, my personal plan is to enter it onto the film festival circuit and then make it available on all social platforms. I want anyone and everyone to have access to this material - especially people outside of the world of film buffs - communities who are craving to see more of themselves in the stories/content they consume. 

After that? I'm gonna keep creating more content with this lens. My heart is called to do so and I'm just answering the call. And the text. And email. And smoke signal.


I have an announcement for all people of color and people identifying as LGBTQ+:

It's time to stand up, be counted, take up space, make room and make some ART. Join me.


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About This Team

As a Puerto Rican gay man my mission is to help increase visibility for all marginalized artists. Our cast and crew will be mostly comprised of women, people of color, and folx who identify somewhere on the spectrum of LGBTQIA+


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