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Garrett Medlock

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boy, mundane's song "Oklahoma, Arizona" explores the isolation and vulnerability in being ghosted by a friend you thought you knew well. We turn our cameras on the ghoster, Alex, a young non-binary person fleeing abuse, to offer an empathic portrait of everything we don't see when someone hurts us.

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Mission Statement

As a queer songwriter, I strive to represent queer people as real characters not wholly defined by their otherness. With a song and script that doesn't demand queerness, but is nonetheless tinged with the queerness of its lead characters and creators, join us in taking a step toward that vision.

The Story


Part music video and part short indie film, "Oklahoma, Arizona" is a foil to the song itself, giving a name and a narrative to the singer's anonymous, voiceless friend.

We meet Alex, a young non-binary person, robotically packing a few belongings into their car in the expansive, taciturn landscape of the mountain west. Dark bruises on their arm speak to a fraught past in this place they're leaving behind. Shutting out their constantly vibrating phone, Alex drives off into the desert without looking back. But as flashbacks of their trauma start to close in, how long can they escape by themself the painful visions of their previous life?


During the isolation and uncertainty of the last year, we were drawn to create a film that explores the painful facets of loneliness and individualism, as well as the healing power of vulnerability and connection. We are also dedicated to filling the gaps in media representation of non-binary characters and are proud to be highlighting the talent of local non-binary actor Jae Weit.

Join us in making a statement that centers non-binary narratives and shines a harsh light on the often unseen hardships that our gender-nonconforming and transgender siblings face every day.

Our script and production process were conceived to be as COVID-safe as possible. Included among our precautions were frequent outdoor scenes, limited use of unmasked actors, and strict temperature-checking and masking protocols for crew members. 



We can't wait to bring this story to life along with you, our fellow Oklazonans! We had a heck of a hootenanny shooting in Salt Lake City last weekend, and your pledges will help ensure we can compensate our cast and crew generously for their incredible work.

With every dollar we surpass our goal, we would be able to pay everyone on our creative team closer to standard industry rates and put even more love and care into editing and post-production. 

Once our campaign has wrapped, "Oklahoma, Arizona" will premiere on boy, mundane's YouTube channel for the world to see the cathartic, queer-driven story that you made possible! 



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Costs $500

payment for director/producer (Taylor Mott) for pre- through post-production


Costs $450

payment for dp/gaffer (Alec Lyons) for pre- through post-production

lead actor

Costs $400

payment for lead actor (Jae Weit) for two days of shooting


Costs $100

food for our hungry craftiness


Costs $50

things for Jae to wear on their body and hold in their hands

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About This Team

Howdy! I'm Garrett Medlock (AKA boy, mundane), a queer singer-songwriter with a lot to say about feelings, relationships, and the beautiful part of the world I call home. I'm beyond thrilled to be working with such wonderful collaborators to bring my single "Oklahoma, Arizona" to visual life in my first ever music video.


Director/producer Taylor Mott and I have known each other since our jolly olden days as arts students at the University of Utah. As someone whose aestetics, personality, and values mesh so well with mine, I knew Taylor would be the perfect person to bring on as my director and help me navigate my first foray into filmmaking!


I saw/met lead actor Jae Weit at a play reading in the fall of 2019, and I immediately had the little voice in the back of my head saying, "I have to work with them, I have to work with them!" Our paths crossed again several times over the next few months, so when Taylor and I started brainstorming lead actors (and specifically, trans and/or non-binary lead actors), Jae was an effortless choice. In another bout of serendipity, Taylor had also long admired Jae's work from afar, so we jumped at the chance to cast them! We are ecstatic to work with such a consummate actor in telling Alex's story, and we can't wait to watch you fall in love with them.

Current Team