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Sci-Fi has the beautiful ability to comment on our past, current, and future realities. On Metal Fences is a search for the truth in the fallout of a nuclear apocalypse, when a desensitized mineral miner struggles to piece together his fragmented past. It is a catharsis among uncertainty.

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Mission Statement

Science Fiction is a genre historically dominated by male creators, however this film seeks to change that narrative. Our creative team and crew, who are predominantly women, look to express the duality of the feminine spirit and traditional science fiction.

The Story


On Metal Fences follows Theo Apostolos (24), a quiet and observant digger, who feels like someone is always watching him. As he becomes fixated with the unique minerals that he digs, he starts to experience supernatural visions of his mother and sister, making him a threat to the system he is a part of. 



Theo begins to collect unique gemstones, however forces against him incite his paranoia. Cautiously, he begins to go deeper in searching for answers and eventually comes upon the truth about his mother and sister. By digging into his past and memories, he gains the courage to leave his environment and oppressors.



I have been working on my thesis film for over a year. This story speaks to a moment in my life where I felt an extreme burnout; one where I had been disconnected from home, and forgot much of my individuality. It has taken me deep reflection to understand these emotions, and translate them into a script that I will be proud to direct and shoot. After taking inventory of my passions, I am finally ready to express my feelings through a darker and grittier Sci-Fi, with a whimsical feminine perspective on modern day realities that face us. My hope is that you can see my healing through Theo, that you can understand why an abstract idea of home and the natural world can ground us in profound ways.

With a powerful, female-led creative team, we are set to start filming in the late Spring of 2021. Although the Covid-19 virus has changed our world, we are determined to have a safe production. It is important now, more than ever, to support female artists and filmmakers to make sure that we can create under responsible guidelines. Our team will be completing the film by Summer of 2021, and begin a strong festival run.





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About This Team


Aislyn Murray is a director and cinematographer in her final year at Syracuse University studying Film Production. She has studied film in both Bologna, Italy for SU, and Prague, Czech Republic at FAMU International. Aislyn's work focuses on universal feelings of loss, as well as the discovery of human consciousness and healing. She aims to be diverse in her subject matter while retaining elements that are personal to her own life. Working with strong female creatives, Aislyn is currently in pre-production for her latest short film.


Oriane Playner is a French American filmmaker and actress. Her directing is largely inspired by cultural experiences and relationships that she cultivates on a day-to-day basis. The projects she conceptualizes focus on creating stylized worlds in which societal issues are challenged. Her work has screened all over the world including Paris, Edinburgh, and Berlin. We are so lucky to have Oriane as a producer for "On Metal Fences."


Natalie Richard is an artist and photographer from Massachusetts. She is pursuing a double major in history and art photography at Syracuse University. Her work generally explores themes of family through photography, video, and archives. Natalie is talented in many areas, and will continue to show her skills as Assistant Director for "On Metal Fences."


Lauren (she/her/hers) is a production designer and experimental filmmaker from Pittsburgh, PA currently residing in New York. A recent BFA Film graduate from Syracuse University, she has additionally completed a 5-month seminar at FAMU in the Czech Republic. Her work has been screened internationally in over 6 countries, notably at NFFTY and the YOUKI International Youth Media Festival. Thematically, Lauren is interested in exploring vulnerability and emotional intimacy. Topics behind a majority of her films explore sapphic relationships and life after sexual violence.


Katiana is an award winning director, cinematographer, and editor. Her work has been screened internationally and has featured in the New York Times. An alumni of Syracuse University's Film Production, she graduated a VPA scholar, the college's highest undergraduate honor. She has studied film internationally at FAMU University and holds an associates degree in Film Studies. For the past four years, she has been working on a three-part film series for each of the women in her family- the third, 111, is currently beginning it's festival run. She loves to tell stories that speak to the experiences of marginalized communities.


Evan Murray is not only Aislyn’s brother, but a talented screenwriter and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. Graduating Magna Cum Laude for Film and Television Production at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Evan has studied in London for a prestigious screenwriting program, as well as worked at some of New York’s best production companies and agencies. Evan will be bringing his outstanding talents to set as Line Producer. 

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