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Sex work is transforming, but why aren't our attitudes? One Day As A Prostitute will explore the lives of those who master the disconnect between sex and intimacy to capitalise on and own their bodies in a society that sells sex to us every single day.

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The Story

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B Anthony fought for women's rights, and as a result of their efforts, women in the U.S. could vote by 1920. Almost 100 years later, women are beginning to take control of their bodies, minds, and sexuality- using their body as they please. Sex work is illegal in the majority of the United States and the criminalization of the profession often forces women down dangerous and unprotected paths. Women and men alike should never have to do anything they do not consent to, but shouldn't they have the right to do what they want with their bodies?

In 2015, sex is an enterprise, why is it so frowned upon to benefit from this in a society that sells sex to us everyday? Hollywood has too often misrepresented the sex worker. Even worse, it has underrepresented them. It's time to accept that prostitutes can be ordinary people- sober, happy and healthy people- and to show the world just what that looks like. 


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About This Team

Throughout research, development and production, the collaboration of a team with open-minded and respectful attitudes is necessary to make all participants feel comfortable and happy to share their experiences. Whilst those who have participated in or are currently in sex work are most valuable to the success of this documentary, forming a strong team to deliver these stories is also key. Please contact us to ask about any crew requirements!

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