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Gara and Emily’s work aims to center and celebrate queer voices and stories through comedy. Each character is original, every sketch intentional, and every comedic beat maintains the scrappy, fresh nature of their live performances.

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Mission Statement

One Million Girls is a comedy show made by queer people, for queer people. Emily and Gara strive to make queer comedy accessible to larger audiences, and to allow queer characters to exist outside of the stereotypical narratives. Help make this wacky, joyous, and revolutionary series come to life!

The Story

Emily and Gara’s comedic romance started three years ago, after seeing each other perform at an LGBTQ+ stand up competition. In a comedy scene full of binary and rigid expectations, Gara and Emily found in one another a serendipitous sense of play. As two people who both value collaboration and care in their approach to their craft, this was a match made in comedic heaven.

They started with a popular live show in the LES that championed the “off the cuff” quality that they had felt was missing in the New York comedy scene. Every other week the pair would bring their diverse skill sets to the forefront, unafraid to perform a fully choreographed dance number, musical performance, or improv scene, the two left no aspect of their show unexplored. The electric nature of this partnership rivaled some of the revolutionary duos that came before them; Abbott and Castello, Judy and Liza, Bert and Ernie. In a culture that emphasizes “trendiness” they were not afraid to be timeless. After years of performing this show across multiple cities, Gara and Emily are ready to transfer this had-to-be-there feeling into a TV series.

One Million Girls is a revolutionary brain child that mixes Gara and Emily’s whimsical energy and avante garde ideas into one perfect package. This pilot contains a variety of characters, narratives, and musical numbers, specifically crafted by and for queer people. Think about that lesbian couple you know who is looking for a third… you'll find them in here. 

Gara and Emily were inspired to create this project after identifying the need for queer stories to exist outside of the stereotypical narratives. Queer representation in tv/film is often limited to the same narrative time and time again: queer person comes out, queer person has to deal with not being accepted by family/friends/society, queer person is sad. What happy LGBTQ films do you know of? Brokeback Mountain? Sad. Carol? Really sad. Queer people are so much more than their coming out journey! They contain so much more life and FUN than the stories they are being given in our tv/film industry. This project looks to celebrate all different kinds of queer experiences– did you know queer people can be bad people?? And most importantly this project will be written by queer people for queer people. 

After Florida's "Don't Say Gay" legislation, after enduring the past couple years of a pandemic magnifying feelings of isolation within the LGBTQ community, now more than ever there is a need for queer comedy. And we need your help to make it!

Gara and Emily know that there is an audience thirsty for queer comedy – they see them every other week at their live shows, and now they want to make their comedy accessible to a larger audience. Our script is locked and loaded, we have started assembling a crew and have onboard an incredible queer DP (Hil Steadman) and are working with them to hire the rest of the crew. In an industry in rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, Gara and Emily need this campaign so that they can pay competitive rates to fairly compensate their team! With this campaign money we can hire our remaining cast and crew, we can pay to reserve shoot locations, and rent equipment to make this project look and sound the best it can! This project is currently in it's preproduction stages and is slated to film early summer with an early fall release! 

This project will be a SAG microbudget, that means we will abide by SAG standard COVID safety protocols including PPE, zones, and fully vaxxed cast and crew. 

If this campaign reaches its goal of $10,000, we have a stretch goal to raise $5k more so that we can cover the costs of post production. This campaign is how we will get this pilot made, so that we can get it onto your screens and out into the world!

The only way we can make this fever dream a reality is with your help! Help us to spread the word by sharing this campaign via social media, email, word of mouth, whichever way works best for you! And don't forget to follow us!

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About This Team

Gara (they/them) is a performance artist, writer and comedian based in NYC. They started performing in the New York City nightlife scene at 19 and now, 5 years later have shared their stories on many different iconic stages all across the US. They are most well known for their podcast EN(BA)BY: A Podcast About Gender and weekly newsletter by the same name. Their creative work includes dance, drag, storytelling and stand up comedy. They are driven artistically by the idea of “gender euphoria” as a vehicle to speak about Trans experiences and all the kookiness that comes with it.


Emily Dayton Evans (she/her) is a SAG/AFTRA actor, filmmaker, and comedian living in NYC. She has been featured in landmark comedy series such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon), The Other Two (HBOMAX), and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix). She has written and directed two films; most notably her short film Green Juice was nominated for BEST OF the LA International Short Film Festival. Her work centers around authentic female expression, and explores her own struggles with identity and mental illness.

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