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Our horror short film is about a young Asian-American woman who faces damaging microaggressions in the workplace. In the wake of recent events surrounding Anti-Asian violence and hate crimes, our story provides a timely response to these experiences that many Asian-Americans have endured.

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Mission Statement

Racism sucks. As a multiethnic and multicultural team, we are passionate about raising awareness of the effects of microaggressions. Our story shows how ignorance, cultural insensitivity, and fetishization can have harmful effects ... presented through the lens of a horror story.

The Story

What is a microaggression?

A comment or action that subtly and often unconsciously or unintentionally expresses a prejudiced attitude toward a member of a marginalized group (such as a racial minority).

In our film, we present microaggressions through the lens of a young, Asian-American woman who works in a corporate office. The interactions with her co-workers paint a painful yet authentic picture of racist interations that many Asian-Americans face today.

"Death by a thousand cuts" – a phrase that describes what it can feel like to experience racism as an Asian person in America. After experiencing repeated microaggressions, this was the feeling that inspired Keiko to tell this story and name it – One Thousand Cuts.

One Thousand Cuts depicts scenes based on real life experiences encountered by our team and colleagues. 

By telling this story, our hope is that more people will be able to relate and feel seen, while raising awareness to these damaging interactions - so we can get closer to bringing them to an end.

Think "Get Out" meets "The Assistant"

We are raising funds to pay back Production costs, complete Post-Production, and submit to Film Festivals.

Every horror film needs an amazing sound mix, creepy music score, and precision talent to get the final coloring just right. We would also like to raise money to submit this short to film festivals across the globe, so you, all of our family, and friends can see the film on the big screen no matter what location.

While our film stands on its own, we also plan to use it as a proof of concept for a feature length version of this film. Your contribution can become part of the origin story for an even bigger project in the long-run. We would love to stay in touch with you as our plans materialize!

The only way to meet our goal is to reach beyond our networks.

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It's with your help that we can bring this timely story to the screen, and for that we are incredibly grateful!

Thank you for being a key part of our filmmaking process and for supporting this journey.

We can't wait to share our film with you!


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Grip & Lighting Equipment

Costs $600

Horror films need suspenseful lighting to build intensity within the scenes.

Location Sound

Costs $1,100

Sound quality can make or break a film. It is especially critical as our story centers on dialogue.

Post-Production Picture

Costs $850

Media storage, editing, and VFX are all essential for bringing a horror film to completion.

Post-Production Sound

Costs $650

Great music and sound design bring horror films to life by evoking fear and suspense within viewers.


Costs $5,150

Films would not be made possible without the dedication and hard work supplied by a film crew.


Costs $750

Transportation was required for cast, crew, and equipment to bring everyone and everything together.

Film Festival Submissions

Costs $600

Our goal is to reach the widest audience possible as we raise awareness with this impactful film.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Location & Insurance

Costs $4,500

Every good horror film needs an ominous location to set the tone. What's a scarier place than work?


Costs $2,000

Our talented and amazing cast were compensated for the time and energy they dedicated to this film.

Catering & Craft Services

Costs $1,050

Our film was well-stocked with meals, snacks, and essential supplies needed to keep the team going.

Makeup & Costumes

Costs $2,000

Costumes and makeup visually anchor the characters into the world of the film.

Set Decorations

Costs $300

A couple of important pieces really make an impact. And it turns out, fake blood isn't cheap.


Costs $150

Essential props help character actions look and feel more natural both on-screen and in real life.

Office Supplies

Costs $250

For office supplies to make tasks like printing scripts, call sheets, and mailing envelopes, happen!

COVID-19 Compliance

Costs $50

Safety is our number one priority. We supplied face masks, sanitizer, and gloves for cast and crew.

About This Team

KEIKO SUGIHARA is a Japanese-Chinese American filmmaker from Chicago, Illinois. She wrote, directed,and starred in her short film, Vampire American, before working as a Writer’s Assistant on Marvel’s Helstrom. While in Honolulu, she worked on CBS’ Hawaii Five-0, then moved to Los Angeles to work as a Writer’s Assistant in continuation of the series. In her own writing, Keiko is passionate about exploring topics of justice, culture, and identity, and was awarded First Place in the 2020 Branches Interactive Script Contest for her original genre pilot, Nikkei Curse of Yokai. When Keiko isn't busy dreaming up new stories, she can be found watching anime, reading comics, or listening to lofi.

MIKI ISHIKAWA was born in Denver, Colorado and grew up in Oahu, Hawai‘i. Her family moved to Los Angeles in 2000. Four years later, she landed a recurring role on the hit Nickelodeon TV series, Zoey 101. Shortly after, she booked her first feature film as one of the family members in the romantic comedy, Yours, Mine and Ours (starring Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo), while playing their adopted daughter, Naoko North. Miki has made several appearances in movies such as Funny People, Make Your Move, and Sway. She can also be seen on FOX’s hit show, 9-1-1, as well as NCIS: Los Angeles. She also starred in Season 2 of AMC’s anthology series, The Terror: Infamy, executive produced by Ridley Scott. Miki has also, appeared in Disney+’s Marvel hit show, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, as Leah, a love interest to the Winter Soldier. In addition to acting, Miki is currently developing for TV and producing a feature written by herself.

ROBERT CHUCK is originally from Honolulu, Hawai‘i. He began his career as a graphic artist receiving an Associates in Communication Arts, then later earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Media at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa's Academy for Creative Media. His passion for film and creative arts has led him to Southern California where he earned his MFA in Cinematography at Chapman University. He currently works as a freelance cinematographer, gaffer, and key grip working for companies such as: College Humor, Apple Music, and various short and feature films. In his spare time, Robert enjoys comics, surfing, martial arts, and traveling.

STEPHANIE SOUTH holds a B.A. in Film & Electronic Arts from California State University, Long Beach, where she studied Production Management and obtained a Minor in Entrepreneurship. Her well-rounded knowledge and background working in the computer software, digital media, and event production industries makes her a versatile leader. Her role as a Producer includes serving as a warm and friendly advisor to Writers and Directors across the country. When she is not producing short films, Stephanie helps artists get paid through her role working in the Payroll & Accounting department for production companies such as Screen Gems, Vendôme Pictures, and Lucasfilm. She is also currently producing a TV series in the development stages.

SARAH PAEK studied Engineering at Harvey Mudd College and worked at the aerospace company, Northrop Grumman, as a Systems Engineer. Her lifelong interest in the entertainment industry led her to leave Northrop Grumman after finding a job in Post-Production for the network television show, iZombie. After post-production coordinating for iZombie and Batwoman, she transitioned over to Development by joining Daniel Dae Kim's production company, 3AD, where she is currently a Development Coordinator.

JAMES CHEN graduated from UC Berkeley in Computer Science. He worked as a Software Engineer at companies such as CNET and Rotten Tomatoes. He soon realized his passion was in film and switched careers. He found success in the YouTube space, creating and producing branded content videos generating over 300 million views. He would go on to serve as a Creative Director and Showrunner at the multi-channel networks StyleHaul and Studio71. He is currently writing and developing for film and TV.

RYLAND YOUNG is originally from San Francisco, California. He fell into working within the TV and film industry while living in Honolulu, Hawai‘i. After getting his start on the hit CBS TV show, Hawaii Five-O, he made the move back to Los Angeles and was hired onto Apple's Truth Be Told. Since then, Ryland has been working non-stop as a Set Production Assistant on shows such as The Morning Show, Little Fires Everywhere, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Rookie. In July of 2021, Ryland was accepted into the prestigious DGA Training Program where he is now a DGA Trainee, and on his way to becoming an Assistant Director.

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