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Parallel is a sci-fi ensemble comedy series that we are writing and producing the entire first season of (six 30 minutes episodes!) with the goal of selling it to a streaming service, like Netflix. We invite you to join our team of incredibly talented creatives to make the next hit streaming comedy!

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Mission Statement

After grappling with time's unending passage while staying inside, audiences are searching for meaning in the mundane. Centering on the dreams that drive us and the people that get us there, our diverse, passionate team is bringing heart to the heavy while being out of this world funny (literally).

The Story


A novice politician tries to create her perfect life by tweaking decisions in her past, causing severe repercussions in parallel universes.


Parallel is an outrageous and insightful comedy full of philosophical musings, captivating science fiction, and heartfelt relationships. It’s an ensemble comedy that will hold its own against network comedies like Community and New Girl. It will follow in the footsteps of It’s Always Sunny, an independent ragtag comedy turned global phenomenon. We believe there is something uniquely special about this project. This style of comedy mixed with the subject matter is exactly what jaded millennials / gen z-ers are looking for. The audience is out there and now the right team will be able to create it!

Many hit TV shows started as independent productions, shot without studio backing, and then went on to become global hits. It's Always Sunny, Insecure, Broad City, and Portlandia are just a few of many titles created this way and Parallel is next on the list! We are taking back creative control and giving some of the most talented, creative, and dedicated artists the opportunity to spearhead a long form narrative comedy. We're not just making a pilot - but a full six episode series that you get to be a part of! Five years from now, Parallel will be a household name that you helped create

TV shows that match our comedic tone & style


After an unfortunate incident involving vodka baja blasts and a very public LinkedIn post, wannabe future president, Marnie (24), almost loses her job and with it, all her hopes and dreams. In the verge of career collapse, she accidentally conjures a personified Figment of Time (Figgy) who lets her change one decision in her past. Instead of choosing what would dramatically benefit her nerdy best friend, Julietta, or her long-term boyfriend, Calvin, Marnie goes back to her first day on the job to try to win her boss over. A worse reality is created and Marnie jumps to timeline after chaotic timeline to create her perfect life. 

Ignoring their guidance, Marnie betrays Figgy and jumps into the future, permanently severing her time tree. Cutting a tear through time, Figgy glitches out. Marnie’s new future is far from what she hoped for, causing severe reprecussions in the lives of everyone she loves. Marnie must weave time back together or risk losing everything to a worst-possible reality. 

Stills of our lead actress Alli Roberti


Parallel is a ½ hour sitcom with elements of sci-fi. Parallel blends the ensemble banter of Community and Brooklyn 99 with the existential / philosophical appeal of The Good Place and Forever and the science-fiction time travel adventure of Rick & Morty and Loki. The tone is full of quick-witted ensemble banter, referential jokes, and situation comedy. This is paired with meaningful relationships and character growth. Marnie steps into the philosophical and physical space exploring the world of time and asking questions about the universe and her place in it.


Parallel explores many existential themes. Throughout her journey, Marnie is led to ask questions of the universe and her place within it. Our major themes include:

  • The Power of Choice (fate vs. free will, how our choices create the future)
  • Connectedness (our choices can create or destroy possibilities for others)
  • Responsibility to Others (are we responsible for how our lives affect others?)
  • Resource (although anything is possible, some people are given more opportunities for their desired future than others)


Although we are not at liberty to disclose names yet, you can expect some exciting celebrity cameos gracing this project!

Glozell joining the cast of Kemma's last series, Psyche & Me.


Seed&Spark requires that we raise at least 80% of our goal to receive the pledges. Our budget prioritized Netflix approved cameras and gear, ethical working conditions, securing unique locations, captivating set and costume design, and editing for a final product that looks as professional and high quality as all your favorite shows. 

While the crowdfunded $30,000 will provide the foundation to securely launch this project, the entire budget is $150,000 which will be raised through private investors, grants, and brand deals. The first $30,000 will cover the pilot and preliminary costs. Here's how the full budget breaks. down:

  • Above the Line: $40,000
  • Production: $80,000
  • Post Production: $10,000
  • Legal/ Discretionary: $16,000


Yes! Our team has decades of experience across every department. Our producers have worked on titles such as Grey's Anatomy, American Horror Stories, 9-1-1, Life Itself, Frozen 2, The Big Sick, and more! Our writers have won awards at loads of Comedy Festivals including Portland Comedy, Atlanta Comedy, and LA Comedy Fest. Collectively, we've held positions at studios like Paramount, Fox, FilmNation, NBC, and Ryan Murphy TV. Kemma sold her first web series in 2018. Seasick Studios is currently packaging their debut feature film alongside CAA with Henry Winkler executive producing. This team is driven, experienced, resourceful, tenancious, and committed!

An article featuring Seasick Studios' founders


DEVELOPMENT, Sept 2021-Dec 2021

We have assembled our teams and began development. The writers meet weekly to complete the season 1 story. The producers have assembled the budget, financing plans, and pitch documents.

PRE-PRODUCTION, Jan 2022-Mar 2022

Our producing team, camera team, and crew will secure locations, shooting permits, gear, insurance, and more to begin shooting in March. 

PRODUCTION, Mar 2022-Oct 2022

Each episode will receive 4 shoot dates. We will shoot each episode in a one month time frame, spanning approx. eight months for the full series. We will shoot between 22-26 days. 

POST-PRODUCTION, May 2022-Dec2022

Post production will take place on a rolling schedule following shooting. Once episode 1 wraps, post production will begin. Our editors will alternate episodes so that multiple episodes can be in post production at once.

DISTRIBUTION / SALES, Nov 2022-Jan 2023

All deliverables will be finalized by December 15, 2022 but we will likely being our pitching project just a few weeks prior. We will pitch to a variety of streaming platforms including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Tubi, Sling, HBOMax, Vudu and Roku. We will likely premiere through a festival or lab with online viewing options.


Like any professional production, Parallel will face challenges which we plan to tackle with determination, persistence, and grace. Our production insurance offset any potential risk to our equipment. 

This project will run through 2022 which means we have to assess the risks of losing team members along the way due to other potential jobs. We have deep trust and commitment amongst our team and will support each other no matter what! We have a lengthy crew list amounting in nearly 100 filmmakers that can step in and carry the load should we need another crew member. For cast, we will work around schedules, fly cast members out to LA, and if needed, do rewrites. We feel confident that our team can manage any personnel risks. 

While the pandemic is ongoing, shows and films have widely resumed production in LA. We will follow SAG and IATSE covid safety plans and have a covid safety officer on set to ensure everyone's protection. After such a long production hiatus, we are all eager to get back on set, doing what we love! 


To reach our goal, we'll need to connect with people beyond our networks. Help us spread the word: give us a boost on social media, email our campaign, text your friends, family, and coworkers! Ask your mom to share it on Facebook! We're grateful for anything you can do to spread the word :)

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Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @seasickstudios_. We'll share project updates and BTS shenanigans.


However you decide to support us, we are so thankful for your time and consideration. Even if you can’t contribute today, we hope you stay in touch and follow our journey! Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or want to set up a meeting.


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Editing & Post-Production

Costs $10,000

After filming, we need a top-notch crew to edit our episodes together to look amazing!


Costs $2,000

We need to rent offices for our writers to create six hilarious episodes!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $12,000

Our gear purchases and rental fees will amount to approximately $10,000-$15,000


Costs $6,000

We will need to rent soundstages for special effects and unique locations in LA for our sets!

About This Team

Kemma Filby (she/her) (Showrunner) is an Irish producer, screenwriter, and actress whose experience is concentrated in storytelling, team building, and production strategy and logistics.  She holds a Masters in Screenwriting from APU. On the production side, Kemma has worked with some of the largest players in the entertainment industry - Paramount Pictures, Amazon Studios, FilmNation Entertainment, Disney/Pixar, Nickelodeon, and Marvel. On the creative side, Kemma has starred in TV shows and films such as IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, Netflix’s HIGH IN THE CLOUDS, and Amazon’s LIFE ITSELF. She serves as the CEO and co-founder of Seasick Studios. 

Walker Barnes (he/him) (Executive Producer, Writer) is an actor, screenwriter and creative hailing from Tampa, Fl. Before moving out to Los Angeles, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences from the University of Florida. In 2019, Walker and his business partner and co-writer, Kemma Filby founded Seasick Studios where they produce and develop comedies with heart. As an actor, Walker has starred in major TV shows such as Fox's 9-1-1, Fox’s LA’S FINEST, FX’s AMERICAN HORROR STORY, CBS’s STRANGE ANGEL and more. He has also worked creatively with major brands such as Coca-Cola, Adidas, Nike, Snapchat, ABC Mouse and more. Along with his executive producer role, Walker will be leading the writing staff along with the showrunner. 

Sabrina Robinson (she/her) (Producer, Director) is a director/producer who has created films such as High, Postmates, Lamb, and Campy Spy Musical - which won numerous film festival awards. She has also worked on shows like American Horror Stories, Westworld, Grey’s Anatomy, Home Economics, and Mr. Mayor. She was the recipient of the 2019 Television Academy Foundation Directing Internship and has shadowed television directors such as Paris Barclay, Mark Cendrowski, Andy Fisher, Ed Ornelas, and Richard Preuss. 

Liana Montemayor (she/her) (Producer, Director) has worked in the industry for the past 6 years, gaining experience in acting, producing, choreographing, and directing. She is passionate about filmmaking and enjoys working behind as well as in front of the camera. In June of 2021 she directed a pilot web series that won "Best Short Film" at the Los Angeles Film Awards, She just finished producing her first feature film with WalleyBird productions to be released on streaming services in 2022. In addition, she is currently producing her next feature film to be shot in December of 2021. 

Ryan Perry (he/him) (Producer, Actor) brings an actor’s eye to his producing role. As a life-long performer, he looks for nuanced ways to tell the story. From production design to script analysis, Ryan’s emphasis on detail adds value to each production he joins. His film credits involve romantic comedy Under the Eiffel Tower, and dramas Love, John and Love You Anyway.

Valentina Murra (she/her) (Associate Producer, Actor) is a Colombian & Middle Eastern producer/actor born in Bogota, Colombia. After moving to LA at the age of 17, Valentina produced and starred in her first film, Faith, opposite Britt Lower, which won Best Film at the New York City International Film Festival in 2018. Her second film, Silence, premiered at the world's largest women’s film festival, Women Deliver in 2019, and was introdcued by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Other credits include acting in tv shows such as HBO’s Manic and Slappers Only TV. She also currently song-writes for artists at major labels and is a musician herself. 

Madelyn Lego (she/her) (Production Supervisor) is a creative + leader working across the industry to encourage empathy through humor and heart. Madelyn holds various professional titles such as Vice President of Operations (Seasick Studios) and Digital Advertising/Marketing Sales Associate (BroadwayWorld). She additionally works as a professional stage actor, classically trained singer and choreographer. Madelyn is an alum of WIU with a BFA in Musical Theatre. She currently resides in Columbus, OH.  

Alli Roberti (she/her) (Writer, Actor) is an actress and writer. She started writing roles for herself at a young age when she got her first American Girl Doll and cast herself in the role of  “Distressed Single Mother.” She earned her BFA in Acting from Azusa Pacific University (Awarded Outstanding BFA Acting Student 2017) and went on to study improv at UCB, like a good Angeleno does. 

Emma Canady (she/her) (Writer) is a romance author and freelance editor based out of St. Louis, Missouri. She holds a Master’s degree in Gender, Media, Communications from University of London: Goldsmiths. In addition to her freelance writing and editing, Emma is a media theorist focused on feminist analysis and communications. 

Charis Tshihamba (she/her) (Writer, Set Decorator) studied screenwriting at APU. She writes and performs in an all female run sketch comedy show called McGillicuddy comedy. Charis is a co-founder of Women Aren't Funny Productions, and has written and created several web series for the company. She has a passion in life for bringing joy to the world through comedy. 

Zachariah Barber (he/him) (Writer, Actor) is a writer, actor, and stand up comedian based in Los Angeles, California. He has appeared on stage in leading roles in Brahm Stoker’s Dracula, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged, and Gerstein. He has co-written and produced several short films and stage productions, and performed standup comedy in Detroit, Michigan before moving to LA.

Brooke Becker (she/her) (Writer, Actor) is an actress and a writer. She is best known for her roles in Hulu’s The Dropout, HBOMax’s Head of the Class, and Pureflix’s The Encounter series.  She has produced stage productions and short films. She currently studies at the Howard Fine Acting Studio in Los Angeles and holds an English degree from Loyola Marymount University.

Dekontee Tucrkile (she/her) (Writer, Actor) studied improv at Second City in Hollywood and played on a musical improv team, the award-winning team Live! On Fire, with Bill Chott (SNL, This is Us, Wizards of Waverly Place). She worked on live events with companies such as Disney and NBC.  She also wrote and produced the short film “Friends With Awkwardness.”

Zayn Alexander (he/him) (Writer) is an actor and fiction writer based in Wisconsin. He has appeared on stage in the Fast and Furious theater festival in Spokane, Washington. While living in Japan, he co-wrote, produced, and directed a bilingual adaptation of Hercules. When he’s not writing or gracing the stage, Zayn likes to tour and review local cafes.

David McCordic (he/him) (Writers’ Assistant, Production Coordinator)  is a writer, video editor, and improviser based in Los Angeles, California. He has studied improv at ComedySportz Seattle, sketch writing at Second City Hollywood, and performs regularly around town with WE Improv. 

Current Team