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Haunted by a supernatural entity during sleep paralysis, Haley Stone relies on her brother Nicky to pull her through. But reality begins to crack and lines begin to blur between what’s real and what isn’t, leaving Haley desperate for answers. “Paralysis” is a non-linear, psychological horror film.

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Mission Statement

Our badass crew of diverse artists range in race, sexuality, gender, and threshold of fear but our common goal is to scare the crap out of you! We come together to share a deeply relatable and timely story of overcoming trauma, isolation and grief through the lens of psychological horror.

The Story

After family trauma, Haley Stone (Allison Lobel) has isolated herself from everyone except her brother Nicky. But with her complicated grief and emotional well-being deteriorating, Haley experiences hallucinations, vivid nightmares and debilitating episodes of sleep paralysis.  These episodes become ever more pressing when Haley notices bruises on her body. She suspects the entity that visits her in the night is not just a figment of her imagination. With the assistance of a paranormal investigator, Haley must access the truth buried between realities and free herself from this living nightmare.


Why us? Many on our team have been creating together since 2015. After the success of our last two projects, including festival wins, we gained confidence in our team's ability to make a low budget feature film. 

But then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the world literally stopped! We were all separated from one another, isolated, and unsure how the pandemic would affect all future artistic ventures.

Why this? Levi was feeling incredibly isolated, disconnected, and needed to channel his emotions into something creative so he started writing to work through those feelings.  And six drafts, five months, and four online read thru's later here we are!

This project was written with the intent of an incredibly small cast and crew to keep things as COVID safe as possible.  But we are also thankful that each member of our team has now been successfully vaccinated and we can move forward into production safely and healthily.

Why now and why you? Because this story is relatable and timely!  It's something we all have gone through or will go through.  It is the story of a woman finding strength to overcome her grief and begin to heal her trauma.  It is a story of coming out of isloation, which now more than ever is relevant. But it's also exciting, scary, and will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.

PARALYSIS is a non-linear psychological horror, emotional family drama, and supernatural film. It lives somewhere between HEREDITARY, THE BABADOOK and THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE series. 

The film will be filled with atmospheric tension, emotional payoffs, and psychological torment

PARALYSIS will be a mobile-made feature, using an iPhone 11Pro and iPhone 12Pro, FilMic Pro, and other programs to give us the greatest access and quality footage.  We want to push the boundaries of mobile made cinema.

We will explore shadows, silhouettes, and high contrast lighting in our cinematography to evoke the emotional journey of our lead character as she struggles with her isolation and disconnection from those around her: leaving the audience wondering what's lurking in the shadows and what's going unsaid.

And this film will be filled with practical effects only utilizing the talents of a professional makeup artist to help bring the terror to life!


We are in the late stages of pre-production! All research and planning has been completed, locations have been selected, storyboarding is well under way, and we are ready to move into production once we secure the necessary funding and you join the team!

$9,000 is the bare minimum we need in order to make this film!  Every last dollar has been accounted for and will go toward production costs only including things like equipment (lighting, sound, lenses, and hardware), props and wardrobe, meals for 16 days of filming, and hiring a professional make-up artist for multiple days of filming to bring this nightmare to life! 


With the $9,000 funding we can successfully shoot this project in 15-16 shooting days! 

If we reach $10,000 we'll be able to cover any emergency pick up days/footage/additional days with the makeup artist.

If we reach $12,000 we'll be able to cover any editing costs.

If we reach $13,500 we'll be able to cover all composer fees for the original score.  

If we reach $15,000 we'll be able to cover all festival submission fees, press kits, promotions/marketing, etc.


After the film completes its festival run, we plan to make it available for online streaming! Those details will come at a later date.

behind the scenes of the promo shoot

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Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Camera Lenses/Filters/Etc.

Costs $520

This a mobile made feature film! We need: 3 different Moment lenses ND filters for outdoor shooting

Sound Equipment/Microphones

Costs $758

2 lav mics 2 wireless mic packs 1 shotgun mic

Lighting Equipment

Costs $290

We have a decent light kit already. What we need still: 2 small LED panels Rechargeable batteries

Makeup Artist

Costs $1,800

Multiple days with a professional makeup artist adds up. We need her for 6 shooting days.

Cast Hospitality

Costs $1,200

We have 8 actors each giving their time and talent. This makes up a small stipend for each.

Meals/Craft Services

Costs $1,600

We are filming or 16 days (6 pages per day). It will cost no less than $100/day to feed cast&crew


Costs $750

Props: artwork, fake blood, items of the occult, creepy garments, an intricate blind mask, etc.


Costs $382

Extra batteries, C-stand, gaff tape, masking, defusers, etc.


Costs $1,700

Our small crew: producers, boom operator, gaffer, even a dog wrangler, etc. All need a small stipend

About This Team

Levi Austin Morris is a an actor, director, writer, and filmmaker originally from Minnesota.  Levi has directed dozens of short films, a feature, sketches, and plays.  His most recent film, THE TEA went on to appear in ten film festivals winning it's category in two! Levi is holds a degree in performance and directing from Augsburg University in Minneapolis, he is a student of The Second City Hollywood, and he is a founding member of the sketch comedy production company Funny By Association. On this project Levi will be directing, acting, and sharing DP responsibilities with frequent collabororator and fellow artist Emerson Gregori. He is a passionate, creative storyteller and incredibly excited for you all to join us for this journey on PARALYSIS.

Jamie Tobias is a native New Yorker and horror movie lover with a passion for film and producing.  She currently produces digital video media for brands such as GQ, Vanity Fair, Wired, Allure and more (you can check out their Youtube channels to see some of her work.) When Jamie isn't interviewing celebrities or meeting the love of her life (Milo Ventimiglia...TEAM JESS) She can probably be found walking and hiking around Los Angeles. 

Emerson Gregori is an actor, director, and filmmaker from California. He has starred in dozens of films, plays, and sketches and is a founding member of the sketch comedy group Funny By Association.  Recently Emerson appeared in a nationwide Dr. Pepper commercial as a caveman traveling through time.  He has written, directed and assistant directed multiple projects and is a frequent collaborator with Morris.  Emerson will be balancing hats on this project sharing DP responsibilities with Morris as well as starring as one of our entities. 

Allison Lobel is an actor, writer, singer, party princess and producer. Allison has appeared in dozens of short films, features, and musicals including SHAME OF THRONES where she played Sansa Stark. It premiered in LA followed by a run in New York City! Most recently, Allison appeared as a detective in BURIED IN THE BACKYARD on Oxygen! 

Matt Jennings is an actor, writer, director, and founding member of the sketch comedy group Funny By Association.  Matt has appeared on tv, in films, and on stages across the United States. In collaboration with many artists on this project; Matt recently wrote, directed and starred in 1701: A BLERD STORY which has gone on to appear in four festivals thus far, winning its cateogry in one! Most recently he appeared in ALL AMERICAN on the CW.  



We are currently raising $9,000 for production costs only! We have quite a few expenses during principal photogaphy and need to make purchases/rentals in areas like lighting and camera. We need to purchase a few microphones. And we are hiring a professional makeup artist for multiple days of specialty horror/spooky makeup! 

We are aiming to shoot the entire feature (from a 96 page script) over the course of 16 long days.  This requires the cast and crew be fed each day. 

The expenses are broken down in the pie chart below!

The money included in this budget is for production expenses only! At a later date we will hold a smaller campaign for post-production expenses and festival entries.  That campaign will have it's own budget breakdown and round of fun perks!

Current Team