Particle Divide

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Action, Sci-Fi

Andrew Baker

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A particle from outer space that alters the course of history and modern technology as we know it. Giving to this project will help us as students show what we are capable of. Every little bit counts and we hope that you are willing to partner with us as we take this journey in filmmaking.

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Mission Statement

History repeats itself. Our mission is to combine history and creative thinking to create a story that is historically accurate, with a twist. This story will entice its viewers by blending conspiracy theory with real events, leaving the audience questioning, "What if?"

The Story


My name is Andrew Baker. I am currently attending Arizona State University, Sidney Poitier New American Film School. I am 34 years old and feel as if I am living a second life having served in the United States Army for 8 years. I am passionate about storytelling and love sharing other peoples stories through film. 

This journey, on the other hand, is taking me down another path. This time its a story of my choosing, that I have been inspired to write and be creative with along the way. I am excited for the process and hope that you will follow along with us on this journey. 

The mission of this short film is to create my own film universe that I will be able to build and expand on throughout my career. This short film is intended to be a prelude to set up my story line and main ideas for a feature length film. Everyone on the team will do their part as we strive to achieve excellence in what will be the largest project we have taken on to date!

My vision for this project has changed so much since day one, but the one thing that will remain constant is my desire to create film that inspires and instills hope in peoples lives. And as time goes on and our world is ever changing around us especially in a pandemic. Our crew feels that we need to get our story into production now more than ever because, just like our main character Hudson, we don't know what the future holds.

Safe Set

With that being said, our team is comitted to keeping a safe set under Covid 19 with protocals, requring health checks to make sure our team is healthy and safe. Staying safe during this time is something that is very important to our crew. This will be made much easier and safer with the support of our network and supporters. 


The year is 1940, World War II is in full swing, and the United States has yet to join the fight. This story follows a young rancher, by the name of Hudson, newly married and setting out to make a life for him and his family on his new ranch.  This particular day Hudson, while working on the ranch, notices an object falling from the sky surrounded by a ball of fire. Hudson races towards the impact site to see the unidentified object. 

Lets save the rest for the big screen. We don't want any spoilers now do we?

Hudson Jones

Young Rancher in his mid twenties. Brown hair, blue eyes, in his distressed cowboy attire. Raised on a ranch in the midwest, Hudson portrays the characteristics of a true gentleman. Kind, reserved, strong, yet gentle, Hudson is in over his head.

Alice Jones 

Young housewife early twenties. Blonde hair, blue eyes, quiet and reserved soon to be mother with strong convictions. Alice embodies the strong in reserve as she manouvers through this crazy and tough time.

General Atkinson

Military General in mid 40's, strong jaw, well seasoned soldier comands attention when he enters the room. Well groomed, intelligent and stoic, General Atkinson runs a top secret military unit in charge of developing new technologies.

By pledging to our film you can help bring our team one step closer to making our story come to life. As students, this a learning opportunity for us all in our education that you would be contributing too. Each and every pledge, no matter the size, is extraordinarily appreciated. Anything that will help us reach our goal or atleast 80% of our goal will go a long way. 


As much as making a pledge to our campaign helps, simply spreading the word about our campaign helps just as much. By sharing our story you would be helping our crew reach as many people as we can to help our campaign. As we can not do this without your help, please consider sharing this campaign via social media, email, word of mouth, or however you can!

Please follow us online on here, Seed&Spark, and on instagram! Our instagram is @ParticleDivideFilm and, you can follow us on here by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking “follow project”. This will allow you to stay up-to-date on the production.  Every follow helps us get closer to our goal of bringing this film to you!

If you choose to share our campaign here is a template you can copy and paste if you wish!

"Support Writer/Director Andrew Baker by following or pledging to his Seed&Spark page for his film titled, Particle Divide about a rancher in the 1940s who encounters a particle from outer space that alters the course of history as we know it! @ Particle Divide on Seed&Spark! on 


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Production Design

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This money will be allocated towards making sure we can secure food and drinks for our crew.


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This money will be allocated towards making sure we can get our film out to the world.

About This Team

Lauren Bode - Producer

Lauren is a current student at Arizona State University pursuing a degree in film production in hopes of one day becoming a producer. She is originally from Columbus, Ohio but has spent the last 3 years in Arizona following her passion for film. Lauren became particularly interested in film when she discovered John Hughes’s 80s movies, since then she has been determined to create media that is captivating and inspiring. Lauren is very excited for this Capstone film, “Particle Divide” and can’t wait for the world to see it! 

Andrew Baker - Director

Andrew is currently attending the Sidney Poitier New American Film School, at Arizona State University, majoring in Film and Media Productions. After serving in the United States Army for 8 years, Andrew is determined to create meaningful content that is family friendly and engaging. If he could do anything for a career, it would be creating video content for a sports team or working on feature length Action Sci-fi films. 

Jalen Robinson - Director of Photography

Jalen is going to be a senior at Arizona State University in the Sidney Poitier New American Film School on the cinematography track! From Chicago, Illinois Jalen found his passion for filmmaking in high school. He’s passionate about cinematography, directing,  and loves working with cameras. Jalen also enjoys working on short films, music videos, and directing documentaries. With an impressive bank of work under his belt, Jalen is excited to be a part of the “Particle Divide” Crew!

Shivangi Bhakta - Editor

Shivangi Bhakta, currently a junior at Sidney Poitier New American Film School. Pursuing a degree in Film Media Productions with a focus on editing. Originally from California but moved to Arizona in 2009. Became passionate about the entertainment industry after being involved with the Broadcast Club in high school. Devoted time into learning how to create, edit, and produce content since then. Been certified in Adobe Premiere since 2019 and will continue to become certified in other Adobe Products.

Shyam Pandya - VFX editor

Shyam is a junior at Arizona State University pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation with a concentration in Visual Effects. He loves to work in Houdini to create particle effects such as fire and water, and is currently working on learning how to procedurally create large scale environments for movies and games. Shyam is currently a part time staff member working at an ASU art studio called Immersion Creation Studio (ICS) as a Technical Artist. His primary role is creating procedural assets and content using SideFX Houdini for an undisclosed virtual reality project.

Current Team