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"Pat's Date" is a romantic comedy about a kid's desperate attempt to win a girl's heart with the perfect date. This project is a feel-good film that reminds audiences that all hard work is valid as long as it's sincere. (And it reminds us to laugh when times are tough!)

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Mission Statement

This film is made up of various types of lovers. Some of us have been in long-lasting relationships while others are still trying to get their crush's attention. But we share an understanding: love is hard. In our film, we want to encourage hard work and sincerity, especially for those we love.

The Story


In the heights of sex and high testosterone, Pat, an awkward schoolboy, struggles to teach his friends the importance of romance. His friends, knowing full well that Pat's a virgin, pity the guy. He's only a prude because he doesn't know how good sex is! But he doesn't take this as defeat. He plans to prove to his disrespectful friends that winning over a woman's heart is more important than sex; and he'll do so by going on a date with a girl completely out of his league: Maria Romano. 

After begging his brother to use his car, Pat is set for the classiest date he could possibly plan: a fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant, a screening of the latest drama-romance movie, and a picnic in the most romantic spot in town. And don't forget the apple cider! It's the beginning of a love story every young girl dreams about. 

But Pat's confidence melts the moment he lays eyes on Maria in her beautiful dress. His palms sweat. His knees quake. Suddenly, it feels a little hard to breathe. And the date freefalls from there. 

Pat's Date is a romantic comedy about our first love. Although it's meant to laugh at Pat's mistakes, the film seeks to tell a story about sincerity and determination. Love is not easy--it's hard work. Proving someone that you love them is not measured by perfect dates and movie-like moments but the courage to try, try again. 


The story grew from a memory my grandfather shared with me about his embarrassing first date with my grandmother.  He dressed in his best attire. He picked up his date from her house like a gentleman. But her beauty made him nervous; and while getting into the driver's side of his car, he slams his hand into the car door. It's okay. The date is still revivable! He hides his cut, trying desperately to wrap it with some loose napkins when he gets a bad cramp that leaves him frozen in his seat. Within the first ten minutes of picking up his date, he had a bloody hand and established a major dork complex. 

While the story isn't a complete reenactment of my grandfather's first date, it tells the story of young love. I, too, am wandering into new territory going into my first serious relationship. I've made my fair share of embarrassing moments just to prove to my significant other that I love her. But despite that, she still loves me, and that is what I want to show in this short film. Love is hard, but it isn't just that. It's fun and spontaneous and sometimes embarrassing. 

"Pat's Date" is inspired by movies such as 500 Days of Summer, The Graduate, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, and 16 Candles. We plan to use these movies as inspiration for the film's visual look and character interactions. 


During these scary and serious times, we want to take some time to laugh. This is a very personal project to me. As I'm going through this difficult time, I want to remind myself--and others--that it's okay to take a break. Not everything has to be perfect. Those who care will love you for trying. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic does stand as an obstacle in film production, we can ensure that we will do the best we can to keep our set safe and sanitized. With the guidelines made by the New American Film School by Arizona State University, we can guarantee that every cast and crew member is safe. We are vaccinated and ready to make a great film!


We'll greatly appreciate every ounce of support for our short film. We're working really hard to make something amazing, and just visiting this page means a lot. Here are some more ways you can help us:

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Film Equipment

Costs $1,500

With the best film equipment, we can make the film look great and professional.

Crafts Services

Costs $600

We want to be able to feed everyone on set. They deserve good food for all their hard work!

Art Department

Costs $400

We want to make our actors and locations look great with nice costumes, makeup, and set designs.


Costs $600

We'll pay for more experienced actors so the screenplay can be conveyed to its fullest potential.


Costs $300

We want to film at the most appropriate locations, covering rentals and insurance.


Costs $300

Just in case anything goes wrong during production. You can never be too safe!

Incentive Shipping Costs

Costs $100

We plan to use thing money to send out our thanks to those who were kind enough to donate!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $200

Post-production is also important, so we plan to use this money to make the final product perfect

About This Team

My Giang


My was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. When she was six, huddled beneath the blankets in her parents' bedroom, she had an epiphany while watching Jurassic Park: "My life's purpose is to make something like that." Ever since then, her love for film and writing has grown exponentially. She went on to pursue a career in filmmaking, having recently graduated from ASU with a bachelor's in film. She hopes to become a successful producer and screenwriter, paving way for more Asian American representation in the film industry.

Jordan Rahberger 


Jordan Rahberger was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. Always fascinated by the magic of entertainment and art, Disney films and classic comedy films gave him a way to enjoy life and engage with others. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Filmmaking Practices and experimenting with different styles, genres, and techniques, he has dedicated himself to writing and directing short films that can resonate with others--to remind them that it is okay to laugh in the face of uncertainty or troubled times. He hopes one day to become a successful writer/director to make the world laugh.

Ian Grau

Director of Photography

Ian is a senior at ASU studying Cinematography. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, he has wanted to work in the film industry since he was five-years-old. He currently works professionally in the valley as a DP, Camera assistant, or in Grip and Electric. When he is not working on set, he enjoys hanging out with friends and traveling to new places!

Matthew Ahearne


Matthew Ahearne is an Arizona State University Film and Media Production student who is pursuing film with an emphasis in editing and post-production while minoring in Women and Gender Studies and Studio Art. He has lived in Phoenix, Arizona pretty much his whole life and enjoys anything and everything art-related. He is currently unsure of what he wants to do after graduation despite everything, but he hopes it will make him happy and utilize his creativity and artistic skills.

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