Pay to Stay

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Horror, LGBTQ

Heather Taylor

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Rikki & Jenn don’t trust each other, but when they take a trip to fix their relationship, they easily trust a stranger leading to dire results. Featuring a diverse, all-female cast & crew, Pay to Stay is a short horror film juxtaposing trust in relationships with trusting strangers via technology

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Mission Statement

Driven to create a new landscape of who we see in movies, Pay to Stay focuses on a multi-racial LGBT love story nestled in the heart of a monster movie. As filmmakers it's important to create new opportunities, so this film will have an entire female cast & crew of varying ages, races and sexuality.

The Story

I’ve always been fascinated with the trust we give to technology. We say yes to terms & conditions we don’t read, we give away our intimate secrets to strangers online, and we casually give away all of our information to companies that make millions off of it. With news stories surfacing about the assaults on women in Ubers, and the case of the man who was trapped and assaulted in an AirBnB in Spain, how can we continue to blindly trust what technology allows us to do?


Often we trust these larger, faceless entities more than we trust our own partners. The people we’re supposed to be the closest to can be the ones we trust the least. Will they break our heart? Will they always be there for us? When will the other shoe drop?


I want more people to question who and what they trust in the world when it comes to technology, media, and the government. By exploring this through the central relationship of Rikki and Jenn and the monstrous trap they find themselves in, we’ll create a mechanism for conversation and reflection as films are one of the most accessible forms of art experienced by most walks of life..

I’ve also created this film with a multi-racial female cast because I think there need to be more stories that center around complex and fascinating women, especially in the horror genre. The US is over 50% women, yet 79% of the programming we see on screen features casts with more men than women.  We base our view of the world on what we seen in entertainment and media, so if we’re going to help tackle people’s biases, we need to create more films that give an alternate perspective. My niece is mixed-race and I want her to grow up with programming that reflects the person she sees in the mirror.


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We want to pay our actors for their time, talent and dedication - and so they can eat.

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Without the crew, we won’t have this film! Need to pay them for their time, skill, hard work - and so they can eat.

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You know that eating thing? It needs to happen on set too.

Camera Kit w/ anamorphic lens

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This film’ll look best on the big screen and we need a camera that can give us the needed quality! KitSplit here we come!

Lights & grip gear

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You can't find your mark if the lights are off...


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Just like the movie, we’re going to rent an AirBnB. We hope it has less monsters.


Costs $650

In the world of horror, sound is super important so we need clean and crisp sound.

SFX hair, makeup, & wardrobe

Costs $1,950

We’re going to have fun with this monster movie! And with that comes more make-up!


Costs $500

Our moms say better safe than sorry!

Props & set design

Costs $1,000

Props are what make horror films fun right? Actually everything does!

About This Team


Heather Taylor is an award-winning writer and director as well as the founder of Red on Black Productions. She has written short films, web series and features, as well as directed and produced shorts, documentaries and music videos.  Of her many projects, Heather is proudest of her first feature film script, The Last Thakur, which premiered at the London International Film Festival, showed at internationals in Dubai, Mumbai, Munich, Granada, Durban, Solothurn and New York and had a cinematic, television and DVD release in the UK; her sci-fi web series Raptured which had over a million views; and Stitched, her most recent award winning short, which she wrote, directed and won an award for best director. She strives to change the perception of women and minorities through her work, trying to give voice to those who are normally not in the spotlight.



Kathryn Henderson is a producer and line producer of documentary, narrative, digital & broadcast content. Over the past 10 years, she’s collaborated with clients including GE, Google, P&G, HBO, Adult Swim, & NIKE. She is currently the Executive Producer at Yes Boss, a creative production company that brings the best animators & directors together with the world's leading brands, networks and agencies. She recently line produced the feature film Catching the Sun, an environmental documentary following the world's race for clean energy, whose release on Netflix was Executive Produced by Leonardo Dicaprio and Appian Way Productions.



Hillary is the Writer and Creator of the comedic web series Keep Me Posted, a biting look at the impact of texting and social media on our closest relationships. She served as Associate Producer and Production Manager for Pitch Her Productions’ inaugural short film, Our Everlasting Universe of Things, which is currently playing at festivals around the country. Hillary's personal essays have been published both online and in print, most recently in Eating Well magazine. You can check out her earlier work on late night reruns of the hit series Cash Cab, for which she worked as a writer and researcher. Before turning to writing and producing full-time, Hillary worked as Manager of Development for Lion Television, a production company specializing in unscripted programming for national cable networks.

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