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Luna Zhang

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Pole dance as a state of art is so popular nowadays, yet still not accepted by the main stream. As an unemployed single mother, who is struggling for her bills, all Feng needs to do is to give up her passion and hobby in pole dance. Then she can win her conservative husband back. What would she do?

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Mission Statement

As an independent film producer, I am striving to support female filmmaker's community, emphasizing the importance of Asian immigrants and AAPI's presence. Our kew crews are female filmmakers with immigration background, we are the right people to tell this story from our community.

The Story




The story starts with a pole enthusiast, Feng who is currently unemployed. She is forced to decide either to find a job quickly to pay for her house bills and take care of her 6-year-old daughter on her own or to give up pole dance and get back with her conservative husband who can support her financially. Have you faced dilemmas in life where you have to choose between what you are fond of and what is the easiest solution to the current situation? During her thought process, she thinks of her mother, who was a young athlete in China. Her mother's trauma was revealed. Is her mother a good example to lead her to make the right decision for her and her daughter? Will her decision be based on what's true to her heart or what seems right under current challenges?



Finding inner peace is an endless process. While most of us struggle between the intersectional lines of ability, class, gender, race, sex, and sexuality; here we want to tell a story about characters who find inner peace by giving up on outside success defined by social rules


The film is a world all about our main character FENG. We have an interesting way of telling stories through an artistic camera and production design choice, where Feng's mother Jing appears in her 30s as a teenage girl figure. As someone who's hesitated to talk about her real self, Feng's "teenage mother" is an imagined character she would seek conversation or lessons from. Her "teenage mother" with a very young girl look while speaking out of mature and condescending is her shell for self-defense. The "teenage mother" says things Feng thinks deeply in her mind. This interaction between Feng and her imagine young mother brings out Feng's real-life mother's traumatizing experience that Feng has heard and now inspires her to make her own choice.


From the director&writer:

In the years I studied film&media and international studies, specifically in culture studies, at UC Irvine, I have shifted a perspective of telling stories not just from the culture, but from specific characters that come from the culture. In the year 2020, the pandemic hits right after I graduated. I have been willing to tell a story about the Asian community in the US since then. In these two years, many of my close friends have lost their jobs or had to depart with their families to the US. Some of them with dual nationality are lucky enough to stay and find a quick cash job. The pandemic, to me, did not create trouble but has made it clearer to see how hard it is for minorities to survive. This film is a reflection of how, especially females from the community, struggle between stereotypes and their self-identities. For Asian women who live in western countries, there's an invisible line that divides us and labels us as either a "good woman" with a mother and wife element or as sexual being waiting to be looked at. In PIW, I chose to let the single mom has a "secret job", as a pole dance performer. When the two opposite stereotypes combine on one person, that's my character Feng, and when they meet in any other degree, it does not only represents Asian women gazed at by the "western gaze", but all the "passive" genders and minorities beside a white cis-male.

Director and Producer's note


Feng, middle age single mom. Under the shell of a "perfect woman", she's not far from her mother. For years of playing the role she's put in to be, Feng tends to be more hesitated and less dare to make decision for herself. This makes her struggles with the innerself she've been hiding through her seven-year marriage when it comes to across her divorce with her conventional mind husdband. 

Jing, Feng's imaged "teenage mother". She owns her pride as the best long-distance highschool runner in the northeastern province in China. In her lifestory she was a humble, shy teenager who's dare to challange the authority when it comes to cross her boudary. 

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-Luna Zhang & Xingtong Zhou



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Costs $1,200

We need to have insurance in place because it is important to everyone on set.

Sound Equipment

Costs $1,000

Sound is very crucial to this film. We would like to present the best sound quality to our audience

Camera Rental

Costs $2,000

We are aiming to get a great camera package to provide our audience the best dance scenes.


Costs $800

We are trying to find the most economical locations that can fit well to our stories. Plus permits.

Cast and Crew

Costs $4,000

We have recruited the top-notch young talented filmmakers, and cast.

Production Design

Costs $800

We are going to recreate some scenes in 1980s in China. Also we need pole dance performance scenes.

Hair and Makeups and Wardrobe

Costs $500

We are creating looks for different generations


Costs $1,200

We are providing catering and craft services for 20-30 people in 3-day shoot.

About This Team

Writer/Director - Xingtong Zhou


Xingtong Zhou - Director, writer, commercial director, actress and more.

Xingtong Zhou is a director based in LA, graduated from UC Irvine in the majors of International Studies and Film&Media Studies. Her experience of being a “cage free” child growing up with grandparents in Harbin, a northeastern city in China, shapes her perspective in a way that sees the world cross three Chinese generations. Her work often reflects culture and identity conflicts through an artistic vision. Xingtong Zhou sees film as a powerful coded language of film artists where they can reach to the audiences under an unlimited time region. Believing in the power of film, she’s thrilled to tell stories from an unique perspective.


Producer - Luna Zhang

LUNA ZHANG is an adventurous serial entrepreneur and executive. She has extensive experiences and well-respected reputations in the business world. Now she has brought her competencies into filmmaking. She has a comprehensive network in the entertainment industry, focusing on deal-making, investor relationships, partnerships, and distributions.Luna is a film and television producer who has a variety of projects on her slate, such as a murder mystery TV show, a reality TV show, documentaries, tribute of celebrities, and feature films which are female-driven content and with a large asian community invovled. She also supports female filmmakers by investing many short films. 

Luna has an MBA from University of Southern California, and certificates in Entrepreneurship and Leadership from her extended study in Harvard University.


Director of Photography - Yuxin Cha

Yuxin was born and raised in Guiyang,China, and graduated from UC Irvine in Film and Media Studies, focusing on cinematography studies. She is a second-year MFA Cinematographer at UCLA School of TFT.

She contributes to different perspectives with her cultural background. She currently shoots projects ranging from short films,documentaries, and commercials, and has experience with a wide variety of film formats to digital formats. As a female Cinematographer, she strives to visualize and tell stories that haven't been told yet.


Production Designer - Yingjie Jin (Kim)

Yingjie Jin aka ‘Kim’ is a LA-based director, production designer and art director originally from Suzhou, China. Filmmaking is a lifestyle to her. She enjoys the process of turning the scripts into a three-dimensional real world through the magic of film art. It keeps her creative, keeps her alive.

With a background as a journalist, she is able to capture the sincere and delicate emotions flowing in the stories. She always focuses on the details and is committed to giving the characters multiple personalities through props. She believes every element tells a story. She is known for the short film ‘It’s not about the car’.


Assistant Director - Cindy Di Xin

Cindy is an award-winning female filmmaker who has written and directed six short films. She earned a master's degrees in Film Production with an emphasis in Directing from Chapman University and the School of Visual Arts. In the last three years, Cindy has been nominated and awarded at seventeen film festivals, including a few Academy Award qualifying festivals. Cindy is currently finishing up post-production on her short film The Day at the Beach and writing her first feature film script. After living in China and the United States, she became a bi-cultural female filmmaker. She enjoys traveling and living in different countries and cities. In her films, she enjoys telling family dramas and bi-cultural stories. Her bi-cultural female perspective is beneficial in helping audiences find their voices and see the new world in their everyday lives. She also likes to travel as an observer. Aside from being a filmmaker, she is also a still photographer. They are a source of inspiration for her. "Life cannot be perfect," she says, "but through cinema, people can find a solution or be healed; by trying to accept what we have in order to make our lives better and more meaningful."

Current Team