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Action, Drama

Kareem Baptiste

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Im a young Film maker looking to add something new to this new street cinema genre.We created the 1st web series in this Genre about females running organized crime, with a female leading cast.We’ve done 2 season with no budget & manage to get over a million views. We need better equipment & Support

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The Story

Hello we are Kareem & Garline Baptiste. We are a married couple who loves film and created a web series titled Pieces.
Pieces is about a group of girls from Brooklyn NY who discovers this secret world of Credit card scamming. As they Plot to take over this Secret society they come across all that comes with fast money, Learning that everything Glitters isn’t gold.
We’re two young Film makers looking to add something new to this rising street cinema genre.
You see we created the first web series in the Street Cinema Genre about females running organized crime. Scamming from a female perspective with a female leading cast.
 We’ve shot and Filmed 2 season with no budget and old equipment. With nothing we manage to gain a core audience of over 10,000 Subscribers and over a million views.
We built a core audience that love the series but for Season 3 it’s time to do more and reach more now that the interest is there.
With the help of seed and spark we are putting together a crowd funding campaign trying to raise 10k to make Season 3 happen. We want to be on Netflix, hulu’s, Starz & all the ofter major platforms for film But to do that we’re gonna need Better equipment, Film festival fees, and a chance to make premium content that doesn’t just speak to our people but new content and ideas that can open the eyes  and speak to the world.
Below is a link to our first 2 seasons on Youtube


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

DJI ronin

Costs $2,000

Having stable and smooth footage is key to displaying visuals to help tell your story. With this Ronin gamble we can get shots like the pros


Costs $1,400

Arial Views and Creative angle is what set us apart from other series in our genre. Our old drone died and need a new one.

Location Rental

Costs $1,500

We need to Rent Locations for scenes in the Series. With 8 episodes they become very costly.

Tascam & Boom Mics

Costs $1,000

Sound can be even more important than the film. We really need audio equipment to make our content more professional

BlackMagic 4k Camera

Costs $2,000

4k cameras are the standard in the industry, our cameras are outdated and very basic. We need a professional 4k camera

film festival fees

Costs $500

Our Goal and Dream is to present our Web Series at Festivals and potentially get picked up. In order to do that we have to pay fees

Hair and makeup

Costs $1,600

Everyone has to look and Feel the part. For that we have to get hair & Makeup done + Wardrobe

About This Team

Hey Family it Reem, I need everyone to create a Seed&Spark account with this invite. When we launch our Crowd Funding campaing we need you to follow this project & also get everyone one else to follow. Our objective is to get people to Support the project, if they can't in money then they have to atleast click follow on the project becasue it helps us reach a goal that will help us get distribution. Thanks again!

Current Team