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We often forget that girls exist in hostile environments too, that that they have backgrounds in survival that deserve to be explored. The women that are born from these environments are often stereotyped without any consideration of the "whys" and "hows"; Pink will help to change that narrative.

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Mission Statement

The main characters are 10-year-old African-American girls. They are reared by women of all ages and creeds. Class divisions are defined by living in a crumbling inner-city, but also the seat of American government. It would be imperative that the series hire actors and writers of color to survive.

The Story

An hour-long drama series.


Created and inspired by those who grew up too soon, this story is set in 1987 Washington DC. The tiny city is quickly earning the title of “murder capital” of the United States, and even the city officials are under surveillance for alleged drug use. All but one neighborhood has completely drowned in the mess of street rivalries, dope houses, and overzealous cop raids. But that all changes with one murder, one suspect, and a slew of chaos left in the hands of a tight-knit group of 5th grade girls.


The girls are tasked with the addictions, insecurities, and demands of the adults around them, all while figuring out this puberty thing, and where they fit in a world not made for them.



They are trusting and learn not to be, they are innocent and become tough, they are human but rise to be fearless. These girls become a direct result of a dying city, and the qualities they are saddled with in this period of time will shape the way that they move for the rest of their lives. Between flaky adults, lapses of trust within the group, enemy lines, and the normal struggles of becoming a woman, the girls of Pink will play their hands in a city hidden behind the White House, the Capitol and the politics of change.


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#pink4TV workshop in Washington, DC.



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About This Team

Jas McLaurin is a writer and producer hailing from Washington DC. As an alum of the Tisch School of the Arts of New York University, McLaurin creates pieces that demonstrate not only a tailored craft but also strong dedication to the arts. She has overseen multiple productions including short films and a number of web series. McLaurin continues to write and produce meaningful projects regularly. She is currently pursuing her MFA as a Peter Stark Producing Program student of USC.


Nara DeMuro is a Brooklyn based filmmaker and binge watching, live tweeting, pop culture enthusiast. She received her BFA in Film & Television Production at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Her first short film, Under the Big Top, was an official selection for The New Visions and Voices Festival, Fusion Film Festival, and earned her the Gucci Women in Cinema Award. Her second short, Molly, attracted the attention of several film series screenings including Holly Shorts and Los Angeles CineFest. Once described as a "renaissance woman", Nara has worked professionally in a variety of industry roles for companies like 20th Century Fox, HBO and Netflix and for award winning directors, producers, and designers such as Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs), Jane Startz (Ella Enchanted), and Nathan Crowley (The Dark Knight).


Denise Shu Mei is a mover, arts and cultural worker, and producer of performance and new media. She/They is also the founder of collective please, a new media production company centering liveness and performance. Informed by organizing with Artists Co-Creating Real Equity (ACRE) and close to a decade of working in the arts and cultural field, Denise prioritizes relationship-building and developing infrastructure towards establishing equitable and sustainable practices within the work and the larger ecosystem. Formerly the Director of Marketing at the historic Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc) in the Lower East Side and Marketing Manager at arts consultancy firm EmcArts, Denise now works more fluidly with artists and creators to honor their visions and root their processes in community and collective thriving.

Recent projects include: Kyoung’s Pacific Beat’s world premiere of PILLOWTALK (The Tank), RESTLESS NYC/Mallory Catlett’s Obie-Award-winning THIS WAS THE END remount at Mabou Mines, Jim Findlay’s world premiere of ELECTRIC LUCIFER at The Kitchen. Denise is also on the producing team of Kristine Haruna Lee’s SUICIDE FOREST, premiering at the Bushwick Starr in 2019. Denise is also Organizer/Liberator with PURPOSE Productions, founding member of the New York Mechanical Gardens Bike Co-op, and spearheads the zines4Equity working group.


Khadija Jamila Roane is an artist, creative and visionary from Richmond, Virginia currently residing in sunny Los Angeles, California.  With a BFA from the illustrious Howard University, Khadija has experience in and a passion for the art of storytelling across new media, stage and film production. An actor, writer, choreographer, arts educator and producer, Khadija is a proud creative multihyphenate with an undaunted mission: to champion, create, and communicate stories that expand the minds of the world; one screen at a time.

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