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After $20k of drugs are stolen, Poppy, Bryan, & Javi have 12 hours to round up enough money to repay their boss, Prie, a notoriously deadly gang leader. Poppy follows a young woman’s journey as an addict with a criminal past, exploring topics like addiction, poverty, & misguided youth.

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Mission Statement

Born & raised in Southern CA, I've seen the lack of opportunity and resources in poverty-stricken areas like my hometown and the effects it has on communities. My aim is to put a spotlight on these stories and encourage empathy for those driven to criminal activity out of necessity and misguidance.

The Story

After $20k of drugs are stolen – 21- year-old Poppy, her boyfriend Bryan, & their street apprentice 17-year-old Javi – have 12 hours to round up enough money to repay their boss, Prie, a notoriously deadly gang leader. Poppy follows a young woman’s journey as an addict with a criminal past, exploring topics like addiction, domestic abuse, poverty, & misguided youth.


Everyone involved in this project from the cast to the crew have been friends for years! We are a diverse crew, specializing in different crafts from acting, directing, fashion designing, photography and more. This film will allow each one of us to showcase our abilities and work together on a project we're all extremely passionate about. 

I was born and raised on the U.S./Mexico border in a small beach town called Imperial Beach, immersed in Southern California’s gritty surf, skate and street culture. San Diego has deeply shaped my identity, art, and the stories I hope to share with the world. Coming from an underprivileged community, I’ve witnessed the lack of opportunity, resources, and guidance in areas of poverty – and how profoundly it affects families and communities alike. My goal is to shed light on these underrepresented stories and encourage people to find empathy with those who have been pushed to their limits, not entirely by choice, but out of necessity.

In a world where people are seeming to understand each other less and less, POPPY is a story that needs to be told now. 


We are currently wrapping up pre-production for Poppy and aim to shoot the first week of March. Once we reach our crowdfunding goal we’ll be able to secure our locations, rent all the necessary gear, finalize our plans, and make this film happen! After the post-production is finished, our next step will be to enter Poppy into all the major film festivals. After our festival run, we will be hosting a private online screening for all of our amazing backers! This project is just the beginning, so we hope you stay along for the rest of the journey!


Due to the everchanging COVID Pandemic, we will be monitoring the situation closely and will follow the latest SAG guidelines as we get closer to the shoot date.


The creation of this film has had influence from a variety of films, but predominantly dark dramas and crime dramas like  -- Good Time, Thirteen, Top Boy, Euphoria, and more. We hope to evoke the same intense emotions that these films/tv shows do, and create a visceral experience for the audience. 

The expenses for film production add up super fast! Here's a breakdown of where we will be allocating the funds we raise:

This $12,000 budget will allow us to create this film at the highest level possible while still maintaining low-budget production costs to see this project through.


One of the biggest challenges for young filmmakers is gathering the finances to tell a story.  With your support, we will finally be able to execute our plan and acheive our vision for Poppy, and explore the themes of poverty and addiciton in America. 

Getting this film produced and out into the world will also help to gain the momentum we need to keep pursuing our passion and build a career in the film industry. We hope to create a lasting relationship with our supporters and take this ride together! 


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Your financial help is greatly appreciated. If you can't to contribute we'd love for you to share this with a friend who might be able to! 

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We absolutely cannot do this without YOUR help to spread the word about this film! If you'd like to support us as young filmmakers, please share our campaign via your social media, email, word-of-mouth, however you want! Feel free to copy and paste the messages below! 

I'm so excited to see the short film POPPY, by director Gabriel Caswall @cultgabe, and writer/actor Niah Andino @niahandino they are shooting next month in San Diego!  Support them with a follow or pledge on @seedandspark: https://seedandspark.com/fund/poppy

Help director Gabriel Caswall @cultgabe & writer/actor Niah Andino @niahandino by supporting their upcoming crime drama short film titled POPPY shooting in San Diego next month! Support them with a follow or pledge on @seedandspark: https://seedandspark.com/fund/poppy



Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.


Costs $900

We'll need to hire some additional crew outside of our friend group to make this film.

Audio Gear Rentals

Costs $1,000

We'll need to rent audio equipment to capture sound on set.

Kowa Anamorphic Lens Set - Rental

Costs $1,700

These vintage lenses will add a beautiful & unique look that matches the tone/feeling of the story.

Travel & Lodging for Cast & Crew

Costs $2,200

We shoot in San Diego, cast/crew will be coming in from out of town. Will cover Airbnb & Travel.

Liquor Store Location Rental

Costs $1,400

We need to secure a liquor store set to shoot a robbery scene.

Food for Cast & Crew

Costs $900

We are providing catering for each shoot day and snacks/drinks on set.

Art Dept/Wardrobe/Make Up

Costs $1,100

This will cover props, hair & make up, wardrobe, and set design.

Casting Lead - Bryan

Costs $1,000

While most actors are working pro bono, we need to cast one more actor to play Bryan.

Lighting/Grip Rentals

Costs $1,800

We need to rent out all of the proper lighting & grip to shoot our night and interior scenes.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

GABRIEL CABRERA CASWALL  -  Director/Producer/Editor

Gabriel is both a filmmaker and musician at heart. Growing up in South San Diego, Gabriel was immersed in the surf, skate, street and music culture of California, shaping his art and providing a constant source of inspiration for his work. Recent projects include two mini-documentaries, "Commit" and "The Source", along with a short film titled "YRUYNN". Tackling filmmaking and music independently for the last 6 years Gabriel has learned to be resourceful and efficient, wearing multiple hats from shooting, editing, scoring, and more.

NIAH NICOLE ANDINO  -  Writer / Lead - "Poppy"

Niah has been devoted to the arts from a young age. Beginning her artistic career training at Pacific Coast Academy of Dance at the age of eight, where she discovered her love of performing. Enrolling herself in the local drama company at 13, she found her insatiable hunger to become an actor. After graduating from SaddleBack College in 2021 with an Associates Degree in Video Journalism, she has devoted herself to the craft. Latest work being the lead in a short film titled ‘Faye & Lexi’ directed by Olivia Wuri, now writing & starring in her short film Poppy.

ANDY WOODWARD  -  Director of Photography

An established cinematographer in the surfing world, Andy has spent the last year traveling the globe on assignment with professional surfer Noah Beschen gathering footage for their upcoming documentary film. With years of photography experience, Andy is a rising talent based on the North Shore of Oahu, looking to expand his horizons and continue curating beautiful imagery.

ROXANNE GILLOTTEE  -  Production Designer

Another Southern California native, Roxy studied film production at Saddleback college, with a focus on production design. She has a background in art and fashion. In her free time she enjoys reading, visiting museums, and travel.

JOSIAH SYLSTRA  -  Wardrobe Designer

Josiah works primarily as a fashion model between his home in San Clemente and Los Angeles, and has worked with brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Aside from modeling, Josiah has developed an eye for fashion over the years, following in his mother's footsteps as a stylist and fashion designer. 

BRANDON MOSQUERA -  1st AD / Photographer

Orginially from Jacksonville, FL, Brandon currently resides in San Diego working as a videographer, editor and photographer at a production company. Brandon's work ranges from fashion, to music videos, to commercial work. He specializes in film photography and art direction. 

Current Team