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In a world that often depicts disordered eating and body dysmorphia as traits that only belong to those that exist in the extremes, Portraits aims to paint a picture of the quiet, and sometimes silent, world of someone suffering from a generalized eating disorder.

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Mission Statement

Our story follows a woman facing the struggles one endures with body image. The team consists of strong creators, that are committed to diversified storytelling while also tackling the stigma that exists around mental illness & eating disorders, with a director who has experienced this first hand.

The Story

The idea for Portaits dates back to a journal entry I made during the Spring of 2016, but the inception of this film has a lengthy and detailed history behind it. After dealing with body image issues since the age of 10, I finally learned about generalized eating disorders during the Fall of 2016. I realized what I had been suffering from since 2009 and I got to work writing a story that showed this fairly invisible disease. Generalized Eating Disorders don't fall under any of the well known categories, but can pull bits and pieces from each, and can be just as debilitating and dangerous. To be clear, this story isn't a PSA on the dangers of eating disorders, and never calls it exactly what it is, but it does give a lens into a world that isn't frequently talked about and oftentimes written off as standard behavior for an adolescent. 

After this film fell flat on its face in the Spring of 2017 due to extenuating and educational circumstances, I formulated a new plan for production with Tyler C. Peterson, our Production Designer and Executive Producer, in the Spring of 2018. Shortly after this plan was developed I joined his production company, Lux Daze Media, and became their first female director under the name. Here we are, 3 months later, with a campaign and a full team of committed and beautifully diverse individuals.

The journey to create this movie was certainly a tough one. It took a lot of learning and will continue to throughout our casting and production process, but I'm excited to see where it takes us. The road to recovery is not simple, but requires meaningful and significant steps of acceptance. My one hope is that someone will see Grayson, our main character, take her first steps towards recovery and realize they can as well. 


Thank you all for your support and your time. I hope you join us on this journey, as we are all already excited and ready to roll this Fall!


Laura Gede

Writer and Director of Portraits


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50 lbs of Clay

Costs $25

It wouldn't be a pottery studio without clay to throw! Help us get all the clay we need!

Hallwerd's Stylish Messenger Bag

Costs $40

Every good professor needs his messenger bag! Help us get Hallwerd one of his own!

Grayson's Sketchbook

Costs $10

Our main character is an artist and she needs a sketchbook we can make distinctly her.

Charcoal Set

Costs $10

Grayson's tool of choice, off the wheel, is charcoal. Help her messy works of art come to life!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Art Supplies + Set Dec

Costs $175

This story takes place in an art school and we'll need the supplies to prove it!

Camera + Lighting Gear

Costs $2,000

In order to tell a story that relies on shape and form, we need light and a way to shape it!


Costs $225

Make sure Grayson, Hallwerd, and Caroline are dressed for the part!


Costs $75

For all of the small items we cant rent and cant return!

Grayson's Art School Sweatshirt

Costs $40

Make sure Grayson is repping her school!


Costs $250

Location fees happen, help us make them less of a burden!


Costs $350

Everyone needs to eat! Help us feed our talented cast and crew!

About This Team


Laura Gede // Writer & Director

Laura Gede is a writer, director, and production designer based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Laura graduated from Towson University with and honors degree in Electronic Media & Film and Theatre. She has spent the last 6 years on sets including the Netflix Original Series House of Cards as well as other local and traveling productions. Laura has written and directed numerous short projects for film and for the stage including The Observer's Paradox (winner of "Best of Fest" & "Best Long Narrative" for the 2016 Media Arts Festival), Doors Left Open (winner of "Best Long Narrative" for the 2014 Halfway There Film Festival), and numerous experimental short films and theatrical pieces. Laura is currently a freelance filmmaker and the Executive Director of the Maryland Film Industry Coalition.


Mei Lin Lau Mann // Producer
Mei Lin is a Panamanian producer currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. Mei graduated from Towson University with a degree in Electronic Media and Film and a minor in Business Administration. She has mainly been on sets since the early stages of pre-production as a producer, but has also been an Assistant Director and Line Producer in different short films. Mei is a full time freelancer who has been involved in several ads and commercials, feature films and well-known TV shows in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Mei is currently attending American University this fall to pursue a graduate degree and expand her skill set.


Tyler C. Peterson // Production Designer & Executive Producer
Tyler is a Baltimore-based filmmaker, and the founder of Lux Daze Media. Tyler is a 2017 graduate of Towson University, studying Electronic Media & Film and Mass Communications. He is hot off the heels of production on Summer Hill, his latest short film, which is due to premiere in 2019. A Production Designer as well, Tyler has designed such films such as Just Another Day, Avalon, and Invictus 344, among others. He works fulltime as a Video Producer at Tenable, an international cybersecurity company.

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