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Psychic School is a comedy series about a top-secret night school for psychics. It explores the ideas of predetermined fate, metaphysics, and free will. It's a fresh new take on magical realism, with a grounded approach set in modern day Los Angeles. Who doesn't love a "chosen one" storyline!?

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Mission Statement

We are so excited to bring our show, created and produced by women and starring a strong and hilarious female lead, to our community. Psychic School is a series about finding yourself even when you feel like an outcast. It's a show full of warmth, comedy, and becoming the hero of your own story.

The Story

Every dollar that we are able to fundraise in this campaign directly supports the Los Angeles community of filmmakers. Obviously the entire world has felt the impact of Covid-19, and while some industries are starting to bounce back, artists have suffered the hardest hit.

Contributing to this campaign not only helps to make this project become a reality, but helps put artists back to work during this time!

Psychic School is a ½ hour comedy series created by and starring Jordana Lilly, about a top secret night school for psychics.  It has that irresistible binge-abilility factor of hot/youngish characters developing their powers in a school setting, but set in an offbeat situational comedy. And these psychics in training are weird...I mean, really weird...

Imagine "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" meets "Community".

Our plan is to go all the way with this show! Although we are initially fundraising for the pilot, after we complete it, we will work our booties off to pitch it around and submit it to festivals. Then, next stop...season 1! Then 2! Then 3! Then 4! We wanna make a show you can binge...but every bingable show starts with a solid pilot to introduce you to a brand new world!

According to science, 80% of humans love chosen-one storylines (don’t fact check that). I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to vicariously live through a protagonist who’s profoundly special and an integral piece of their universe? It’s just plain fun. But you know what’s even more fun? Magical communities. 

Magical realism suggests that there’s more to life as we know it. We as humans have the capacity to believe, so why not believe? 

Plus, it’s no coincidence magic is a hot topic right now.  People have seen it all. They  want to be surprised. Excited. And I think we can all agree that the world could always use more comedy. 

Comedy creates community. It connects, unites, inspires. The cathartic release of laughter is one of the most healing types of therapy.

We plan on shooting Psychic School this year. Obviously, there’s a global pandemic going on, and we are all aware of the circumstances that can make this a difficult period in which to film. As a response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our entire production team will be taking the safety precautions recommended by SAG, and we will have a COVID safety certified officer on set at all times. The safety of every member of our cast/crew is our highest priority.

We tried to reduce these costs by doing as much of the production work as humanly possible with 4 brains, 8 hands, many hours and even more  crystals (thanks, Dragon Rose!). But with 15 locations and a cast of 26, we’re going to need your help to carry out this ambitious task!

We’ve been developing this project for over a year now (WOW time is wild, can I get an amen?!) and we can’t wait to bring it to life, build this world and tell this story. By contributing to our campaign, you’re getting a direct connection to our production and team. 

Our $25,000 goal is the absolute minimum we need for production to start. With this rate, we are anticipating a few crew members will be loaning services, and banking on some favors for rentals and locations. We love that this script has so many locations and characters, but it also means that our budget gets eaten up fairly quickly covering so many elements.

- $25,000: Our Campaign Goal

- $30,000: All Paid Staff: With this bump in funds, we can ensure every single member on our team, including ourselves, are paid.

- $40,000: Post Production Begins: This number gets us rolling into post-production successfully. We'll be able to hire on an editor, post sound mixer and colorist.

- $45,000: Post Finishing Services: Reaching this goal means that we are able to work with a composer, and license any additional music tracks.

- $50,000: Festival Submissions/Marketing: This would be an INCREDIBLE goal for us to get to. It enables us to submit to and market at film festivals, which is surprisingly expensive. It can cost anywhere from $500-$2000 to enter your film into all the festivals you need. Additionally, we'll need a poster and trailers made in order to enter.

Want to help us out? Share all of the exciting adventures of PSYCHIC SCHOOL with your friends, family, and fans by using our personalized hashtag #Psychicschooltheseries!

You can follow us on social media:

Instagram: @psychicschoolseries

Facebook: @psychicschoolseries

Please share this page, and stay tuned for updates on our fundraising process here with Seed and Spark!


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Cash Pledge

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Costs $3,425

They are the storytellers! We can't bring this project to life without an amazing ensemble (cast #).

Director of Photography and Assists

Costs $5,000

The camera team masterminds!

Camera Rentals

Costs $1,500

The tools for our camera department-lenses, tripods, monitors, etc


Costs $500

This can be anything from car rentals to psychic supplies.

Production Designer

Costs $1,500

They bring the world to life and transform a space.

Hair and Makeup

Costs $1,000

These key players transform our actors!

Set Dressing Rentals

Costs $500

To assist our Art Department, they need a budget for furniture and decor rentals.

Production Sound Mixer

Costs $2,000

What's that? You can't hear anything? Sound is so important, we need clean, professional audio.


Costs $1,000

This person is the head electrician in a movie crew; it's their job to manage the lighting.

Lighting Rentals

Costs $1,200

Can't have, "Lights, camera, action!" without the lights!

Key Grip

Costs $1,000

Their responsibility is to build and maintain all the equipment that supports cameras.

Site Fees, Rentals and Permits

Costs $2,000

Locations cost you have a restaurant, psychic shop, convenience store or school available?

Catering Meals

Costs $1,500

And so we say, let them eat cake! Or burritos. It's important to feed our crew properly.


Costs $500

This includes snacks throughout our shooting days along with water, soda, and protein.

1st AD

Costs $1,000

They assist the director, coordinate all production activity, and supervise the cast and crew.

Script Supervisor

Costs $875

Take precise/detailed notes to provide directors and editors with reference and monitor continuity.

Covid Costs

Costs $500

We will require a Covid Safety officer on set, along with PPE gear.

About This Team

Writer, Creator & "Blanche":

Jordana Lilly is a California born and bred writer, actor, comedian and songstress. After growing up in the Silicon Valley and feeling stupid all her life because she wasn't Steve Jobs, she went on to find her niche and recieved her BFA in Theatre Performance from Chapman University, then moved to LA and has been an impatient driver ever since!

Since graduating, Jordana has starred in a plethora of cool weird immersive theatre experiences, funny films, and plenty of bad plays. She's studied at the Groundlings, Lesly Kahn, Margie Haber and all those flashy places yet somehow she still isn't famous contrary to the expectations she made for herself before graduating and entering the real world. She's thankful she hasn't "made it" yet, because it forced her to write content and create roles for herself and now she's in love with writing!

She recently produced, wrote, and starred in Undie Run, a short film which recently had its LA premiere and did well in the festival circuit. She also co-created a digital mini series Influential, which gained her a feature in Yahoo News. Jordana regularly writes and performs comedic musical content because she wants to be Rachel Bloom when she grows up. Except Jordana's totally her own person! She's unique! She's Jewish! Wait...shoot Rachel is too. One of Jordana's original satirical music videos was featured by Market Watch and she is currently writing and developing a stage musical that is hopefully going to make people laugh and cry.

She is also a singer/songwriter who regularly performs at some of Hollywood's most sought-out music destinations such as Black Rabbit Rose, The Mint and Hotel Cafe. This past year she released and album and a single which caught the attention of publications like Musique Mood who gassed her up online and said things like: "She’s definetely an artist to keep on your release radar!" She didn't even pay them to say that! When she's not on some type of stage, she is performing stand-up and writing and producing comedy content for her quickly growing audience.


Michelle Fenn is a Los Angeles film and television Producer, Editor, and AE, and is rostered on the Local 700 Editors Guild. She is originally from Boston, having first studied at Emerson College for Theatre, and finished her degree at Long Beach State for Directing/Writing in Film and Theatre.

Michelle’s work on scripted content ranges from Comedy to Drama, having collaborated with notable actor/directors such as Rob Schneider and Damon Dash. Her work as an Editor and Producer has appeared on Netflix, Fox, ABC, and various broadcast syndicated channels.

Her most recent edits on short films have garnered several awards in the festival circuit. Most recently, the TV pilot, "Two Feet In" that she edited and helped produce, received a distribution deal from a streaming network. Her work in digital and commercial content has garnered millions of views through Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Her past clients include Adidas, TNT, First Media, and One Vote at A Time. 


Tal Kissos, originally from New York, is a director, producer, and cinematographer. Having worked in all facets of production, he's recently worked as a director at OM Digital, creating content for clients like the NFL, HBO, FOX, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Tal has directed and/or produced several pilots, shorts, and web series, namely Barely Professional, The Pass, Cut Off, 36 Questions, Enchanted, LLC, and Oh Dwayne. Most recently, he's produced feature film Letters to a Noble Friend

With a background in improv and film, Tal strives to create scripted comedy for television. Psychic School brings him one step closer to making that a reality.


Jarryd Elias, originally from Detroit, Michigan, is a Los Angeles-based composer and orchestrator for both film and television, whose work has received numerous accolades.  Although his job is to create original music, he believes his purpose is to support and elevate any project he is a part of.

Jarryd's film scores have been heard at film festivals around the world, and many have been nominated for best music awards, which include the International Sound & Film Music Awards (2019), Jerry Goldsmith Awards (2018), Global Music Awards (2018-2020) and awarding of 1st Prize at the Luminosity Orchestra's Young composers Competition (2018).  Additionally, Jarryd had the honor of participating in the prestigious 2020 Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensive, led by Maestro Angel Velez, studying closely with distinguished faculty members Conrad Pope and William Ross.

Jarryd also works with other established composers and orchestrators in Hollywood, which include Timothy Williams (Brightburn), Tyler Bates (Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw), Robert Duncan (S.W.A.T. [2017-], Timeless), Brian S. Carr (The [Un]Perfect Guy), David Steinberg (Million Dollar Listing: New York), and BC Smith (Language Arts, Hood River).

This is Jarryd's second time collaborating with Psychic School creators Michelle Fenn and Jordana Lilly, and his third time with Tal Kissos.

Production Designer:

Taylor Johnston is an Los Angeles based production designer and pursuing a B.F.A. in Film Production from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

While earning her degree, Taylor has designed nine short films, 3 music videos, decorated a feature film, and has worked on over 20 productions.

Inspired by life, music, fine art, and architecture, Taylor pulls visual inspiration from a variety of mediums and is driven to push the boundaries within world building.

She is excited to be working on a project that promotes strong female characters and explores magical realism, and believes that this show contains the urgency and relevancy that modern filmmaking needs.

Current Team