Put That Sh t Down

Florissant, Colorado | Film Short

Thriller, Horror

Cole Smith

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Taylor, a new resident of Colorado, finds herself turned around on a day of backcountry skiing. Her situation begins to seem dire until she runs into a local man who offers to guide the way. But as the hike continues, the man shows his true colors and Taylor learns she may have to fend for herself.

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Mission Statement

Before I was a filmmaker I served in the Air Force as a nuclear missile operator. Now, I'm using filmmaking as a way of processing and understanding my military background. In this film, we'll explore themes that involve the ethics around using violence to deter further violence.

The Story

AS OF JANUARY 21, WE ARE AT 100% of OUR GOAL! Here's what we still need:

If we raise $10,500 we'll be able to cover the cost of running this campaign.

If we raise $13,000 we'll be able to cover the cost of post-production (editing, sound, color, etc).

If we raise $14,000 we'll be able to cover the cost of important hair and makeup visual effects.

If we raise $15,000 we'll be able to cover the cost of film festival submissions and promotion so we can find an audience for this film.

Put that Shit Down is the story of Taylor, a new resident of Colorado trying to leave the trauma of her past life behind. One day, while back country skiing in the mountains, Taylor loses her way. As she tries to orient herself, she learns that she is being stalked by a mountain lion. Her situation begins to seem dire until she runs into a local man who offers to guide the way. But as the hike continues, the man shows his true colors and Taylor learns she may have traded one threat for another. If Taylor is going to survive the day she must dig deep to overcome her past history of trauma and violence.

I love genre films that use heightened scenarios to tap into our basic emotions -- films like Fargo by the Coen brothers or Let the Right One in by Tomas Alfredson. In this new film, I hope to use the trappings of the thriller genre to explore some of the themes I experienced during my time in the Air Force.

From 2012 to 2017, I served as a nuclear weapons operator in the Air Force. During that time, we talked a lot about the "deterrent" value of nuclear weapons. In short, deterrence is the idea that we can stop another country from beating us up with a big stick if we carry an even bigger stick. But is that true? And if so, what does that mindset do to our interactions with others? Strategic Nuclear Policy consultant Scott Sagan claims that "Nuclear weapons may well have made deliberate war less likely," but he wonders... have they made accidental war more likely?"

The thriller genre allows us to enter into a discussion of these important questions without boring anyone with nuclear weapon theory...

We hope to raise our goal of $14,000 through a dedicated audience on Seed & Spark to cover our production expenses. We've already secured equipment donations that add up too tens of thousands of dollars. We will continue to do our best to stretch your contribution as much as possible. In the interest of full transparency and disclosure, we would be happy too provide our line item budget to any contributors who would like more information on how their pledge will be spent.

Principal photography will take place February 7-14 in Florissant, CO (near Colorado Springs).

What about that whole pandemic...

We recognize our team is making a film in very uncertain times. Amazingly, crowdfunding itself rose from the ashes of the last financial crisis our country encountered -- heck, it's when Kickstarter was born. We believe that this is the best time to prepare to make a film.

One of the great things about shooting in the Rocky Mountains... it's easy to self isolate. Our cast and crew will be holed up for one week in two cabins on 40 acres in Florissant, Colorado. It's a remote, isolated location without distraction or much risk of spreading Covid. Prior to our arrival we will Covid test all cast and crew and then spend the rest of our shoot together without distractions from the outside world.

In a time of isolation and uncertainty, stories will continue to bring connection and collaboration. Furthermore, now is the time to support local creatives and freelance artists.


Thank You!

We really appreciate you taking the time to support our film. We're excited to freeze our butts off making this story come to life and we couldn't do it without you!

- Cole and The Team


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We'll have nearly six figures worth of donated equipment on this set and we have to insure it.


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We've got a great team assembled and we need to pay them what they're worth!


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Gotta put something in front of the camera. A donation here will help with that!


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We've got to get our cast and crew to Colorado and they've expressed disinterest in walking.


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We'd prefer to not have to pause the production for a hunting trip...

About This Team

My name is Cole and I'm originally from Charlotte, NC though I spent the better part of the last decade in the Rocky Mountain West. I'm a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and a current student in the Columbia University MFA Screenwriting program. I also work as a Director for Virtual Reality programs with military training applications. My Virtual Reality work is helping to develop brand new programs to train soft skills in our military members that will more effectively prepare them to deal with issues like Suicide Prevention and Sexual Assault.

In my free time, I like to trail run, rock climb, and ski. In general, I spend as much time back in the Rocky Mountains as possible... hence the setting for this film!

Who is the team?

Over the past few years, I've made dozens of short films and also worked as a director for music videos and commercials. The team on this film is a collection of the most talented people I've met along the way. My brother Walker is producing this film. In the past, he's worked in just about every role you can think of in the filmmaking process -- cinematographer, camera operator, actor, composer... you name it. He knows everything about what it takes to put a film together and I'm lucky to have him as my producer for this film.

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