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San Francisco, California | Film Short

Drama, Family

Ben Hess

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A contemporary family navigates cyber bullying of their tween daughter. Based on a real sexting event, our short examines the emotional journey and potential consequences for the kids and family when inappropriate images are shared among friends at the age of 11.

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The Story

Despite – or perhaps because of – today’s technology, our world moves fast. We are always connected, and likewise, we have unlimited access to information, entertainment, and also inappropriate and sexually explicit content.


We’ve spent hours in pre-production collaborating on an honest but fictionalized representation of a ‘what if.’ What if my son created and then distributed a nude image to a classmate? Given the pace and noise of today’s society, would I even know this occurred? Would he accept responsibility for his actions? Or attempt to hide behind adults’ general ignorance to the technology and ignore the consequences?



Or what if my 12 year old daughter received a sexually explicit picture from a classmate? A boy I know, whose family I know? How would I react?


This scenario and varied perspectives need nuanced, thoughtful storytelling. We have a responsibility to thrust our viewers into middle class suburbia and explore how one parent, the girl’s father, handles the situation while on a quest for retribution.


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Casting Director

Costs $5,400

We would like to pay our Principal and Supporting Actors $50 / hour

Location Rental Fee

Costs $1,000

3 primary locations: local Middle School, residence, and restaurant / coffee shop

Camera & Lens Package

Costs $1,800

Sony F55, Sony F5, Sony A7s, 2xAngenieux, MoVI rig, Flanders Monitor, consumables

Zylight & IKAN LED Package

Costs $625

Zylight & IKAN LED's, Bounce Cards, Gels, Silks, C-Stands, Grip Equipment

Vehicles & Travel

Costs $450

Transport cast / crew to the shoot, so includes travel, gas, production cars.

Craft Services Food

Costs $1,200

2 meals + Coffee / Snacks for 4 days for our 16 person crew

Camera Crew

Costs $5,000

Two Director's of Photography / One Asst Camera


Costs $2,500

Gaffer and Best Boy for all 4 Production Days

Production Sound Mixer

Costs $1,500

Production Audio

Make-Up Artist / Wardrobe / Prop Master

Costs $1,125

hair, make-up, costume, and prop wrangling

Field Producer

Costs $1,500

Combined the 1st AD and Field Producer Role. Manage schedule and crew.


Costs $2,000

Someone's gotta cut together all the great footage we get!

Audio Post / Original Score

Costs $1,000

Sound and music really pull the audience in.


Costs $500

Color Correct and Color Grade the film

Motion Graphics

Costs $500

Represent social media visually with our incredible live action footage

G-Technology® Hard Drive ($500)

Costs $500

G-Technology® is the gold standard for storage solutions specifically designed for content creators. We’ll get a storage grant from them when we get the Green Light!


Costs $250

Just in case!


Costs $3,150

Our creative engine, bringing this story to life.

About This Team

Ben Hess, Dad /­ Writer / Director



Ben is an award-winning producer / director / writer with over 20 years experience. He’s worked on hundreds of promotional videos, documentaries, commercials, and PSAs for family businesses, executives, non-profits, and Fortune 500 corporations. He has also worked on several independent short films, original series and campaigns.


Ben’s daughter is 19, currently on a Gap Year traveling and volunteering, and his 17 year-old son is a high senior.

Mando Stathi, ­Daughter / Producer



Mando is a film producer born in Greece. She founded her production company in London, UK and since then she has produced shorts films, promos, commercials, documentaries, TV series and is in post-production of her first feature film ‘ACT/OR’ and feature documentary ‘King Kennedy’. She has recently moved to California for the next step in her career. Her projects have been awarded and/or nominated in leading festivals including Cannes Film Festival, Sunscreen Film Festival, Leeds International Film Festival, London Independent Film Festival and Women’s International Film and Arts Festival.


Thaddeus Setla, Dad / ­Director of Photography / Editor


Thaddeus has been developing content and social media strategies that help bridge cause and commerce for fortune 1000 companies. With over two decades of corporate communications and over 10 years working as a Cinematographer his attention to detail, camera motion, lighting and storytelling abilities, is a huge asset to the production.

Ted’s daughters are 11 and 10 years old, and his son is 6. When not filming or editing, Ted and his wife are coaching or driving the kids to sporting events all over the Bay Area.

Matthew Price, Dad / ­Director of Photography



Matthew tells important stories that inspire and change thoughts; stories that present ideas and solve problems. He began his career more than 10 years ago working on the spearfishing TV series “Offshore Hunters” on Sunshine Network, then moved into news and finally the corporate world before working on independent films.


Matt’s daughter is 16 months old and likes to eat off the floor often. She hasn’t been bullied or harassed yet, but Matt’s quite concerned about what the future holds.

Current Team