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We are excited to invite you on a project to fund this Towson University thesis film. This film is much more than that though. We want to take this film to festivals all around the United States and the world. The only chance we have of completing this mission, is with your help.

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Mission Statement

Our film has be crewed and cast with an incredibly diverse group of talented artists from all different walks of life. Since day one, we have strived to create opportunities for women and minorities at all levels of our film; above and below the line.

The Story

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Reservoir's campaign page. Our team is excited to have you join us on a journey to see this film completed. This entire is only possible with your help. This film is the culmination of our entire college experience and is the launching point for us to enter a professional world of filmmaking.

This film means a lot to each of us, as it has been on our minds since Spring of 2017. Our idea is to tell a story about the struggles of living in a culture where people are raised to work like robots; without a drive for creative fullfillment. 

Hello, my name is Gabriel Gage. I am a senior film student at Towson University, and am proud to be a co-director of Reservoir. I am a director/writer from the Baltimore area with a passion for stories that will make an audience truly think about the untold stories of our society. My directorial debut was one year ago, on a film I also wrote called Trashcan of Roses. Since that film, I have learned more about filmmaking and storytelling that I ever could have imagined. Ryan, Nick, and I are ready to unload our years of experience on this one final film.

Hey, my name is Nick Gorey. I am completing my fourth and final year at Towson University. Reservoir embodies the culmination of everything I've learned both in my film classes, as well as my non-film oriented studies. This will be my second time as cinematographer on a short film, and I am excited to apply all of the skills and techniques I've learned while freelancing in the local industry. Apart from creating a critical, meaningful film, I hope to bring professionalism to our set, preparing both our crew and ourselves for the road ahead. I hope you will feel the same passion we share for Reservoir and help us bring it to fruition.

Hello all, my name is Ryan Mumaw and I am the Co-Director of Reservoir. I am a senior film student at Towson University. My previous short film, Avalon was funded on Seed&Spark and I'm hoping Reservoir will have the same success. This film will be my last hoorah as a film student and I cannot wait to bring this film to life. Having worked on over 30 student and professional films in my time at Towson I have the time to learn the right way to bring films to life. Thank you all for your help in bringing Reservoir to life, I can't wait to show the world what we're capable of creating. 


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Costs $500

Our extensive cast and crew will (unfortunately) need meals and snacks each day.


Costs $400

One of the crucial parts of a professional film is a location that feels believable in the world.


Costs $300

Insurance is a necessary part of running a legitimized film shoot.

Actor Compensation

Costs $300

Using high-level actors means paying them for their services and travel.


Costs $300

As much as our school provides us, there are some parts we must gather on our own.


Costs $300

Our film is heavily inspired by music we need to license to use, this means licensing costs.

Art Department

Costs $200

Creating a believable world means putting money into props around the characters and action.


Costs $100

Using makeup on camera improves the professional look of the film.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

"Nick, Ryan, and I have been hammering away at this project for longer than most student shorts ever get time for revision. We have written countless copies of the script, nailed down a exceptional crew of professional filmmakers, and have cast actors who truly bring our film to life. On top of that, the three of us have over 100 hours of professional, on-set experience to pull knowledge from. Our college experience has done nothing but prepare us for this film."

- Gabriel Gage

Current Team