Rest Stop

Yucaipa, California | Film Short

Drama, Thriller

Paul Mortsolf

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John Dykstra is a college professor that writes urban thrillers under the name of Rick Harden. After a writers event, he stops at a rest stop in the middle of the night and stumbles onto a disturbing case of domestic violence coming from the ladies room. He has to decide to help or walk away.

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Mission Statement

Our production plan is to assemble a diverse cast and crew for a safe, non-toxic work environment that is open to all ages, genders, cultures, and backgrounds. Using realism, we will address the problematic social construct of "minding your own business" when encountering a violent situation.

The Story

Rest Stop is a short film based on the stort story of the same name by Stephen King. One of the basic themes of the story is one of non-action, and how the social norm of "mind your own business" plagues modern society.  The main character is faced with a dilema where he could mind his own business, but chooses to face his inner demons to save the life of another.  


John Dykstra is a college professor that writes urban thrillers under the name Rick Hardin.  After a writers meeting where everyone is in character as their psuedonyms, John stops at an isolated rest stop in the middle of the night where he hears a violent scene of domestic abuse.  At that moment, he is forced to reflect on his dual nature and either mind his own business and drive away, or help a stranger whose life is quite possibly in immediate danger.


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Costs $2,000

A good crew makes it all happen. We want to make sure that everyone involved is paid for their time.

Camera Equipment

Costs $4,000

Cameras continue to evolve everyday. Renting is the best option.


Costs $1,000

Actors and crews work hard and need to be fed and happy.


Costs $2,000

Actors need to be paid.

Cash Pledge

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Costs $1,000

The final cut is where the magic happens.


Costs $1,500

Always get permits for everything.


Costs $2,000

Not point in making the film unless no one can see it.


Costs $1,000

We plan on seeing as many actors as possible on this SAG approved project.

Makeup and Wardrobe

Costs $500

Get ready for your close up.

About This Team

Paul Mortsolf

Paul studied screenwriting at the New York Film Academy and has completed full length scripts as well a number of short screenplays. He was a quarter-finalist in the Screencraft action/thriller competition and was also a finalist and semi-finalist in the NYC Midnight short screenplay competition.


Recently, he adapted the short story "Friday Afternoon" by T.D. Johnson for DP Productions. The project is now in post-production.


Currently, he is the screenwriter and director of "Rest Stop", an adaptation of the Steven King short of the same name which is currently in preproduction with 7 Faces Films.


Joe McParland

Joe McParland has been making movies since he was 7. You may have heard of them...”Star Wars vs. He-Man”, "Oh, No!!! Oatmeal!” and “Great Grandma’s Birthday”.

As he got older, Joe started to make movies in high school with close friends. “The Adventures of Peter Swift Parts I & II” aired on public access television in his hometown of Whittier, California.

Next to film, Joe has appeared on stage in numerous productions from Los Angeles to the Inland Empire.


Joe is proud to be a founding partner of 7 Faces Films and cannot wait for the cameras to roll on their first production, “Rest Stop” which is based on a short story by Stephen King. He will be assistant director and editor.

Joe is currently writing a rock-horror musical called “Rot ‘n’ Roll”
He lives in Yucaipa, Ca with his wife Vanessa, son Thomas, 2 Dogs, and 2 Cats.

Chris Shaw

Christopher Bernard Shaw graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Cinema and an emphesis on fiction filmmaking.  His academic studies included Japanese film, Femenist Horror, and Chinese Documentary.  

In 2012, Chris officially left the finance industry to pursue his passion by first entering the Inland Empire 48 Hour Film Festival, and then being accepted into SFSU.  While studying he garnered experience as Assistant Director, Producer, Directing fiction films and Documentaries, Interactive Cinema, Directing Actors, and Screenwriting.  

After graduating, Chris and a group of friends who shared his passion for film formed the Inland Empire based production company, 7 Faces Films.  Their mission is to bring quality filmmaking to the Inland Empire which promotes social responsibility, cultural diversity, and accurate representations where studio films tend to fall flat. 


Brian Buckley

Brian fell in love with movies and special FX at a very early age. After seeing films like Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator 2 and the Friday the 13 series, Brian was inspitred to learn the craft of special effects makeup and Prop fabrication. Brian has done special FX for several music videos as well as student and independant films including the most recent "Friday Afternoon" for DP Productions.


Brian has won several high level costume contests with his hand made made masks,makeups, props and costumes,and is an avid Cosplayer. Along side this he is an avid scale model builder, and is now working with new 3D printing technology to bring his props and models to the next level!


Clay Johnson

Clay is a talented artist who was born and raised in the Inland Empire.  He has worked on several improv projects over the years, and has dabbled in the field of screenwriting. 

Inspired by Terry Gilliam, Clay plans on bringing an unique vision to the art design of Rest Stop.  

Christopher Martin
Christopher is another Inland Empire native who has been involved in varioius artistic projects over the years. 

He has had several supporting roles in short films over the last decade, and helped behind the camera whenever he has the chance.  


Current Team