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Alexander Cuervo

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Gally, a former combat medic, must save her ill boyfriend from extremists whose goal is to save humanity by killing the sick and diseased. We will show Latinos in a heroic light, away from common, harmful stereotypes such as the drug dealer or criminal.

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Mission Statement

Latinos make up less than 5% of the industry yet are the second biggest market for Hollywood. Our money is taken yet our voices are ignored. Restoration Night will both break down stereotypes and advocate for Latinos and other minorities to drive real change in Hollywood.

The Story

RESTORATION NIGHT is an Action/Horror/Thriller - think John Wick meets Jordan Peele's 'Us', but with a Latina lead.




Our film will showcase Latinos playing strong & charismatic lead roles. 

Set in the very near future. The world is experiencing an unknown phenomenon known as The Surge. Millions worldwide are becoming terminally ill and dying. World leaders, health organizations and leaders in science have no explanation. As a result, the Human Eugenics Restoration Group (HERG) emerges. Their solution is simple: Kill everyone with inferior genes to wipe the world of this unknown plague and “restore” society.

Enter Gally and her boyfriend Ethan. Gally is a strong and charming “girl next door” type who can more than hold her own due to her military background. Ethan, a good-natured and courageous spirit, was affected by The Surge and recently developed a heart condition.

The plot takes place over the course of a single night. The HERG planned an attack on the town where Gally and Ethan are staying. They plan to kill everyone they believe has contaminated genes, including Ethan. Gally gets pushed to her absolute limits to save the man she loves as well as other victims of the HERG.

Restoration Night will be an adrenaline packed experience wrapped in deeper messaging on the human condition. (Check out our Concept Trailer in the "Media" tab!)


**Special note about COVID: It is our number one priority to make sure everyone involved in this project is safe and taking responsible measures at all times. We will only move foward with production when proper safety protocol is in place. The world is in need of inspiring stories now more than ever, and we want Restoration Night to be one of those stories for the world to see!**





As creators, we want to tell an original, captivating story with inspiring characters that show the Latin people in a heroic light, as opposed to harmful stereotypes. As the children of Latino immigrants, we feel deep passion for showing the people of our culture in an inspiring manner, one of strength, fortitude, and compassion; far from the stereotypical norms of modern media. 

Our combined experience in the marketing and production fields has led to many great experiences, including working at the highest levels of digital marketing campaigns for multi-billion dollar big tech and live entertainment companies, working on fight choreography for blockbusters, and cutting trailers for various studios.

We are hopeful that positive and more frequent depictions of minorities on-screen will translate into opportunities in corporate America, politics, and ultimately be an uplifting social catalyst for all people.

The impact of this project is crucial, we want to showcase Latinos playing characters outside of the stereotypes we are often portrayed as. While Latinos are the second biggest market of Hollywood content, we make up less than 5% of people working in the industry…Again, often delegated to stereotypes.


We know that real change will come once we show we are capable of telling appealing stories and playing diverse characters. Instead of waiting for these opportunities, we are creating them ourselves. It is time to show Hollywood how WE want to be represented.

Additionally, we know that making a film is a team project. We plan to employ people from underrepresented communities so they too can become involved in the storytelling process.


This project is ambitious but it needs to be told, and we can’t do it without your help.


Films impact the way society perceives our communities. They also create characters that generations look up to. We strive to do the same with this project. 

Inevitably we have to encounter several expenses to even get the ball rolling on this project. We want to build our “Avengers” team and hire the right people who will help us fulfill this vision and create the best possible film. We need to pay things like legal expenses, casting, budgeting & scheduling, as well as other essential expenses. This will all help ensure that we are delivering the best film we can for our community.

First of all, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for supporting our cause and for all of your contributions. Without you, this is not possible. When you support this campaign, not only are you supporting our project, but you are supporting our community and helping create strong Latino characters that our community will be proud of. You are creating the positive change our community needs.


We have a few perks to show our sincerest appreciation! Perks range from a Self-Defense Zoom seminar to personal digital portraits and more!



You know the saying..."It takes a village"? Well, this applies here. We will need help from as many of you as possible. Any amount you contribute will make a huge impact! Spreading the news of this campaign, sharing the link, telling your friends to contribute...All these actions will help us bring this project to life and make positive lasting changes for our community.





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About This Team

Xano Alexander - Writer/Director

Xano Alexander Cuervo is the son of Latino immigrants. He was born and raised in Miami, Florida with the lifelong goal of leaving an imprint in the movie industry. Years ago, upon arriving in Los Angeles, he quickly learned of the limited opportunities for Latinos in the business. Though discouraged, he was determined to continue on and to contribute to change.

His film journey has led to many priceless experiences including editing trailers for varying studios, working on fight choreography for blockbusters, directing and producing social media campaigns for multi-billion dollar tech companies, and directing multiple short films that collectively garnered over 250,000 views online.
Understanding its power, he has dedicated his life to pursuing film with a singular goal: to use film to inspire others to create a more unified world where people reach their ultimate potential while helping to make society a better place for all.


Bee Reyes - Producer

Brenda “B” Reyes is a Mexican-American and the daughter of Latino immigrants. She was born and raised in Southern California and has work experience in finance and digital marketing in everything from big tech to live entertainment; working at the highest level with multi-billion dollar companies to ensure they have the best strategy to achieve marketing success.

Throughout her career, she started to become very aware of her nationality and the underrepresentation of Hispanic voices in the room. From business meetings to character representations on screen, she wants to change the fact that Latinos are visually and audibly being discounted, usually reduced to stereotypes that feed a false narrative.

It is due to this erasure of Latinos in film that drew her to the industry. She hopes to become an ambassador for change in Hollywood- to open doors, and create opportunities for more voices to be not only heard but also represented on screen. Given the heavy influence Hollywood and pop culture have, she knows that if minorities are depicted accordingly then the rest of society will follow suit.

Bee is hopeful that positive and more frequent depictions of minorities on-screen will translate into opportunities in corporate America, politics, and ultimately be an uplifting social catalyst for all people.

Current Team