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Jason De Parrie-Turner

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A playful yet serious look at the “kidult” movement that seeks a return to and retention of the merrymaking of youth. As an answer to the societal pressures of recession and war, they seek a more fulfilled life through adult versions of kids games while balancing the responsibilities of adulthood.

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The Story

My passion for documentaries grew out of a deep interest in people and their stories. In college, I studied Art/Art History (BA) & Psychology (BA & just a thesis shy of an MA) as well as Media Studies & Cultural Criticism (MA). This long adventure in academia was fueled by observations of people and the ways they collect in groups and express themselves in contemporary society.

The past 2 feature docs I have been intimately involved in, have focussed on topics including group dynamics (Veer, 2010) following one's passion (Veer & One Week Job:USA, 2014) and ageisim/sexism ( One Week Job:USA). With my latest doc, Rewind/Play, I wish to further explore subcultures that are trying to redefine what it means to be an 'adult. I am investigating the social pressures at play (no pun intended, well maybe a little) and the expectations of adulthood as we age. It is also about living life fully and searching for one's passion, for the things that really energize us as individuals and how those are similar or different across people, groups and locations. 

Some people have found the job they love, as Confuscious illustrates, "Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life." Some have gone so far as to start businesses that involve play. Others slog through the work day and only begin the fun stuff after work ends with recreational leagues and hobbies.

Culturally we have been moving away from the notion that we work a 9-5 for 40 years at the same place, retire and then do what you have always wanted to do towards a more full life that seeks to integrate the whole person along the way. The Baby Boomers started the rebellion when they fought against their post-war parents. Paradoxically, it was many Gen-X'ers that resisted the upwardly mobile Boomers after many had abandoned their hippy notions. The birth and rise of punk rock, DIY ethos and rebellion that echoed the Boomer's 2 decades earlier. Many in this generation have been hesitant to 'grow up' and continue activities started in childhood and adolescence, video games, board games, comic books , etc. 

Gen Y &/or Millenials depending on how you split the fluid river of subsequent generations have continued to challenge the corporate structure, sometimes from within and in others ways from without with new start-ups launching everyday and break rooms that resemble an arcade. The question is whether there is time for all these recreational activities amid the challenges of work, especially within a brand new company.

The people we are meeting and filming are primarily from these last two generations, adults ranging from 30-50. Some of the characters we've been following include:

Joey "The Cat"- Had a well-paying and solid career as a marketing executive in SF, Portland and NY when he decided to quit and hone his skeeball skills. In 2011 & 2012 he became the national skeeball champion and started a company that rents skeeball and other arcade games like Whac-a-mole to corporate events. He now supplies play to many of the companies that he formally worked for.

Michael "Pips" & Eugene "Bounce"- Two brothers with successful corporate careers, one in Portland and remotely in SF and the other in NY, are using their retirements to start a ping-pong nightclub, "Pips & Bounce".

Holly & Bobby- This couple have not left their corporate careers, but all their free time revolves around being a parent to a toddler and playing. They belong to adult rec leagues (kickball, bowling and soccer) Holly played roller derby briefly but has retired due to a concussion. Bobby has also been a racer in the PDX Adult Soap Box Derby since 2012.

Paul- This indie board game developer developed a game of social justice called "Privilege", which examines income disparity and inequity in US economics (in a way similar to how Monopoly was originally imagined) He premiered his game at the Games for Change conference in 2012. He is currently at work on a new game and studies game dynamics and gamification in society. He is trying to build a non-profit with one of our other characters, Will, to build games for social issues.

 This is just a sampling of some of the many players we will be featuring. 


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About This Team

Jason deParrie-Turner: Director, Co-Producer, Editor.

I first got involved with film and video when I was 6 years old. I made several national and international commercials that paid my way through college where I studied art and psychology. When I was 8, I got the opportunity to be on the set of the Original Muppet Movie  during the filming of the dream sequence. Getting to see the magic behind the scenes and meet and talk to the cast and crew instilled the love of filmmaking that I carry with me today. 

In high school and college I started making shorts, and worked in both narrative and experimental styles. At 19, I was the drummer for the band Pavement and more recently have taken up Taiko drumming. I like incorporating rhythm in my editing as well. After college I worked on many low budget features learning all aspects of production and post-production. I also briefly had a production company with Joe Carnahan (Narc, Smoking Aces, A-Team.)

I went back to school for my MA in Media Studies.  In the past 8 years, I've worked as a television producer as well as cameraman and editor for several networks including FOX, InHD, Smithsonian Channel, SPEED, Outdoor Channel and regionally for FSN & Comcast. Footage from my last doc has also played on CNN & CBC 'A' Channel in Canada. 

In 2010 I released Veer a documentary about bike culture, narrated by Matthew Modine (Birdy, Full Metal Jacket, Pacific Heights, Weeds, Dark Night) along with my long time friend and collaborator Greg Fredette who directed, co-produced and co-edited the feature. I am in post production on a doc, One Week Job: USA, which is the third in a series of One Week Job docs.

Jeanne deParrie-Turner: Assistant Director and Co-Producer.

When I was a small child, my aspirations were to become a writer and a businesswoman. Since partnering with Jason both personally and professionally, my child hood dreams have been realized. 

I spent several years in the medical field working in a fast-paced, high stress environment in which the client needs were always tantamount. This experience was a great training ground for my current work on set and in pre-production. I have a BS in Social Sciences, have worked on "One Week Job: USA" as assistant director and producer. I also have worked on several projects through our production company in various roles such as writing, co-directing and general do-whatever-needs-to-be-done.

Joseph Torres: Camera Operator and Grip.

A native Californian, Joseph Torres, Jr. was born and raised in the city of Stockton, centrally located in the San Joaquin Valley. He is the only child of Joseph Torres (sports cinematographer) and his wife Gloria, a high school teacher. Exposed to photography at an early age, he spent most weekends of his childhood in the motion picture processing lab that his father owned and operated, absorbing the skills of his father’s craft. Influenced by his father’s work, the knowledge he acquired about still and motion picture cameras, including the art of developing and printing, was both a powerful and critical part of his growing up and would ultimately lead him toward his future career goal of being a cinematographer in the television and motion picture industry.

 Joseph was driven to find his place in the television and motion picture industry and in the summer of 1990, he was hired on his first feature film as a production assistant. The low budget feature was a great learning experience and reinforced his desire to work with motion picture cameras in film production. Later that fall, he enrolled at the prestigious School of Cinema-Television (now known as the School of Cinematic Arts) at the University of Southern California. He took full advantage of his education and made great efforts to expand his film knowledge and experience while at USC. In 1993, after earning a Bachelor of Arts degree, he began his career as a camera assistant. In 1996, he became a memberof the International Cinematographer’s Guild, joining as a first assistant camera. Some of his projects as a camera assistant include, the end title sequence for the remake of Dawn of the Dead, second unit on Mr. & Mrs. Smith (with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) and seasons five through eight on the Emmy-nominated, television comedy series, Scrubs, four seasons on ABC/TBS’s Cougar Town, two seasons on Showtime’s Emmy-nominated Episodes, as well as the Fox TV’s comedy, Surviving Jack.

Joseph is no stranger to hard work or paying his dues. During his career, he has had experience working in every position from loader to cinematographer, to grip and electrician on a variety of projects ranging from student films to major features. Having worked in various departments on a production has given him an in-depth and well-rounded understanding of photography and lighting. He constantly strives for excellence in his work and takes pride that he has learned from so many great artists and technicians. He is someone who truly enjoys his chosen career. “I am very blessed to be paid to do something that I love” he says, “I look forward to the creative challenges that each day on set brings.” Joseph and his wife, Andrea, currently reside in South Pasadena, California.

Trevor McIrvin: Camera Operator and Assistant Editor.  

Since the beginning I was hurled into the creative world. My dad, one of the founding members of the in-house Nike video production team, passed down his gift of storytelling and passion to create. With this instilled passion, I spent the majority of my childhood experimenting with the art of video.

Realizing that I could potentially turn my talent into a profession, I decided to attend Chapman University in Southern California and major in Film Production with a minor in Organizational Leadership. During those four years, I was able to learn about all aspects of video production and discover that I really had a knack for shooting, editing and producing. In addition to school, I had the pleasure of interning for New Regency and Athletes in Motion Television where I was able to further develop these skills.

Upon graduation, I was hired as an Associate Producer for Jeff Cole Productions, an award winning production company based out of Orange County, California. Producing commercials, promotional, government, web, and event videos, I was an integral part of the organization and a key player  throughout development, production and post-production. In addition to producing, I honed additional skills as an editor, videographer and director and was even awarded my own Telly.

In 2010, I moved back to my home town of Portland, Oregon to seek out additional work opportunities. I continued to work with Jeff Cole Productions remotely and also worked as a freelance producer, editor and videographer working with a number of clients such has Nike, ESPN, Northwest Hunter television, Optimist LA, The Children's Cancer Association, Lewis & Clark College and many more.

Nicole Sauter, Production Assistant:

 A Portland native to the core, I have been performing since before I was able to form memories. I was a prop in informal plays performed in our living room by my five older siblings for the benefit of our parents and as I grew older, I became an active participant. Coming from a creative family and as the youngest of six, this made me a natural performer and over time I honed my skills of comedy, impersonations and theatrics.

Four years ago, I discovered sign language which fit my personality perfectly. Over the past two years I have been working on my degree in sign language interpreting. During that time I began searching for supplementary employment. I met Jason and discovered a place for myself at Heliorana Filmworks on the set of "Rewind:Play" (as well as other projects) and at the same time, discovered that I love being behind the scenes and watching the process unfold from start to finish almost as much as I love being on stage.

Current Team