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One quarter of all Latinos identity as Black, yet Hollywood has barely touched the surface in terms of their representation. Written and directed by an Afro-Latina, and led by a diverse cast, this comedy sheds light on how lack of representation affects us all.

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Mission Statement

This project is written about an Afro-Latina, by an Afro-Latina, and directed by her too. The diverse cast will led by a Latinx actress of color, and produced by two Venezuela transplants. For the people, by the people, this project will tell the story of an underrepresented Latino community.

The Story

Rizo is a short film about an Afro-Latina's experience in Hollywood, and the United States. Through comedy (and truth,) it tells her journey as she pursues her acting career, facing the challenges of having her background and heritage misunderstood. "How you can be black and Latina?", they ask in a doubtful tone, as if being more than one identity is never an option.



Rizo is my contribution for the need of greater representation on film. Afro-Latino stories are rarely heard. And yet, there are tens of millions of people who identify as such. The term Afro-Latino in the United States can bring a lot of confusion and even skepticism to those hearing it for the first time, and a lot of pain to those dark-skinned Latinos who already feel marginalized in so many ways. Let's bridge the gap and start creating cinema that includes Latinos, of all shapes, colors and sizes.



We are currently in the pre-production stage, with plans to shoot in August. Our crew will be diverse, consistenting of mostly Latino filmmakers that I've met throughout my filmmaking journey. The lead actor is a talented, Latina woman of color; and since we are committed to inclusive casting, we want the rest of the cast to reflect the diversity of this country. It's so important to tell people's stories like it is, especially stories of Latinos, who are so often victim of stereotypes and cliches in Hollywood. We would love your involvement in helping this talented cast and crew bring to life, our side of the story. 


IMAGE: Director Jeanette Dilone (& Family) at the Official Latino Short Film Festival for her previous short film:"Return" (2017)


IMAGE: Jeanette Dilone, Writer/Director, made her directional debut with the short film, "Return" (2017).



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Location Rentals

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A good location budget let us rent spaces that help tell the story in a visual way.

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We have a large cast and decent sized crew, and we want to make sure they're fed!

Camera Rental and Equipment

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We want to make sure we give this story the visuals it deserves, and a great camera is the start!

Lighting Equipment

Costs $1,000

We make sure our crew has great lighting equipment.


Costs $3,000

We want to hire a talented DP, and bring this story to life.

About This Team

Jeanette Dilone (Writer, Director) is an actor and filmmaker, born and raised in upper Manhattan. Since graduating from Columbia University, her acting work has spanned numerous mediums. Her TV credits include roles on Homeland (Showtime), The Deuce (HBO), Blue Bloods (CBS), Instinct (CBS), Lucky 7 (ABC), and Golden Boy (CBS.) Her film credits include the independent films “James White” starring Chris Abbott, “The Outcasts,” starring Victoria Justice, and “Exposed” starring Keanu Reeves.  She made her directorial debut with the short film“Return,” with she also wrote and produced. "Return" enjoyed a successful festival run as an official selection of  the Big Apple Film Festival, NY Shorts Fest, Lady Filmmakers Festival, Roxbury Interntational Film Festival, and the Official Latino Short Film Festival. www.jeanettedilone.com



Eduardo Farinez (Producer) is a filmmaker, born and raised in Venezuela, and newcomer to the United States. After graduating from San Jorge College (VEN), he studied audiovisual communications at the Palermo University (VEN.) Since then he has worked in production at various Venezuelan networks such as Televen, and companies such as RCTV Producciones.





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