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Run Through It is a short film about family trauma and grief. It centers around Jazz, who has experienced her dad passing and now the home she grew up in is being foreclosed on. Grief and loss are universal, this story helps reinforce that it is okay to feel and process on your own terms.

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Mission Statement

Run Through It is a women lead short film. It was important that while we shot this film we brought on people with underrepresented voices. Our cast and crew is made up of a lot of different people with all different backgrounds and they're all pretty amazing!

The Story

Run Through It is a film based on real life events. Yasmeen, (the writer) wrote this script while dealing with her own grief of her dad passing and also losing her family home. This short film takes place on one of the last days she would've been in the house, gathering the last few bits before she says goodbye to it.

Still from Run Through It

A message from the writer,"I wrote this film because it was a way to process my own grief. My dad passed away in 2018 and its taken a while for me to really understand my feelings. After he first passed away I didn't want to really talk about it, but as time goes on I feel differently. It's weird because it felt too close to me, that no one else should know or tell me what they think. Now I want to shout from the rooftops and let everyone know. It's okay to cry and have big messy feelings. This film is my way of letting people know its okay to feel.

I went through a lot of drafts for this film, I wanted to get it just right. Run through it is very close to my heart and I wanted to make sure that I said everything I wanted to through this film. When someone passes away, it feels weird to think thats just it, they cease to exist. You can't talk to them anymore. It feels like it doesn't make sense. I wanted this film to be another way I could talk to my dad and say goodbye."

This film centers on family relationships and grief. As Jazz walks through the house she experiences old memories with her dad. Their relationship was less than perfect and often unstable. Its not a classic father and daughter story. Even though their relationship was unstable, you can see that they still have a lot of care for each other. Losing someone and having a rough relationship is very difficult terrain to navigate. The year that we've all had has been difficult. All of us have experienced loss this year whether it be a graduation, a job or losing someone to illness. Grief and loss are universal feelings. This film explores those feelings.

Still from Run Through It

             Yasmeen Magar                   Emma Josephson             Megean McBride Sanchez

       Writer/Co-Director/Jazz                    Co-Director                                Producer

Yasmeen Magar is a writer, actor and film photographer based in Portland. She has starred in Fencesitters, which has just wrapped post production. Run Through It is going to be her directorial debut and she is excited to tell this story and bring it to life on the big screen!

Emma Josephson is a screenwriter and director currently based in Portland Oregon. She is currently has a few short films in post-production while freelancing in post-production for local Portland creative agencies.

Megean M Sanchez is a producer, writer, and director working in Portland, Oregon. As a producer she works primarily with women in film helping to bring their stories to life in hopes of creating a richer and more complex culture of film in America. Personally she also writes and directs her own features and short films including The Red Shoes, the Garden of Earthly Delights, and the Quiet Crowd.

EDITING: The editing of this film is extremely important. Because of the way its written it, it jumps through time a lot. We also used two cameras and two booms for some scenes which makes synching and editing a little bit more difficult.

SOUND DESIGN: Using two booms means its going to take a little extra time to sync sound and make sure it also sounds beautiful. This portion of the funding is also going to go towards composing and insuring we have what we need to make an amazing film.

MARKETING: We want to make sure we get this film out there. This also helps cover the cost of graphic design.

FESTIVAL SUBMISSIONS: This portion of the funding will help cover the costs of submitting to film festivals. It can get kind of pricey and we plan to go all out!


We thank you so much for supporting this film. It means the world to us. With your support we can really get this film out there and established. Make sure to follow us on instagram @runthroughitfilm and also check out our website Other ways of supporting us are sharing this campaign with people, following this campaign and sharing on social media. It takes a community to make a film, so lets make it happen. Again thank you for supporting Run Through It!


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