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With Kamala Harris possibly on her way to the White House women in politics is a hot topic. But it's more than that, this is not a moment, this is a movement.

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Mission Statement

Running with My Girls will have a local focus in Denver, which is a primarily white city. However, the themes will be universal; representation, struggle, dismantling racism and uplifting the voices of women of color in politics.

The Story


Year of the Woman? 


Who cares about a Black  single mother running for local city council?



Why should it matter that a Queer Black woman is running for the Denver Transit Board? 



Why should people pay attention to a Latinx woman born in one of the most polluted neighborhoods in the United States who is running for office?



Or that an Afro-Latina is running to be the first woman mayor of the city of Denver? 




These are not just their stories, they are our stories. 


Stories that have been left out of the conversation around feminism and leadership and politics.  


In 1992 American voters elected more new women to Congress than in any previous decade.  This started what some thought would be "The Year of the Woman." Although there were gains made, all one has to do is turn on the news to recognize that we still have a long way to go, that there are still too many elected offices women must seek, and emerging battles we must win.



I want to be the entrenched war photographer, sharing the stories that are infrequently told (if they are told at all).  I want to show the world that big things can happen far from the coasts, in small cities in America's heartland. I want to  document women of color running for office in a city that has aptly been called "Wakanda for White People". 


Who Cares About Local Elections? 


Voter turn out is typically lower during mid-term elections. A stunning number of people don't vote in their municipal and local elections at all. 

The saying,  "All Politics is Local" is attributed to Tip O'Neill; Yes, our national elections are incredibly important but equally important are the local elections that shape our day to day life and impact our livelihood, our families and our communities.


Women of color are consistently left out of these narratives. 


And they are. Ready to run and ready to win. And alongside, there I'll be, camera in hand, running with my girls.



Running with My Girls will have a local focus in Denver, a city often referred to as incredibly white, but with racial demographics surpringly inline with national norms.  The themes will be universal; representation, struggle, dismantling racism and amplyfying and uplifting the voices of women of color in politics.  


Our voices matter. 




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Assistant Producer

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About This Team

Rebekah Henderson AKA The Tan Tigress 


"As a librarian I am passionate about the dissemination of information. As a filmmaker I am passionate about producing content that will inform, educate and bring people together. Books, television and movies are powerful ways to tell stories and build connections. I want the world to be a place where my son won't have to fight for equality.


I want change now.


By telling stories that are far too often ignored, we can help bring understnding and empathy and ulitmately, unity. I fall under the category of emerging filmmaker, I have a vision I just need help creating it, and that's where Trish comes in."


Trish Tolentino owner of Stories Not Forgotten  is an editor and videographer. This is our third project collaboration and as evidenced by our work, we are an excellent team.  



Leah Murray will be managing marketing, fundraising social media and other adminstrative tasks. Her experience in commercial real estate translates beautifully to being able to multitask and make things happen. 

Vince Chandler is an experienced filmaker and journalist. 





Current Team