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We need your help to tell the largely untold stories of BIPOC teens. Growing up in NYC, we found solace in Saint Marks and wanted to tell an all too familiar story about the innate human desire for acceptance. Your donations will help young people see greater representation in the media.

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Mission Statement

We wrote this short as an extension of our experiences growing up in NYC, seeking to find acceptance in places where we hoped we'd find it. The desire to fit in is a tenet of the human experience but can be particularly difficult for black and brown children.

The Story

Saint Marks is a story about three teenage girls who don’t feel welcomed in their respective enclaves. As outcasts, Lakynn, Rani and Keisha are drawn to each other and quickly become friends. The film follows them as they play hooky in pursuit of the legendary original 4 Loko formula in New York City's East Village. Along the way, the girls find their friendships put to the test when they encounter colorism, after trying to get matching tattoos. Can Keisha, Rani, and Lakynn’s friendship survive? Will they ever get their hands on the original 4 Loko? You’ll have to watch Saint Marks to find out!

Bend It Like Beckham (2004) Dir. Gurinder Chadha

"Being a black teenager in the Bronx who shopped at Hot Topic and listened to alt-rock, I   felt like a stranger in my own community. I struggled with finding camaraderie with my   peers, and eventually found  other marginalized teens, who shared similar experiences.   We became a tribe, and even created our own rock band - Dementophobia. The East   Village was a place where we found solace; it was also where I found other people of   color who were also into the same things I was. I finally felt free to be myself, without   judgment. Saint Marks is a story for everyone; it represents spontaneity and liberty to   express yourself. Chances are you'll find a person or two just like you, who you vibe   with." - Katrina

I went to a Jesuit high school on the Upper East Side, where I struggled to fit in with my peers. After I started hanging out around Union Square and Saint Marks, I found my community with other alternative teens from all over NYC’s five boroughs. In co-creating Saint Marks, I hope to bring the stories of alternative teens of color like myself to light. Representation matters, and teens of color everywhere certainly yearn to see people like themselves on the big screen.”- Sheherzad

Saint Marks is a dramedy about teenagers of color hoping to fit in with not only each other but also the world around them; this story, though it takes place in New York, is relatable to everyone. Seeking acceptance is a universal tenet of the human experience, whether you’re growing up in a big city or a small town. Thematically, the short examines the innate human desire to fit in and our yearning for community.

Mid90s (2018) Dir. Jonah Hill

This short also explores the experimentation phase of adolescence. Like films Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and Get Him to the Greek, Saint Marks is a stoner comedy but with a social conscience. Most importantly, this short will challenge viewers to uncover their blind spots especially, when faced with unconscious racial bias.

We wrote this story to highlight the stories of black and brown alternative teens; as adolescents, we yearned for realistic portrayals of folks like ourselves on TV and in film. It would be a privilege and an honor to have your help in telling the untold stories of alternative teenagers of color. 

Katrina and Sheherzad both work part-time in addition to being enrolled in school full-time. While they are indeed investing in Saint Marks, it is your valuable contributions that will get us to the finish line! 

The costs of making a film quickly add up: we have to pay for shooting permits, locations, actors’ fees, production design, and more! But most importantly, we need to make sure we keep our cast and crew well-fed and hydrated! Additionally, miscellaneous expenses pop up all the time, often due to unforeseen circumstances. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and we’ve accounted for extenuating circumstances in our budgeting.

To date, the Saint Marks team has come a long way: we have assembled our crew, cast our actors, and secured several key locations! We will be shooting on location in Saint Marks and Tompkins Square Park, which is essential to capturing the historic neighborhood’s essence on screen. For our interiors, we are shooting in a friend’s beautiful studio, as well as a local bodega. We are now in the process of putting together a shot list and shooting schedule, as principal photography begins in late March!

The safety of our cast and crew is our top priority. We are asking everyone to submit a negative PCR test result at least 72 hours before our first shoot day; our team will equip everyone with information about local testing sites. Additionally, there will be a Covid Compliance Officer on set who will check everyone's temperature upon their arrival, with a contactless thermometer. All cast and crew will be provided with PPE and personal hand sanitizers. 

Once we finish principal photography for Saint Marks, our editor, Mike Molina, will put the film together! We will then begin submitting it to film festivals, and see where we go from there! Our goal is to expand the world of Keisha, Rani, and Lakynn into a feature film or television series; Saint Marks would be our proof of concept, showcasing who these girls are and the world that they live in. 

Should we get enough contributions to surpass our fundraising goal of $6,000, our stretch goals would include paying for color correction services, applying to more film festivals, and music licensing.


Belly (1998) Dir. Hype Williams


If you can’t contribute monetarily, that’s no problem at all! You can always share our Seed & Spark page via the social media platform of your choosing. You can also spread the word via email or even text! Here are some copy and paste-able messages you can share along with the link to this very page:

Have you heard of Saint Marks? It’s a short dramedy that follows three teenage New Yorkers in pursuit of the Original 4 Loko formula! You can contribute to the project on @seedandspark: 

I just came across Saint Marks, a short dramedy about what it means to fit in as an alternative teenager of color growing up in NYC. You can learn more about the project on @seedandspark: 

I can’t wait to watch Saint Marks, a short film about what it means to fit in as an alternative teenager growing up in NYC! This is an original story cowritten and codirected by Katrina Montgomery and Sheherzad Raza Preisler. You can support them on @seedandspark: 



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