Sana, Sana

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Drama, Family

Zoé Medranda

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Goal: $10,000 for pre-production

Upon returning to her childhood home after her father’s death, Valentina is forced to relive the memories that her mother, Camila, is trying to forget. While both work to reconcile with his passing, buried family secrets begin to surface forcing Valentina to expose or bury her past.

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Mission Statement

“Sana, Sana” aims to bring a voice to all silenced victims of abuse, as well as, highlight the importance of a mother’s comfort and the grief a child endures when it's gone.

The Story

The sky is mixed with pink, purple, and a little blue. The

ocean crumbles. Waves crashing all around. A young woman, 22

years old and brunette, watches the tide.

Alone, she stands.


"Sana, Sana" follows our protagonist Valentina, a daughter who has grown into her own despite the challenges she has faced in her life. Valentina battles with coming to terms with her memories and old life, which causes strain between her and her mother, Camila, when she returns home for her father’s funeral. 

In a story told through the present day and flashbacks, we begin to understand the family dynamic between the Castillo family and unearth the secrets that lurk underneath their childhood home’s floorboards. 


All over the world, people endure abuse. This happens everyday around us. All types of abuse, whether it’s physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse are seen as taboo. It’s not talked about, yet most stand against it until it happens in their own family, then it’s hushed. Have you ever endured trauma you can’t speak about? How long will you have to hold your tongue to keep the fragile pseudo family portrait from breaking? Many victims after years of abuse won’t speak up. To the outside, the family is a typical loving family, but on the inside the pieces of a broken childhood are waiting to be glued back together. This film is for the silenced and broken. A beginning voice to be heard.



Sana, Sana takes place on the beach and in a beach house, surrounded by natural elements like the ocean. The location is inspired by Zoé’s California roots, and will be a crucial element to the production. It is special feeling to get to create a story inspired by the place you grew up, and the place you first started to imagine that being a filmmaker is a possibility. 


Unfortunately, filmmaking is not a cheap endeavor. We are planning to raise at least $10,000 during this campaign, and are asking for your help. Our ‘Sana, Sana’ team welcomes every pledge with gratitude and seriousness; we have already begun pre-production (location scouting, casting) in order to make sure that each dollar donated is going towards a well functioning, well planned, highly creative and doable project. 

If you choose to make a pledge, you will be investing in not only this project, but in the creative endeavors of our crew, most of whom are women and BIPOC. A pledge to Sana, Sana is a pledge to us, and we will work tirelessly to honor that. 


The project will be filmed in late February, and you will likely be able to get your first looks at the film in December!

Already at $10,000 or greenlight? Please still consider making a pledge! Our stretch goal for this film is $13,000 - which encompasses more advanced lighting and cinema rigs, better location rentals, and funding for advanced post-production services such as color grading and correction!

If you are not able to make a monetary pledge, there are still many ways you can show your support! We are accepting in-kind donations and loans -- if you own a restaurant and can supply a meal for the crew for free, etc --- & we are super grateful for these as well. If none of this is possible, you can share our Seed & Spark on Facebook, Instagram, and other socials. Make sure to also follow our instagram @sanasanafilm

Thank you so much for your support. We are incredibly grateful and excited to have another member of the Sana, Sana family. 

Much love, 

Zoé and The Sana, Sana Team


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Meals & Crafty

Costs $2,500

Help make sure that our cast and crew are well fed and hydrated throughout production!


Costs $3,000

This helps us obtain location permits and secure the best filming spots we can!

Camera Equipment

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You are helping rent camera lenses, rigs, and protective gear!


Costs $1,000

Fund our lighting rigs and equipment that make for better, faster set ups!

Post Production

Costs $500

Help us raise our funds for color correcting, sound design, and visual effects!

Production Design & Art Direction

Costs $1,000

Help purchase props, set design, and more to create beautiful scenery on screen!


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Help us fund the travel of cast and crew to/from locations!

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About This Team


Zoé Medranda is a Peruvian writer, director, and gaffer born in Seattle, WA. Coming from a proud Peruvian family, she is passionate about her background and expanding Latin representation in film. She is currently finishing her studies at NYU Tisch. This is Zoé’s first Narrative short film and she is thrilled to finally have the chance to showcase everything she has learned these past 4 years at NYU. When not on set, you can find her coaching the NYU film’s soccer team and playing a lot of mancala. Zoé is thankful for everyone who has been supporting her filmmaking dreams since she was 12 and is excited to start shooting “Sana, Sana”. 

Arya Singh is an Indian-American filmmaker with a love of telling subtle, family driven stories. She is finishing her BFA at Tisch School of the Arts this December with an interest in creative development, producing, and screenwriting, with her latest role being a development intern at HBO Documentary.

Arya is honored to be producing Zoé Medranda’s short, with Zoé being one of her very first collaborators in film. “Sana, Sana” is an incredibly touching piece of work and she can’t wait for others to experience it themselves.

Keya Saxena is a South Asian filmmaker & writer in her final year at Tisch School of the Arts. Born in India & raised in CT, her narratives often center themes of diaspora, identity, & assimilation. Her work has been highlighted by Made in Her Image x Panavision & festivals such Student Los Angeles Film Awards, New York Monthly Film Festival, and more. She met Zoé in their first ever production class of college and has been a fan of her work ever since. She is so honored to work alongside the crew and see this beautiful story come to life! 

Rose Knopper is an NYC-based Director of Photography in her Senior year at Tisch School of the Arts. With a background in fine arts, she is often drawn to stories that employ elements of multimedia, magical realism, and the concept of memory. Her work has been featured at the Angelika Film Center, the Student Los Angeles Film awards, and Vimeo On-Demand. Collaborating with Zoé has led to some of her favorite memories in film school so far. She can’t wait to help visualize Sana, Sana. 

Eleanor De Fer is a student writer/director from Illinois. She is currently studying Film and Television Production at NYU. Her main passion is directing and keeping middle aged actresses employed. She is also active on student and independent sets in New York specializing in the G&E and AD department. She also has an interest in film distribution, most recently acting as an acquisitions Intern for Neon.

Mir Lien (she/her) is a senior at UGFTV and will be the UPM for "Sana, Sana.” During her time at NYU and on set, Mir has gained experience in all departments of filmmaking, but it’s her love for producing (and this lovely, talented crew) which led her to this project. She is beyond excited to help Zoé and the team bring this story to the screen.

Born in Anhui Province, China and raised in Port Chester, NY, Callie Chen Schultz (she/her) is an international adoptee majoring in Film & Television at NYU Tisch. She’s extremely passionate about the world of audio production and is super excited to be back on set mixing for “Sana, Sana.” She knows how important this story is to Zoé and can't wait to see it be brought to life.

Ilina Bhatia is a filmmaker and fine artist based in New York City. She is a senior at NYU Tisch studying Film and TV Production, with an interest in writing/directing, production design, and editing. She currently works for Universal Music Group as an º1824 Content Creator. She's heavily influenced by absurdism, surrealism, and her South Asian culture. Her work has been exhibited at Dock of the Bay Music Documentary Film Festival, Houston Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival, Film Diary NYC, and Indie Memphis Youth Film Festival.

Marg is a queer, first-generation Cantonese American studying film at Tisch School of the Arts with an interest in directing, casting, and screenwriting. They are passionate about projects that show the complexities of intersectionality like Sana, Sana and is thrilled to help bring Zoé’s story to life. 

Carter was raised in Hawaii but was never very good at it. He has since gone on to win many participation awards and at one point was in contention for the esteemed “NYU Tisch Dean’s List”

Current Team