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Our team is determined to do justice to a story that so many people relate to. Having your financial support will not only contribute to one film, but to a larger movement of representation. Together, we can help shape a society where cultural differences are not barriers to equality.

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Mission Statement

SANDCASTLES is a film about a highly marginalised and vilified population: Arabs. It is written and directed by a woman of Arab origins. One of SANDCASTLE’s primary purposes is to diminish prejudice and stereotyping by presenting an authentic portrayal of Middle Eastern people in the media.

The Story

The story takes place in Beirut, Lebanon. The main character is a young woman named Samar. Samar comes from a modest family and like most young people there, she has a love hate relationship with the country. She navigates her daily life having to deal with little aggressions that she brushes off as part of the daily life. She goes to college and works to save up money to buy a car and pay tuition. One fateful night after trying to get back home from work, she takes a public cab home. The events of that night push her to take the decision to leave. 


Everybody has a reason to leave a place at some point in their life. It is especially hard when you have to leave family, friends and your homeland behind. It is undoubtably a hard decision to take, nonetheless it is a decision that many have taken, and many continue to take every day. What pushes a person to want to leave? What made our protagonist Samar want this for herself? 


In this film, we follow Samar's story; one of many of the youth leaving Lebanon every year. In 2015, an estimated 196,280 people left. And the numbers are increasing each year at an alarming rate. 


Your contribution would make this film happen! What is the money going towards?





This film explores the complexity of a woman from the Middle East.



Here's a note when it comes to women filmmakers:

But it's not only in Hollywood, it is everywhere else in the world! By helping this project, you will also be making a change and encouraging more women filmmakers to be in business.






Did we mention that,


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From the Writer/Director:

I didn’t know where to start with the story until I sat down one day, struck by homesickness, a whole script poured out of me. In a sense, this story relates not only to me but to friends and to a majority of youth that has ever felt simultaneous feelings of resentment and love towards a country who always seems troubled. But after removing myself for a moment, I realised that it is rather a universal experience shared by many before me and possibly many after me. What do people run from? What is it that they seek? Possibly better opportunites, a chance at a better life or maybe shelter from the constant feeling of danger and fear.


- Sabine Bou Jaoude





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Costs $4,140

We cannot shoot a film without a camera and some lights!

vehicles and props

Costs $1,100

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Costs $1,840

That includes any permits, extras fees, actors' fees or anything else that might occur!

Locations and transportation

Costs $1,180

Things happen places, and places need to be rented and we need to get to those places...


Costs $1,600

The fuel to the human body. This will help feed the crew and cast!

production design

Costs $1,320

Production design is essential in every story. It will help give authenticity and mood to the film!

post production

Costs $1,100

This would pay for editing, color correcting, sound mixing and original score.

Festival submissions

Costs $720

We would love to submit this film to festivals for the chance of screening and maybe winning awards!

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About This Team

ELYSSA BOU YOUNES - Executive Producer

Elyssa is a freelance producer from Lebanon. She graduated from the Lebanese American University with a BA in Communication Arts. She later attended IE business school in Madrid from which she obtained a masters degree. On top of being a successful career woman, Elysaa is a blogger who promotes mental healh and positive body image.


ERNEST POUTTU - Cinematographer

Ernie is a documentary filmmaker and cinematographer from Akron, Ohio. He has created freelance film and video work in the music industry, the corporate entertainment world, and advertising, while also completing numerous independent films that have been screened in various festival circuits throughout the world. Currently, Ernie is an M.F.A student in the Film program at Emerson College where he has created diverse experimental films and installations, documentaries, and narrative films. His work has appeared on NBC, ESPN, CNN, FUSE, MTV, VICE News, NatGeo, and VH1.


SABINE BOU JAOUDE - Writer and Director

Sabine is an artist and filmmaker from Lebanon. She received her B.A. in Radio, TV and film in 2011 from the Lebanese American University, Beirut. In 2015, she moved to Boston, Massachusetts to pursue her MFA in Media Arts from Emerson College where she’s currently a candidate. She has worked as a freelancer in Television, feature films and music videos.

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