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SCREW CITY is a feature film about Janie Turner, a teenager trying to escape her potentially unfulfilling life through her punk rock band.

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Mission Statement

Joselito is Filipino, born in NYC, raised in Wisconsin, lives in L.A. Chris was born in Chicago, studied and worked in L.A., and now calls Algonquin, Illinois home. Together they tell midwest stories about midwest people and their dreams, disappointments, drive and fight.

The Story


I don't play in a band. I don't really play any instruments, I don't sing, I don't write music. So why would I write a movie about music? 

Music may be the one thing that transcends all...even space and time - the Voyager spacecraft is carrying music, for goddsakes. Music holds your hand through good times and bad, it understands you in every situation, inspires you and tears you down. It can ruin lives and bring people together. That is music's power. 

I am grateful for the power of music. From my favorite bands to the kid who picks up a guitar for the first time and has the courage to put him or herself out there, I appreciate and respect all of you for doing what you do. This movie is my THANK YOU.

- Joselito Seldera, Writer/Director/Producer



The summer after graduating high school, JANIE still has no desire other than to play punk rock. Problem is, her bandmates (and best friends) are moving away, and Janie tries to do everything she can to keep them together so they can face what life hurls at them together. When an opportunity to tour arises, Janie finds an opportunity that can not only make her music dreams come true, but keep her band – and her friends – together.

But when Janie befriends disillusioned high school guidance counselor KATE at a show, the two find in each other someone they can actually confide in, be vulnerable with. Despite the age gap, they share the same loves, fears, and anxieties, and learn that the most rebellious, punk rock thing they can do is to take a chance and face those fears alone if they have to.

For a sense of the style and tone of the movie, view our concept reel in check the media tab or click here



"Screw City" is a nickname of Rockford, a city in northern Illinois. Growing up in Wisconsin, Rockford was the closest place to go hit a skatepark and see shows. The city became an escape, yes, but also a starting point where we, as kids, would discover the things that would make us the persons we would eventually become. So it's important to us that we showcase the city that was such an important part of our lives growing up. That's why Rockford, and that's why we're shooting there.

Check out our media tab or click here to see a little video of us revisiting some childhood spots.



We're excited to have cast SUNNY KELLER as Janie! She's made a name for herself on the show "Life Hacks for Kids," but is also a talented singer-songwriter. Born in Chicago and raised in L.A., Sunny not only fits the role perfectly, but she can PLAY. See for yourself in the media tab or click here.



We already have some killer bands locked in and ready to rock, and this is just the start:

Photo by James Hogan

Mono In Stereo

Rockford, Illinois

From the ashes of long time Pop Punk stalwarts Mulligan Stu comes Mono In Stereo. With an honest approach and eclectic influences, MIS take a no holds barred approach to their song craft. From Springsteen to Mould, Earle to Costello, MIS merge a variety of divergent musical interests into their own special blend of Midwest Punk.

Rockin' since I was in high school, these guys just don't stop. 

Photo by Sam Porter

Hi Ho

Chicago, Illinois

Hi Ho started as a solo project of Chicago singer-songwriter Gillian McGhee. Now in 2020, Hi Ho is playing full band and better than ever, drawing from a diverse group of influences to create a sound that's heavy, moody, emotive and melodic.

Gillian is one of my favorite artists to come out of Chicago in the last 10 years, so I'm STOKED to have Hi Ho on board! 

Photo by Paul Catani

The Bollweevils

Chicago, Illinois

Punk rock band out of Chicago formed in the 90s. Disbanded in 96. Reunited in 2006. Now 2021, still kicking ass, touring and drinking beer.

A cornerstone of the Chicago punk scene. Absolute destroyers.

Photo by David Kindler

Naked Raygun

Chicago, Illinois

Treason, Treason, Treason. Punk band from Chicago. 

If you don't know them already, then get on it, asap. Raygun's been an influence on just about everyone, from YOUR punk rock band to Dave Grohl. LEGENDS.



After several years and many rewrites, meetings, miles traveled, and our own dollars spent, we thought, "You know what? This is a movie about punk rock. Punk rock movies aren't supposed to cost millions of dollars." So we decided to pool all our resources, pull all our favors, and make this movie for the bare minimum.

That being said, we still can't do it for free.  That's where we need your help. Every dollar you contribute will go to the making of the movie, and will "end up on screen." 

We are also happy to announce that Screw City has the backing of MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE PRODUCTION SERVICES (MMPS). It's a great boost to be supported by the industry's premiere indie film magazine, and we are STOKED to be working with them!

WHAT THIS MEANS: What we give MMPS in cash, they'll double in the value of services! So if we provide MMPS $10K, we'll receive $20K in services. This will cover things like post-production, gear rental, and promotion/PR. This is a huge help to us, as it effectively doubles that part of our budget! 

SHOOTING DURING COVID: Like most of the world in 2020, we put everything on pause, citing health and safety as precedence. But through my day job as a DMS producer, when shooting restarted, we strictly adhered to the safety policies set forth by the State of California, the Dept of Public Health, and unions. This included frequent testing, social distancing, masks, limited cast and crew, consistent diseinfecting, and, at times, remote shooting - policies we will continue to enforce until it is clear they aren't necessary. 

We are crowdfunding at this time so we can take the time to properly plan and prepare for a safe shoot next year, including creating contingency plans in case restrictions are re-inforced. This is also why we pushed our shoot date to June 2022, in hopes the world will be close to back to normal. 



Here's how it breaks down:

INITIAL GOAL: $25K = Production. This amount will enable us to move forward with production. 

STRETCH GOAL 1: After reaching our goal of $25K, we will reach for our first stretch goal of an additional $15K (with new incentives).  Any amount up to $15K we will flip to MMPS, who will double the amount in the form of services.

STRETCH GOAL 2: If we reach the first stretch goal, we will aim for our second stretch goal (with new incentives) of $10K. Any amount received at this level will go towards the exhibition and distribution of the film, including marketing, legal fees, film festival submissions, and deliverables.



CONTRIBUTE: A financial contribution to SCREW CITY will go towards production and post-production costs. This includes salaries, equipment, props, wardrobe, and food.

LOANS/DONATIONS: Can't make a monetary pledge but have services or items you can donate or loan?  Check out our wishlist tab! 

FOLLOW: Make sure to follow us on Seed&Spark and keep up with all our news! And, the more followers we get, the more we unlock products, services, and festival fee waivers courtesy of Seed&Spark!

SPREAD THE WORD: If SCREW CITY sounds like your jam, please share our Seed&Spark page through all your social media accounts. It not only builds an audience, but a community. 

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THANK YOU for your support and for visiting and taking the time to learn more!  Please help spread the word!

Intro video music by Mono In Stereo and Gillian McGhee


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