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Bald Eagle - A Chapman Thesis Film

Orange, California Film Short

Ben, a recent high school graduate, reconciles with his family history and the adult he is becoming with the help of his grandpa, Goomps.


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Orange, California Film Short
Horror, Thriller

In a desperate attempt to revitalize her dying vineyard, an elderly widow sets out to sacrifice a young couple in a pagan blood ritual.


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Nature of the Beasts

Estes Park, Colorado Film Feature
Documentary, Nature

Nature of the Beasts is a journey through the crossroads of wildlife, wilderness and the human experience in Rocky Mountain National Park.


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Los Angeles, California Film Short
Comedy, Crime

Two street hustlers hired to track down a violent man for information. But, when personal life and job come to a head, things get tricky.


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The Boys Are Downstairs

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Film Short
Crime, Drama

Three well-off teens plan to rob a dangerous drug dealer. Is it for the free drugs? Or, is it to look cool?


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6 Love Stories

Atlanta, Georgia Film Feature
Drama, Romantic Comedy

Over the course of one afternoon, in six different parts of LA, six couples connect, reconnect, or fall apart. Love Actually meets Magnolia.


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Mann & Quinn

Orlando, Florida Film Short
Drama, Romance

A Middle Eastern woman, separated from her husband, spends a romantic New Year's evening with a mannequin.


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The Inner Edge

Old Bridge Township, New Jersey Film Feature
Drama, Fantasy

A NJ cop struggling with changes in her life, has to save a suicidal stranger to unlock what powers lie within her.


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The Mouse and The Lion

New York City, New York Film Short
Drama, Romance

When a stranger collapses on her doorstep in the thick of a blizzard, a young woman makes a choice that will unravel a lifetime of secrets.


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Lab 99: The Sci-Fi Fantasy Feature Film

Chicago, Illinois Film Feature

A disenchanted gallery owner develops an infatuation w/ a mysterious man whom she helps in stopping an experiment to transcend human life.


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Austin, Texas Film Feature
Crime, Satire

A young black journalist & an angry alt-right militiaman team up to uncover a child trafficking ring hidden in a pizzeria's basement.


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Chompy & The Girls

Los Angeles, California Film Feature
Comedy, Sci-Fi

A depressed woman meets her father for first time & their encounter goes from awkward to alarming when they witness a man swallow a girl.


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