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Denver, Colorado Film Feature

On the evening of a record-breaking blizzard, a young wife’s plans to kill her abusive husband begin to unravel.


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Los Angeles, California Film Short
Drama, Sci-Fi

In an uncertain, draught ravaged future, a devoted mother faces the most difficult decision of her life.


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And Breathe

Austin, Texas Film Short
Drama, Nature

Maya is devastated, lost, and doesn't know who she is... Can she let go of the past and her ego to find healing and inner peace?


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Better Off

Boston, Massachusetts Film Short
Drama, LGBTQ

When a young man runs out on his pregnant girlfriend, his best friend tries to convince him to stay.


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Bar Flies

Bozeman, Montana Film Short
Comedy, Drama

A grad student who studies the alcohol consumption habits of sexually deprived fruit flies finds parallels between her study and love life.


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Three Men Named Mantas

Atlanta, Georgia Film Short
Drama, Romantic Comedy

A pregnant American makes a last ditch effort to find the elusive father of her child. His name: Mantas. His location: Lithuania.


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Crowned: Season 2

Los Angeles, California Series

Macie and the rest of the Party Princesses survive batty bosses, pushy parents and crazy co-workers in this semi-scripted comedy series.


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Lamia: A 16mm Basque Mythology Film

Middletown, Connecticut Film Short
Action, Fantasy

A Basque mythological creature struggles to regain her power after a man steals her egg.


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Manufactured Luck

Knoxville, Tennessee Film Short
Drama, Family

A young Appalachian girl bonds with her grandfather as the two attempt to win a bike in a local grocery store sweepstakes.


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Pizza Boy

Phoenix, Arizona Film Short
Crime, Drama

A “pizza boy” goes on a downward spiral taking down himself, and those around him.


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Jessie's Theory

Budapest, Hungary Film Short
Comedy, Drama

Jessie is a quantum physicist in Budapest, who is on the edge of a breakthrough…or perhaps, a breakdown.


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Trapped in the Booth

New York City, New York Film Short
Comedy, Music

On the eve of his 30th birthday, a struggling gay DJ faces a life-altering crisis as he attempts to navigate bros & hoes New York Nightlife


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