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Section II: Think Netflix for Lesbians. We acquire, create, and showcase curated, LBTQ films, shorts, and series.

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The Story

We are fundraising to upgrade our platform and begin producing original content with a network of crazy-talented filmmakers.  Are you ready for new features, shorts, and series? Then contribute now to the Section II campaign!

Section II is named after the clause in the Motion Picture Production Code that outlawed homosexuality on screen until 1968.  We’ve re-appropriated our namesake and are ready to begin a new narrative with a destination platform for filmmakers and film fans alike-- think Netflix for Lesbians.  

We acquire, create, and showcase premium Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Questioning (LBTQ) content, and we are dedicated to #BetterRepresentation of LBTQ women in popular culture. 




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Adobe Creative Cloud

Costs $1,040

This software allows us to collaborate remotely when creating material for our company and content.


Costs $3,000

A new edit bay at Section II HQ is one of the many benefits to filmmakers we want to offer.

LLC/Corporation Set-up

Costs $1,000

The Section II B-Corp is expanding with Section II Films and Section II MPN- it's a brave new world!

Monthly Metro Card

Costs $1,120

We have amazing intern support and want to offer Monthly Metro Cards as part of their compensation.


Costs $4,500

This phase of our growth is all about output-- and having editors on-hand, regularly, is Step One.

Camera Operator

Costs $2,400

More content-- original, episodic, and beyond-- means more to watch & discover on!

Production Coordinator

Costs $1,200

A ProdCo is our physical link to productions & a direct contribution to a project's bottom line.

Lighting Packages

Costs $350

We're creating lighting packages that crews can use interchangeably over time.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Hard Drive

Costs $600

A Master Section II Library of our production + acquisitions data are key assets.

Production Insurance

Costs $1,950

Insurance helps the most people, fastest because all Section II productions are eligible to use it.

Web Pages

Costs $2,840

The new site showcases every piece of content and the filmmaker teams individually. It's beautiful!

Team Members Stipend

Costs $5,000

We've got a top notch team in 2 expensive cities. We'd all love to be able to eat and pay rent.

About This Team

Allie Esslinger is the Founder of Section II.  She grew up in Alabama-- home of Harper Lee, the Crimson Tide, and the only ABC affiliate that did not air ELLEN's "coming out" episode in 1997.  It took her a long time to understand herself in the context of the world because she didn't have a lot of access to it.  But with the emerging technologies aiding both content creation and distribution, there's no reason that should be the case for anyone, anymore. She founded Section II because she saw the opportunity to connect an underserved market with the content it craves.

Allie is a Southern transplant living in Brooklyn.  She has produced web series, shorts, and features both as a freelancer and through her boutique production company Olive Juice Films. She studied International Affairs and New Media and also has an MFA in Creative Writing. She loves television, live music, big sunglasses, and iced coffee. 

Matthew Smaglik came to New York from Montana, where he ran an indie film collaborative. He directed a feature film about the Balkan oil boom before he moved and has worked on some of the most innovative film projects in New York as the Creative Director at the Dogfish Accelerator. He is a jack of all trades and the Principal at Section II.

Kara Q. Smith is the lead Curator at Section II.  Her Fine Arts background has given her both experience and authority when it comes to contextualizing work from varying artists and mediums. Her intelligent creativity drives innovation across Section II's social media presence and the work it's doing to build partnerships across multiple verticals.

John MacDonald is the head of Acquisitions at Section II. He's who you'll talk to about getting your content on the site! Coming from a background in production, arts management, and new media, he's been an incredible to the Section II team from the day he came on board.

Darcy Schlitt is our Head of Partnerships. She works within the New York community to create collaborative experiences for shared customers and is our key brand ambassador in charge of content sponsorship. She has experience in film-related start-ups and has worked on crews across genres in the lighting and G&E departments since moving to the City.

Blending tech and content—and finding a complimentary team that looks ahead while handling production and distribution needs for our creators today-- is a huge undertaking.  But we have a core team with over 30 years of experience.  Now more than ever is the time to embark on a multi-faceted company because the issues indie film and the LGBTQ movement are facing are myriad.  The idea that we can also operate with a Public Benefit Mandate is at the heart of Section II’s corporate culture. We are the cahnge we want to see in the Industry.


Current Team