See You On the Other Side

Seattle, Washington | Film Short

Romance, Sci-Fi

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Magda, a young widow, will do anything to bring her husband back from the dead. When she succeeds, she faces a massive challenge: to keep him with her at the expense of others’ lives, or to let him go and accept her lonely path.

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The Story

This film is about the magic within us all we think is out of our reach. Only when all is lost can there be a chance to start anew. Only in total loss can we evolve - beyond our ability to imagine. My Dad died unexpectedly two years ago, and this story is directly influenced by an experience so painful and personal -- and yet profoundly shared with everyone else who has survived similar tragedies.

I'm fascinated by the process of grieving and loss, how it profoundly changes us, creating new relationships and erasing ones we thought would last forever. I'm making this film for everyone who has survived, for everyone who was forced into an alternate reality they never wanted; this film is for those of us taking back our power and refusing to be victims. This film is for believers and dreamers. This film's purpose is to comfort the broken hearted, and encourage the broken-spirited. Making this film is a message: You are not alone, and Love lives forever.


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Graphic Designer

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A beautiful poster tells people at a glance why this is the film for them!

G-Technology® Hard Drive ($1000)

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G-Technology® is the gold standard for storage solutions specifically designed for content creators. We’ll get a storage grant from them when we get the Green Light!

Production Sound Mixer

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The Goff's superpower is that he can hear the entire spectrum, even dog whistles. Help us hire him!

Make Up Artist

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To style our heroine for the onslaught of lights and camera!

Wardrobe Stylist

Costs $100

To swag and clothe our heroes, to kit out their abodes in reasonable ways, to prop them believably.


Costs $2,500

If music be the food of magic, PLAY ON!

HD - RED Epic

Costs $2,000

for the filming of beautiful motion pictures! for the heart of our production needs!

Motion Graphics

Costs $2,500

Here's where the magic in our heads flares to light in golden sparks!


Costs $1,000

Let us feed them, for they are human, and perishable, much like the food we need!

Production Designer

Costs $500

For a cohesive whole, for beauty, for the song of the image in tune with the music of the script.

About This Team

Thank you for your time and interest in my next film. I know you have endless choices where to spend both your time and attention (often our most valuable resources), and if you've read this far, I'm very grateful. I want to inspire and delight you with this film. I hope you will join our journey.

I am lucky to have a team of professionals, some of the best filmmakers in the Pacific Northwest, making this project in May 2015. The total shoot will be done in three days, all in the greater Seattle area. Many of these, such as the lead actress, and the Director of Photography, are people I've collaborated with before. They are absolutely phenomenal at what they do! And, we share a common vocabulary and vision. I am so excited and grateful to have them on the team.

As soon as the project is finished, it will spend a few months in post production due to the rich visual effects. After post, the film will be submitted to festivals all around the world. Following the festival run, it will be online for all to view and share.

This film will exist with your help. At 14 pages, we roughly need $14,000. I am spending my personal savings to bridge any gap in funding, but we need at least $8,000 to make production feasible. $10,000 will ensure that we don't spend another six months slowly paying off productions costs in order to begin post production. These funds go directly to paying for camera and lighting equipment, our DP, editor, location sound recorder and mixer, our set designer and decorator, a VFX artist, our composer, locations, our cast, and the ability to feed a small army of creatives.

I will not be taking a single cent from this production, nor will any other producer. We only want this film to be in the world, creating the impact we know it holds.

If we raise upwards of $11-15,000, our post-production goals will be completed swiftly and the final details will be even richer. We will be able to submit the film to more festivals, as well as properly market the film at the festivals with promotional materials (posters, post cards, sound track online, web design), and hopefully attend! :)


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