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Self Servers is a comedic exploration into the mind of the millennial, self importance and couple dynamics. The short film begs the question: How well do we know one another and how well do we know ourselves?

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Mission Statement

The eclectic cast is as diverse as the city their characters reside in. As a NY born Puerto Rican, I found it important to depict a weekend meetup amongst friends as realistic as possible. There are racial differences, but not racial division, except for whose food tastes best.

The Story

We wanted to make a film about a dinner party involving a diverse group of friends - a dinner party many people should be familiar with. This isn't a story about the rich and famous, it is a story about regular people with irregular jobs who get together to talk about things people usually talk about. It's a story examining couples dynamics and how well people know one another. 

We were inspired by performances in shows like The Office and Seinfeld, where antagonism reigns, heroes are are anti heroes, the humor occasionally awkward. We want to root for at least one of these characters, yet we cannot. Or maybe, just maybe - if we see enough of ourselves in one of these individuals - we can.  

Self Servers was our way of interpreting NYC into its core emotions: fake it and make it. The characters aren’t afraid to say their inner monologues, they have delusions of grandeur and talk over one another. No one listens because they're just waiting for their turn to speak. 

They are role models in their own way. 

They are Self Servers. Characters so self involved, much like how many individuals today use social media to show off how much better their life is compared to thier friends and strangers. 

We wanted to explore things that we hear talked about daily that simply didn't exist a little over decade ago; lifestyles such as indie brewmaking, social media influencing, yoga, various workout obsessions and of course, the vegan culture.  

In short, the film is a comedic exploration of the current era's lifestyles. More importantly, Self Servers was written to remind its viewers that a film can be fun and still has something to say.  

Eli loves cinema as much as he loves the people in his life and as a latino who grew up in NYC, it is his every intention to write about the people who live within the greatest melting pot of the world. Thanks4Giving was about a couple and how greed pulls them apart, Fractured Souls was a drama about ignorance, an honor killing and appreciating what we have in life.

Self Servers borrows elements of these films and takes it another level by asking the question: do we see ourselves in these characters? How well do we know one another? Do we even care? 

Are we in fact, Self Servers as well? 


Our goal is to raise a minimum of 2K. If we are able to surpass this specific goal the extra funds would allow us to take the film even farther, to more festivals, travel expenses (should the film be excepted outside of NY - this would allow us to represent our work). 


Many thanks & best always,

Eliezer Vergara









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About This Team

Let's pull the curtains back to give you a peek at who's behind the scenes! 

Eliezer Vergara (Writer/Director /Editor/Producer )

Is a Brooklyn born filmmaker whose love of cinema translates seamlessly on screen. His stories have been relateable, engaging and most importantly, fun.

Putting his vision to life was no simple task; however, as Self Servers features the largest assembled cast he's worked with all gathered in one central location. It was a challenge and a worthwhile one at that. 

You can see some of his films at 

Theresa Pizinger (Producer)

Theresa (seen here holding the slate) is the glue who held it all together. She was the one responsible for finding the fantastic location we shot the film at, made sure everyone got to set safely and on time and was the time keeper. Theresa made sure we shot the film quickly and efficiently. 

Chris Ungco (Director of Photography/Producer)

Self Servers was a successful reunion between Eli and Ungco, who had worked together on another film about a young couple titled, Thanks4Giving. Ungco is no stranger to comedy, having worked on projects for Comedy Central, but Self Servers presented its own challenges - namely, shooting a group of eight egos sitting around in a living room. Ungco's knack for understanding space along with a sharp eye and attention to detail proved he was up to the challenge to make this film stand out on its own. 

Check out his some of his works at @ubefilms

Chandra Moore (Wardrobe/Stylist)

Chandra produced magic on set. She styled each character to thier distinct personalities. Her work was thoughtful and artistic. She worked closely with Eli on how the characters would appear on screen. The finished product is a perfect example of a stylist showing off the artistry of her craft.  

You can see more of what she does on

Chelsea Paige (Make up) 

Chelsea is a talented make up and special effects artist whose work you can see on


Our Post Production super stars who helped make this film look and sound pretty are: 


Ulises Rodriguez (co-producer)


Stevie Rappa (Colorist)  


Zach Egan (Sound) 


Dylan Glatthorn (Music) 


And of course, the wonderful cast: 


Sam Ashdown (Will)


Aaron Badilla (Jackson)


Kezia Bernard-Nau (Kim)


Jess Prichard (Max)


Mackenzie Lesser-Roy (Macy)


Lucia Sawh (Emma)


Dana Stern (Lauren)


Aaron Zapf (Tyler)


The crew : 


Brenda Ryan (Asst. Camera) 


Stevie Ungureanu (Camera Operator)

Colin Webb (Camera Operator 2)


Michael Rivera (Gaffer) 


Gio Kvelidze (Key Grip) 


Gerald King (Best Boy)


Specials thanks to: 

Lorraine West (lorrainewestjewelry) 




Current Team