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Silhouette is a non-binary romance following Alice and Payton soon after their breakups with their own partners, when they are brought together via their paralleled identity issues. The pair must then overcome what their ex's wanted them to be in order to love themselves for a brighter future.

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Mission Statement

Silhouette is being crafted a the full intention of proving that no matter who others shape you to be, there will always remain you. With a crew packed with a diversity of genders, sexualities, races, and love stories, we will be able to deeply explore the complex nature of a love between binaries.

The Story

Payton (they/them), an insecure young person amidst a move-in to their new apartment, wants another shot with their opinionated ex, Camila (she/her). When she actually agrees to one last meetup, Payton begins to think that a reunion between the two and their beloved couple chairs could help reignite an old spark between them. The problem is, Payton abandoned those chairs back at their and Camila’s old place after the breakup ended horrifically.

Keeping Camila out of the loop, Payton ventures back to their old home in an effort to convince the new tenant - a young struggling silhouette photographer named Alice (she/they) - that the chairs are far more important to Camila than Alice having any furniture. Things begin to get interesting though once an unsuspecting connection is found, and an ignorant guest arrives.



Silhouette is set in a lonely and exhausting world, and just like with the idea behind looking into your silhouette, we’re looking for some light in that darkness. With visual inspiration coming from the source of many silhouettes - sunsets - Silhouette will be blooming with warm tones and chiaroscuro lighting, highlighting the last glimmers of hope within our characters and their figures. It’s grounded in grit whilst our characters remain matter-of-fact to a nearly silly degree.

Take a look at some of the films which inspired the tone and/or look!:



The search for one’s identity is an immeasurably lonely and awkward one. Especially with falling out of the gender binary and crawling my way out of some nasty relationships, I’ve felt particularly alone in that search; that is until I fell in love with the idea behind my silhouette. Seeing my figure as a blank slate, fillable with endless possibilities of who I could become, it saved me from feeling so stuck. Saved me from the awful idea that the most interesting part about me should be how I look to others.

Silhouette is the story of two people, as confused as I am, uniting to understand that the people of their past don’t have to fill their silhouettes for them. They, and all of you, should learn to be content with what they see deeper in themselves. It is a story for the youth, LGBTQ+ community, people of color, survivors of abusive relationships, and anyone else who's had their image for themselves tarnished. I was the first non-binary person I knew; I wouldn’t wish that loneliness on my worst enemy.



As you even read this, essential elements of the film - such as props, production design, costumes, makeup etc. - are already being acquired. With the completion of funding, all of these elements will thus be enhanced for our story and our packed four day shoot will be able to hit the ground running. Take a look at our wishlist above to see where the money’s exactly headed!



July - Location Scouting, Storyboarding, Shortlisting, Floorplanning, Crew Assembly, Casting Call

August - Crowdfunding goes live, Casting & Rehearsals, Props and Set Decoration, Pre-Visualization, Wardrobe and Makeup Tests

September - Crowdfunding ends, Principle Photography, Organize Footage, Begin Distribution of Incentives, Assembly Cut

October - Early Screenings, Weekly Rough Cuts

November - Sound Design, Coloring, Credits

December - Wrap on Post-Production, Complete Final Incentives, Begin Film Festival Distribution



From even the deepest, darkest pits of our hearts, we are incredibly thankful for any kind of contribution you’re able to make. Even if money’s a bit tight (something we definitely get behind as college students) a social media shoutout goes an incredibly long way in allowing more non-binary voices to be heard in the industry and its audiences. Help us reach outside our network and make a real difference!

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Help filmmaker @alejandrogooseman by supporting their heartfelt ENBY film "SILHOUETTE" about an insecure romantic connecting to a silhouette photographer through the idea of self-love.  Join them on @seedandspark:


I just watched the "SILHOUETTE" campaign video directed by filmmaker @alejandrogooseman and WOW, you've got to support this ENBY short film!  Join them on @seedandspark:


I'm so excited to see more representation of ENBY characters in "SILHOUETTE"! Non-binary filmmaker @alejandrogooseman has put together a crew full of diversity and love, and worthy for the task.  Support them on @seedandspark:




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Cash Pledge

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Crafty & Catering

Costs $1,100

Keeping our hardworking cast and crew fed is critical to maintaining constantly creative minds!


Costs $1,300

Alice's & Payton's homes are critical to their characters, so it's important we get the ideal ones!

Film Festival Fees

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We want the world to see this film, but most importantly, a select few of specific film communities.


Costs $300

We want to make sure we're able to efficiently and safely transport hundreds of pounds of film gear.

COVID-19 Safety

Costs $100

Having a certified Covid Compliance Officer with the tools to keep us healthy on set is a necessity.

Set Decoration

Costs $800

Adding a unique touch to our sets is imperative to our creative vision.

Makeup & Wardrobe

Costs $200

Creating iconic looks for each character is a major part of building depth to them.


Costs $150

From small gifts to a plethora of photography equipment, Silhouette's story is bustling with props.

Emergency Fund

Costs $620

A comfy cushion for emergency related situations. What's left will be divided into other fields.

About This Team

Alejandro C. Guzman - Writer, Director, & Editor


Alejandro is a growing Writer/Director and Editor based in the Los Angeles area with a current BFA in Cinema/Television being pursued at Columbia College of Hollywood. With experience ranging from independent film projects to professional studio work LA based post-production houses, Alejandro has dedicated their every day life to the craft of storytelling. So much so that they’ve created two different brands for their wide variety of expertise (Rounded Borders Cinema / Fluid Films Productions). They are fueled by their passion for understanding the human condition, and will never hesitate to proclaim themselves a ‘forever student’ to emotion. Projects that interest Alejandro are authentic to the director’s spirit whilst having a unique visual language to match it.

Alejandro's Website

Rounded Borders Cinema

Johnny Rome - Producer


Johnny Rome has a very specific worldview as a neurodivergent (ADHD, ASD, among others). While things may be challenging for them, it never stops them from doing everything they can to help tell stories that have the potential of helping others feel less alone. As a Jack-of-all-trades in storytelling, Johnny remains focused on character-centric stories whether told through poetry, prose, or their filmography. One thing remains certain, their art is a reflection of everything important to them and sharing those stories is Johnny’s found life purpose.

Bee Langhals - Associate Producer & Foley Artist


Brooke (Bee) Langhals isn’t someone who’s unfamiliar with the struggles of figuring out who you are and why you work the way you do. Wiith their own struggles of self-identity, ADHD, and depression, it’s been a very long journey for them to find themselves. As an artist, it’s important to them to be able to work on a film such as this one. The search for yourself os a never ending journey, but figuring out how to begin is the most important of it all; and to Bee, this is what this film is about.

Sebastian Ibanez - Associate Producer


Sebastian is a recent graduate from Columbia College Hollywood, finishing the directors program in only three years, Sebastian continues to write and direct his own short narrative films while juggling work with his undergraduate team of filmmakers at CCH with plans to continue working with them for a long time to come. Sebastian’s two upcoming directed shorts Unhinged and Dearly Departed are both in the final phases of post production and will be distributed out for public viewing soon.

Kaitlyn Scardino - Director of Photography


Kaitlyn Scardino is a director and cinematographer whose artist statement is to tell the stories of people who don’t normally get their stories told. 

Kaitlyn's Website

Kaitlyn's Instagram

Lillian Tran - Assistant Director


Lillian is an Intuitive Director born and raised in LA. She knew early on that she wanted to work in the film industry. It’s important to her to tell stories that help connect people with others and in turn allow them to connect with themselves.

Lillian's IMdB Page

Lanino Brown - Location Sound


Lanino is another ambitious director from CCH who loves film. Helping out friends in anyway he can, he strives to be a filmmaker that inspires others. Recent projects include but aren't limited to Golf Gods, and his thesis project Chasing A Dream.


Current Team