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S’mores follows the journey of Steph as she returns to her old life after the sudden loss of her childhood best friend. Every person faces some type of massive life challenge, and this film examines how we take care of ourselves through deep and lingering pain, while pretending everything is fine.

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Mission Statement

We follow the emotional journey of an African-American woman, who is trying to survive a normal, complicated life, while dealing with grief. This type of nuanced character, and her story are rarely depicted in our culture. The film is also written, directed and produced by a female filmmaker.

The Story



S’mores is a story about loss, and how we cope with real life after the loss of a loved one. I started experiencing loss at a young age, and have had to go on the journey back to the real world through grief and mourning more times than I care to recount. Those experiences have informed this film and the multitude of emotions you go through when dealing with a profound loss. I bring a unique perspective tinged with both nostalgia, bitterness, and love. I started writing this piece years ago, and have been waiting for the right time to create it, when my talents lived up to the vision I had for this piece. My talents as a writer, director, producer and editor are now at the point where I am certain I can create the film that has been in my head for so many years.


This project is important for several reasons. There’s the story we are telling, one of recovery after a loss, but more importantly, it’s the way we are telling it. We have an incredibly gifted and diverse cast and crew. We have a diverse team of both women and men in front of and behind the camera.


We are telling the story of a young, African American woman experiencing the trauma of personal loss, and following her emotional journey through the grieving period. And while this feels like an ordinary story, these types of stories are not yet widely seen. Having a woman write and direct the film also sets us apart (Why is this still a thing?). With such diversity in our team, our film can only be made the richer in perspectives and creative ideas.


Our world is undergoing profound change. Every day, a new headline appears that rips worlds apart both directly and indirectly. Through focusing on one particular loss, we find a universality in coming out the other end of grief and mourning. A massive change, the loss of a loved one, the reclamation process, these are events people are experiencing on a daily basis. This film offers comfort in the recognition and points out challenges that are impossible to put into words. This film does leave us with a flicker of hope. And I think that’s something we all desperately need right now. We look at how to recover from impossible situations. And how to find yourself after everything has changed.


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Our actors give their time and talent to this project. This compensates them for their work.

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Our crew includes paying the DP, sound recorder and director for their time, talent and skills.

Production Costs

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These include craft services, location fees, and production design. Each vital for a film shoot.


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Editing and color correction make a film beautiful.


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The score provides an emotional backbone to the film.

Taking the film to the People

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At the end of the day, the audience is the most important part of the movie making journey.

About This Team

Sarah Newton (Writer, Director): Sarah is a writer, director, producer and editor. She has written for several mediums including web series, animation, live action short films, feature films and the theatre. Her first solo animated film, “Hooked” was an official selection at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema. Additionally, Sarah worked as co-director, DP and editor on the film series, Compliance (from the visionary Brian Michael Smith). For more of her work, see her production company’s website: http://www.b12productions.com/about


Latresa Baker (Stephanie): Latresa is a driving force in a multitude of ways. She is one half of the new studio, Millenial Rennaissance Studios; a brilliant actress who has worked across platforms from interviewing to web series to films. She has significant experience both in front of and behind the camera. We are lucky to have her on our team. For more about Latresa and her work, see her website: http://latresabaker.com


Hernan Ferrer (Director of Photography): Hernan is a boss. From red carpets, to documentaries, to narrative films, Hernan has worked in high paced stressful environments and no matter the circumstance, always kept his cool. He’s the coolest, nicest, most talented guy you’ll ever meet. His incredible eye will elevate the visuals of S’mores.  To see Hernan’s spectacular work on other projects, visit: https://www.hernanferrer.com/video-work

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