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How about two for the price of one?! Collaboratively shot on a cost-effective model, our team is seeking funders who are eager to ensure that these brave new short films reach completion and their target audiences.

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Mission Statement

These original American stories both speak to urgent themes with a fresh perspective: the romantic folktale THAW builds a framework to reconsider gender in a reckoning between body and spirit. Heist film SAVIOR explores poverty and health care in a tale of 3 siblings determined to save their sister.

The Story

Let us tell you a story...

Saylor is doing everything to help keep her family together, struggling with her parents gone and no money to their name while her sister's medical condition rapidly deteriorates. When the opportunity comes for her sister to receive an experimental, expensive treatment that could save her life, Saylor puts everything on the line to save her sister's life... 

But wait! We have another!

Two friends travel to a remote farm for the winter to care for the land. A series of seemingly private moments witnessed by the other lead to the discovery that both friends don't feel at home in their body, leading to a game of gender-reversed roleplay that changes everything they know about themselves and each other....

BOTH of these films are coming to life, thanks to one incredible team and an innovative co-production structure that made these proof-of-concept short films a reality.

Snow Cap Films is a collaborative production group, and now, with these films prepped and shot, we are coming to YOU to make sure that these films are completed and reach their audiences!

What goes into completion? Well, just about all the elements that turn paint into a painting, a vocal track into a real song, or a piece of string into a gown... whatever metaphor suits your fancy. :)

We are hiring an incredible team of editors, composers, sound mixers, and colorists from across America to complete the vision for these films. With our final shorts in hand, we'll be traveling around the world to film festivals where these films can finally play before audiences interested in culture-shifting narratives from women and LGBTQ+ storytellers.

These are stories of love being stronger than the obstacles of the world and probe the American experience in contrasting and dynamic ways. They also come from the deepest part of both artist's hearts.


Written & Directed by Alex Bush

Thaw is an original folktale centered in Alex's own questions about the relationship between body & spirit. It explores gender being an experience that is reflected back to you and the valley between who we are and how we are seen.

During one particularly harsh winter, unlikely friends Huck and Smith are tasked to travel to Smith's family farm and tend to the animals. Smith admires Huck’s large hunting jacket from his father. Huck spends hours admiring Smith’s mother’s jewelry. They give each other these hand-me-downs, which sets off a domino effect for their own liberation in the isolated farmhouse.

As they slowly take on each other's genders, the two immerse themselves in an extended "pretend" game of House as husband and wife. In this freedom, intimacy grows between them. 

But who are they outside of this performance? Can they unbound their own identity from the script they’ve been taught? And when they can truly be themselves, do they still need each other?

Now more than ever before in the history of this country, transgender rights are being directly politicized and attacked. From removing access to affirmative healthcare for trans children to penalizing transgender children for participating in sports, these direct attacks are rooted in false rhetoric about trans life and mental health. These narratives lack a critical empathy and understanding in the deep, heartful truth of the gender-variant experience.

*You can learn more about the fight to protect transgender rights in America here.*

Thaw seeks to unlock this love and understanding in the hearts of audiences. It also believes in the fundamental truth that the love and support of those we hold dearest is often the safety net and permission slip to explore our own dynamic truths.

Starring two non-binary actors in an explicitly trans narrative, Thaw is the rare trans film that shows the beginning of gender exploration with performers who can honestly and authentically convey this experience. 


Written & Directed by Lex Lapp

The Savior, the Sick, & the Golden One, written and directed by Lex Lapp, is the story of three siblings, Saylor, Tad, & Reece. Over the course of one night in the dead of winter, the three struggle to find Tad the healthcare she needs to survive a debilitating cancer that is quickly overtaking her body.

Lex's take on action & adventure uses this story to explore separation of class, healthcare accessibility, and what this genre can look like through a non-male lens.

On a bitingly cold Chicago day at the start of the new year, Saylor, the eldest, most reckless, and still on house arrest, breaks her quickly declining sister Tad out of a cancer ward. The two bombard their youngest brother Reece in a plea to help them get to an experimental study 1,000 miles away in less than a day to save Tad's life. 

After Reece, being highly intelligent and risk averse, begrudgingly accepts, Saylor works to carry out the rest of her almost-plan. Dragging Tad and Reece through a night of chaos, Saylor does everything in her power to gather the money and time needed to get Tad to this distant study. Over the course of just a few hours, these siblings must reckon with the reality that their socioeconomic position leaves them forced to decide just how far they are willing to go for family. 

Will Saylor return to her crime-ridden past? Will Tad survive the length of this adventure? Will Reece learn that there is more than just this dead end town? Could this night change their fate? 

Similar to the American healthcare system, there is so much to question inside this genre that was created by and for a generally white, male audience. By purposefully breaking the boundaries of structure and character, The Savior, the Sick, & the Golden One specifically invites other identities to explore and enjoy what action & adventure have to offer. 


Both of these films were shot with one incredible skeleton crew in March of 2022. This exceptional team of Hollywood's up-and-comers are innovative experts and lent their voices to this massive vision!

Lex Lapp and Alex Bush both live and work in Los Angeles and New York, making cinematic works that push at formal boundaries and integrate distinctly theatrical and experimental forms. They are also best friends and fiercely supportive collaborators, using their passion for the other's work to push past impossible hurdles together. Never letting the other compromise their vision is their specialty!

The team is joined by an incredible crew of collaborators from across America, who brought dozens of years of expertise and incredible craft to these distinct visions. The team includes feature-film producer Olivia Cade, award-winning cinematographers Alli Gooch and Nick Kaladjzic, production designer lucas a. degirolamo, and costume designer Leah Morrison.


Support from an incredible core team of individual donors made this bold production model possible and allowed us to shoot the films of our dreams. Now, we need YOU to ensure that they have the teams and resources they need to be actualized and shared! We have created an incredible variety of incentives that make contributing easy, no matter the financial flexibility. Should financial support be out of your possibility OR you are passionate about these projects, we invite you to SPREAD THE WORD!

Reaching out to individuals beyond our network is the way we will be able to reach our crowdfunding goal!

We need YOU to help us reach individuals who are as invested in films helmed by and for women and LGBTQ+ audiences rooted in love, empathy, and justice.

Please share our campaign via your social media, email, word-of-mouth, and every other platform where you connect with your community. We can't do this without you!

Here's a few that are ready to go. Feel free to copy and paste!

Help filmmakers @LexLapp and @AlexPBush by supporting their bold new films about class, gender, and love! The ultimate two-for-one deal. Join them on @seedandspark:

I'm so excited to see THAW from @snowcapfilms, a trans love story about two friends whose game of gender-flipped roleplay allows them to discover their true selves. Support them on @seedandspark:

I'm so excited to see THE SAVIOR, THE SICK & THE GOLDEN ONE from @snowcapfilms, a story about one family risking everything to get the medical funds to save their sister's life. Support them on @seedandspark:


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Help us hire editors and purchase software to bring these films together.

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In order for the film to sound as dynamic as it looks, we will hire labor and rent equipment!


Costs $1,500

Help in compensating our exciting cast of Hollywood’s up-and-coming storytellers.


Costs $1,500

No film is complete without the color process, which completes the cinematic vision.


Costs $5,000

Our cine team has crafted styles for each film while sharing a majority of equipment.


Costs $2,500

Our films worked with the incredible people of Buena Vista, CO to bring these stories to life.

About This Team


ALEX BUSH | Writer/Director (THAW), Producer

Alex Bush (they/them) is a director and writer based in Los Angeles and New York. Their work explores transformation and transcendence through trans and queer lenses.

Alex most recently directed "Laura Galindo: In Front of Your TV" for Ars Nova. Additional directorial work includes: She (Independent Shorts Award - Honorable Mention, Best Experimental Short), The Sun Club (Dixon Place). They directed the world premiere of "All the Junk in the Whole Wide World and the Kids Who Sort Through It" in conjunction with Musical Theater Factory and NYU’s Playwrights Downtown.

As a creative director, Alex has worked with brands such as Yves Saint Lauren Beauty. They also specialize in all things musical, with an affinity for working with musicians to create visuals, text, and world. Recent music video direction with: Caitlin Cobb-Vialet, Laura Galindo, molly Kirschenbaum, and Miamiamia.

LEX LAPP | Writer/Director (SAVIOR), Producer

Lex Lapp (she/her) is a Los Angeles based writer and directer.

After studying at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, she began a career of investigating class and familial dynamics. Her time spent in New York allowed her to explore the theatre working at spaces like St. Anne's Warehouse, The New Ohio, and Ars Nova. Her transition back into film over the past year has lead her to partnerships with Echobend Productions, Greta Creative, Little Cinema, & Industria Creative.

Her most recent directorial experience includes music videos for Lila Forde & Summr Cmp. She also has a short film, The Hole, currently in post production set for release at the beginning of 2022.


OLIVIA CADE | Producer

Olivia Cade (she/her) is an LA-based producer, writer and performer.

When it comes to production, Olivia often wears many hats. She recently produced an international feature film, A Time Apart, slated to make the festival circuit in 2022/2023. She has production assisted and talent wrangled for Saturday Night Live, production coordinated various multimedia events for Blumhouse, HBO and Netflix and second-assistant directed several indie feature films, including her most recent for Rocket Jump Productions.

Olivia attended NYU Tisch School of the Arts on a full-ride talent scholarship and graduated with honors. She continues to strive for excellence whether in front of or behind the camera.

LUCAS A DEGIROLAMO | Production Designer

lucas a degirolamo (they/he) is a Brooklyn-based production designer, director, and visual artist, making work in pursuit of queerer futures. they often design spaces and environments for theater and film, with theater work seen at Access Theater, Dixon Place, The Tank, Playwrights Downtown/NYU, The Center at West Park, and more. Recent film credits include The Hole (dir. Lex Lapp), MUNI (dir. Daniel Holzman), and The Stay (dir. Stewart Thorndike). BFA: NYU/CONT. ED: SVA.

NICHOLAS KALADJZIC | Cine Team: Director of Photography (SAVIOR)

Nicholas Kalajdzic (he/him), a recent graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts BFA program, has a background in Cinematography and Producing. He has worked on feature films such as Captain America: Civil War, the Trial of the Chicago 7 and Television shows like Law & Order. After working at both Panavision and Light Iron, he now works as a freelance cinematographer with a focus on short narrative content.

ALLI GOOCH | Cine Team: Director of Photography (THAW)

Alli Gooch (she/her) has won multiple accolades for her narrative work from statewide, national, and international film festivals, and has had one of her documentaries headline a special screening at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Most recently, she has experimented with new media, shooting videos for clients such as Refinery29, VICE and Google News as well as working with A-List talent such as Kristen Bell and Sophie Turner, as well as Senator Bernie Sanders.


Leah Morrison (She/Her) is a Costume Designer based in LA and NYC. She is currently a Special Projects Buyer for the Global Costume Characters Department at Walt Disney Corp. She has a BFA in Drama from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and a BA is Social and Cultural Analysis. She has experience working in Film, Television, and Theater as a designer, Costume Coordinator, and Skilled Craftsperson. Her work can be seen in:Film/TV: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Search Party, The Politician, The Glorias, Mrs. America. 
Broadway: Hadestown, Aladdin, Frozen, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Beetlejuice, Hamilton, Tootsie. 
Off Broadway: Theater Mitu's Death of a Salesman. And now at Disney Parks, Resorts and Cruise Lines worldwide! She was so happy to work on this project with so many amazing and talented people and is so excited to design more projects in the future! 

KYLE BRENN | Composer (THAW)

Kyle Brenn (he/him) is a New York based composer, musician, actor, music director and music copyist whose work spans contemporary concert music, theatre, jazz, and popular styles, often existing between them. He’s collaborated with Alex and Lex in numerous capacities on projects including The Hole (foley & ADR), She (musical arrangements & sound design), The Sun Club (as Russel, Dixon Place), The Wizard of Oz (1939) (associate music director), and The Wildness (drummer). His string quartet with electronics Blossoming Like Crazy was premiered at Carnegie Hall in May 2022. Upcoming performances include a world premiere on Bang on a Can’s LOUD Weekend and a residency at Avaloch Farm Music Institute in New Hampshire.



Sinclair (she/her) is a New York based actor and creative. A B.F.A graduate of NYU, her work includes The Good Fight, and Madam Secretary, as well as performing with The Shakespeare Theatre Company, The Atlantic Theater Company, and Williamstown Theatre Festival. She has a passionate curiosity for provocative new works as well as reimagined classics. Her love of storytelling often means she can be found in any bookstore in Brooklyn or in the back row of a movie theater.


Nile Harris (she/her) is a New York based actor/director/choreographer. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nile graduated with a BFA in theatre from New York University. Recent credits includes Ms. Lily (Clubbed Thumb), We Need Your Listening (Ice Factory Festival), Erastes (Breaking & Entering Theatre Company Collective Play Series), Dreams in Black Major (Ant Fest), Dreamboat (Hot!Fest Dixon Place), The Frankenstein project (The Tank). Film: Where the Horizon Lies (Hofstra University).


Jacob Rainer (he/him) is a Houston, TX based actor who began his love for acting in the 6th grade while taking classes. In his high school career, he played an array of characters, ranging from Chutes&Ladders in Water by the Spoonful to Ernie in Sister Act. At the age of 18, Jacob branched out to film acting. Following his high school graduation, Jacob has participated in films such as Aniya’s Escape as Cameron, and It’s Me as Jason, and more. He is known to put in all his effort into his craft, no matter what the project may be. Jacob aspires to continue film and theatre work, achieving his goals in the process.


After graduating from The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, Chris (he/him) spent three years pursuing a career in acting in New York City, as well as working as a camera assistant on narrative, sketch, and commercial work. He is currently based in Los Angeles and continues to work in Film and TV, both in front of and behind the camera. Chris also enjoys performing stand-up comedy at clubs all around LA and in NYC. He is represented by About Artists Agency.


Caitlin Cobb-Vialet is an actor and composer from Oakland, CA. She received her BFA in Drama from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where she performed and collaborated with many artists including The Civilians, Young Jean Lee, and César Alvarez. Recent acting credits include Young Willow in Triplight at Joe’s Pub, and Willie in the world premiere of The Brian Wilson Space Experiment in Austin, Texas. In 2021 she released her first EP called Curtain!. Her album, Endless Void, will be released May 2022. 


Jack Petersen (they/them) is a writer and performer from the Bay Area, CA and now based in New York, where they received a BFA in theatre from NYU. Their writing work spans fiction and lyric nonfiction often covers areas like food, queerness, the American West, and gender, though the above list is by no means exhaustive! In their performance, Jack is passionate about experimental theatre and film and is focused on working with diverse casts and crews with broad dramaturgical knowledge. They’re represented by Bicoastal Management.

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